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Projects: Roadway Improvements

Other MIC Area Road Projects

The Le Jeune Road Reconstruction, MIC Terminal Access Roadways, and MIC-MIA Interchange were the most expansive road projects of the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) Program, yet there were other roadways improvements performed to enable construction work to take place with minimal interference to the ongoing activities of businesses within the project limits. These improvements will provide greater ease of access and safety for the public once the MIC facilities are open, the first being the Rental Car Center (RCC).

Internal Roadways Project

The first Roadways Program project to be completed was the Internal Roadways Project. Construction began in January 2001 and was completed in February of 2002. 

The project limits were: NW 26th Street from Le Jeune Road to NW 39th Avenue, NW 37th Avenue from NW 21st Street to NW 25th Street, and intersection improvements at Le Jeune Road and NW 25th Street. 

The roadways were reconstructed throughout the limits of the project. In the area of NW 37th Avenue between NW 21st Street and NW 25th Street, a left-turn lane was added in the center of the roadway.  In addition, new storm water drainage and lighting systems were installed throughout the entire project.

Project Benefits

  • Supported traffic generated by the RCC until the final construction of the MIC Terminal Access Roadways, which facilitates direct access from the local roads and expressways, was completed
  • Alleviated traffic congestion during construction of the RCC and is alleviating traffic congestion during construction of the Miami Central Station
  • Improved signalization, drainage, and lighting in the area

Other MIC Area Roadway Projects

NW 14th Street Reconstruction

Transit Access Road

MIC NW 28 Street Connection to NW 37 Ave

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