Comprehensive Community Awareness Program

While the construction of the Miami Intermodal Center's (MIC) Miami Central Station is underway, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) makes every effort to assure that adjacent property owners and motorists traveling thru the Le Jeune Corridor are provided with the highest level of safety and minimized inconveniences. As part of this effort, the MIC Program created and implemented a Comprehensive Community Awareness Program (CCAP). This program was developed to provide guidelines for FDOT and all of its MIC representatives to ensure that uniform, accurate, timely and complete information would be provided to the community affected by upcoming construction.

The MIC's CCAP operates under the auspices of the FDOT-MIC Construction Unit. The CCAP, the MIC Public Affairs Team and the FDOT District Six Public Information Office exchange information to make certain messages are well coordinated and to effectively communicate with the many publics touched by MIC construction and involved in this important transportation program.

The main focus for the CCAP includes:
  • Minimizing disruption to the traveling public
  • Minimizing disruption to surrounding projects
  • Maintaining uninterrupted access to adjoining properties
  • Simplifying the construction sequence
  • Providing sufficient signage for tourists not familiar with the area
The CCAP provides for various ongoing operations to disseminate information including:
  • General public meetings, public forums and public workshops
  • Numerous informational events and meetings with community groups, agencies and leaders
  • Group meetings and door-to-door visits with residents and business owners
  • Daily field visits
  • Coordinating construction activities with utilities and various agencies
  • Bilingual news releases, emails and faxes with traffic and detour information
  • A toll-free number with 24-hour answering service
  • A website at

All of these proactive strategies are tailored to address local conditions during construction. In addition, there is a section of the CCAP which provides for hurricane preparedness and emergency management. This section outlines details for the safety, education and mobilization of construction crews, emergency management teams and the local residents and travelers during various crisis situations.

For more information about the CCAP call 305-879-0559.

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