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This article contains affiliate links. Using any of the links on this page will allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. What if you want to buy a brand new car? Apparently, no. Zero (0) kilometers on a car’s odometer is extremely rare. If it’s a used car, the situation gets even more troubling. However, it’s crucial to be aware that some drivers will reset their car’s mileage to whatever they want it to reflect.

Because a new or used car cannot legally be registered as having 0 miles on the odometer, we explain why in today’s post. New cars can be found with readings of 5–10 miles, but what about 0 miles? We can’t do that!

Can You Buy A Car With Zero Miles?

It was briefly established in the introduction that no car can potentially read 0 miles, and this is because every car is inspected before it is delivered to a dealership or to the owner, as was previously stated. This short drive from the port to the showroom or dealership lot necessitates that the car’s odometer register a few miles. As far as the mileage is concerned, you should know what to expect. It reveals what kind of vehicle you intend to purchase. Are you purchasing a brand-new vehicle or a pre-owned vehicle? If it’s a secondhand car, how old was it when it was made, and for what purpose?

A brand-new car is supposed to read less than 200 miles, despite all of the above questions. As long as the mileage is less than 200 miles, the vehicle is a demo car, which is considered new because it hasn’t been legally owned by anyone. However, the dealership may have used these vehicles to conduct its company. Consequently, they can still be referred to as “new cars” after reading up to 500 miles. You must be careful not to acquire this type of vehicle new. Most dealerships won’t inform you if the vehicle you’ve selected is a demo car or a brand new automobile, even if it’s less expensive. That should be apparent from the distance travelled. When it comes to pre-owned vehicles, there are those with mileage as high as 300,000 that are still worth purchasing. High-mileage cars, on the other hand, typically have more than 200k kilometers on them. Many people believe that these cars pose the greatest risk because they are more affordable. If you’re buying a used car, or any car, you need to ask a lot of questions to make sure it’s legitimate.

Seeing a vehicle with zero (0) miles on the odometer is unusual and warrants more investigation. The odometer may have been tampered with by the previous driver to reset the mileage. Cash buyers favor cars with low mileage, however cars with zero (0) mileage should not be taken into account.

Can You Reset Car Mileage?

It’s true that some drivers employ DIY methods to alter their vehicle’s mileage in order to raise the amount they may get for it when they put it up for sale as a “used automobile.” This behavior, however, is illegal in some areas and states and is even outright outlawed. So, before you acquire an automobile, be sure to thoroughly inspect and cross-check it. To ensure that you’re getting a good deal on the vehicle you’re interested in, always conduct a VIN check. Vehicle maintenance, accidents, recalls, and other issues are all available with a VIN check.

You should double-check the private or dealership’s information with the VIN lookup results (done by you). It’s a warning sign if one or more facts don’t add up.


Yes, you can buy a car with no miles on the clock. Explain that you can’t do it because it isn’t possible in any way. You should also be more cautious when purchasing a used car from a private seller, even though you may get a better bargain at a lower price. You should scowl and refuse to reset the mileage if someone suggests it for your high-usage car. High-mileage cars are perfectly OK, and by using high-mileage engine oils, you may extend their lifespan even further.