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MIC Terminal Access Roadways

MIC Terminal Access Roadways (MTAR)
MTAR was one of the most complex and critical elements of the overall roadway system. Work related to this project included:

  1. Reconstruction of NW 25th Street from Le Jeune Road to NW 37th Avenue
  2. Reconstruction of NW 21st Street from NW 37th Avenue to east of Le Jeune Road
  3. Construction of at-grade and elevated roadways around the Rental Car Center (RCC) and the Miami Central Station (MCS). MTAR connects with the Le Jeune Road Corridor projects, providing seamless access to the expressway system.


MTAR Project Benefits

The purpose of MTAR is to provide efficient and convenient access for vehicles going to and from the RCC and MCS.  MTAR, in conjunction with the Le Jeune Road Corridor Projects, facilitates a seamless connection with SR 836.

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