Traffic Bulletins

Traffic bulletins, also called Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) bulletins, are an important tool of the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) Program's Comprehensive Community Awareness Program and One Stop Shop Traffic Information Program. In this section you will find all current and past traffic bulletins issued by the MIC Program.

Nearby businesses and residents affected by construction of the MIC and other nearby construction projects receive periodic traffic bulletins giving road closure information and suggesting alternate routes. In addition, Miami International Airport, area rental car agencies and hoteliers are notified to pass the information along to visitors thus ensuring their safety and reducing the burden of additional traffic to local neighborhoods currently caused by visitors unable to find their destination.

The final stage of the roadway program includes the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) NW 28 Street Connection to NW 37 Ave. The project includes the extension of NW 28 Street between NW 39 Avenue and NW 37 Avenue, providing motorist with an alternate route during occasional blockage of NW 25 Street while trains are in the station. Additional information on this project can be found at MIC NW 28 Street Connection to NW 37 Ave

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