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A dent in your car is one of the most annoying and unsightly things you can have happen to it. But auto body shops can be pricey, and the wrong dent repair kit can do more harm than good

So, we took the time to find the top ten dent removal kits on the market. Not only that, but we also made a complete buyer’s guide to show you everything you need to know to get the right kit and get the dents out of your car!

Since there are so many dent pullers on the market, we took out the guesswork and listed the ten best ones here. Check out the reviews to find the right dent repair kit for you.

1. Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kits – Best Overall

Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kits

This Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kit is a great choice if you want a dent repair kit that has everything you need. It comes with 24 different grip pads for different sizes of dents, and you can choose from two different pullers.

Everything is easy to use, and you even get a hard case to keep everything safe and make it easy to carry. The best part is that it’s available at a great price, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the best!

But keep in mind that this puller kit doesn’t have a lot of pullers that don’t need glue, which makes it a bit less useful overall. Still, it’s a great set that can do most jobs.


A great combination of price and quality

You can choose from 24 grip pads.

You can choose between two pullers.

Everything comes with a hard case.



Not many pullers that don’t need glue are included.

2. SILIVN Paintless Dent Repair Kit – Best Value

The SILIVN Dent Repair kit is a great deal if you want a dent repair kit that costs a little less. Still, you get 24 different grip pads for dents of different sizes and two different pullers to use.

Not only that, but there are nine different attachments for repairs that don’t require glue. This gives you a lot of options for taking out different dents. Still, we wish this kit had a better case to carry it in.

As it is, the case is soft and doesn’t do a good job of keeping your tools together. For such a well-made kit, the finish is a letdown.


Very affordable

You can choose from 24 grip pads.

You can choose between two pullers.

It comes with nine attachments that let you fix things without glue.


The soft case doesn’t do a good job of protecting its contents.

3. Anyyion 98pcs Paintless Dent Repair Kits – Premium Choice

Anyyion 98pcs Paintless Dent Repair Kits

The Anyyion 98pcs Dent Repair Kit is just what you need if you want a professional-grade set that can handle any job. You can choose from 52 different grip pads to fit any dent, and you also get two different pullers.

This kit has everything you could want, including an LED reflector board. Lastly, it comes with a carrying case that is very portable and can be added to any mobile maintenance truck to get the job done.

The price does go up a bit because of all these extras, but if you want to start a business, it’s well worth the extra money.


You can choose from 52 grip pads.

You can choose between two pullers.

It comes with a carrying case that is very easy to move around.

It even has a board with LED lights on it!


More expensive option

4. Wcaro Dent Rods Tools

There’s no doubt that the Wcaro Dent Rods are harder to use than a regular dent puller kit. But this is the best way to get the job done if you take your time and know what you’re doing.

You’ll have to put in a little extra work to get behind panels, but once you do, you’ll be able to fix the car like a pro. It’s the most complete dent remover kit we looked at that doesn’t use glue. It’s a little more expensive, but well worth it.

Make sure you know what you are doing before you order this kit.


Most comprehensive non-glue dent remover kit

It lets you get to places that are hard to get to.

Has everything you need to make repairs of the highest quality


More expensive option

a little harder to use

5. GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Dent Puller Kit

GLISTON 45pcs Paintless Dent Repair Tool Dent Puller Kit

This GLISTON 45pcs Dent Repair Tool Kit is another good dent repair tool set. There are only 16 gripper pads to choose from, but if you can get behind the dent, you can use one of five different pry tools. Not only that, but you also get two pullers and a case that is very easy to carry.

The price is the only reason this dent repair kit is so low on our list. It costs a little more than our top pick, but comes with fewer tools. It’s not a terrible kit, but it’s also not the best.


It comes with a case that can be carried around.

You can choose between two pullers.

It comes with five different tools for prying.


Only 16 gripper pads are included.

It costs more but comes with less.

6. Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit

People who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dent puller will love the Manelord Auto Body Repair Tool Kit. But the lower price does mean that there are less tools and choices. You can only choose from five gripper pads and one dent puller.

It works well enough for simple jobs, but if you have a tough dent, you might not get the best results. Still, the puller itself has gripper pads that can be changed, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a good hold on your car.

Lastly, it’s very easy to use, which makes it great for beginners. However, we wish this kit came with a carrying case to keep everything together.


Very affordable

The puller itself has pads that can be changed.

Simple to use.


Only one dent puller is on it.

It only has five pads that grip.

It doesn’t have a case to carry it.

7. HiYi 10Pcs Dent Repair Tool Kit

HiYi 10Pcs Dent Repair Tool Kit

This HiYi 10 Piece Kit is yet another very cheap dent repair kit. No, it doesn’t have a lot of pieces, but it’s a great choice if you just need to fix a small dent. Remember that this kit doesn’t come with a traditional dent puller. Instead, you have to use the pieces given to gently hammer out the dents.

This means you have to work a little harder and be more patient to get behind most dents. But even if you have all the patience in the world, you need a bit of space to use this kit, which limits its overall usefulness quite a bit.


Very affordable

No puller

There are nine different heads for dents of different sizes.


Limited capabilities

8. Manelord Hand Tool Suction Cup Dent Puller

Another inexpensive choice is the Manelored Hand Tool Suction Cup Dent Puller. But this tool is very easy to use, even though it can be hard to get the right amount of suction to do the job. This makes it a lot harder to use in different ways.

In fact, we can only recommend this tool if you are trying to get a dent out of a larger surface like a door or hood. Even then, you might need a little force and a lot of patience to finish the job.


Very affordable

Very simple to use


It can be hard to get a good suction.

Very few possibilities

9. Super Buy 13PC Dent Puller w/ Slide Hammer

Super Buy 13PC Dent Puller w Slide Hammer

This is a tool that would be used by professionals in a traditional auto body shop. But a normal body shop doesn’t just have this one tool. So, you’re getting a great tool, but it can only do certain things.

The slide hammer is the crown jewel of this kit because it makes pulling dents much easier. This set also comes with a carrying case to keep everything safe. But in the end, this tool works best as an extra to your other body tools, not as a dent remover on its own. Not only that, but it’s also a little on the pricey side.


With a slide hammer, you don’t have to work as hard to get dents out.

Tool for professionals

It comes with a carrying case to keep it safe.


Few pry tools can only do so much.

Costs too much for what you get

Works best when used with other tools, not on its own.

10. GLISTON Paintless Dent Puller

The Gliston Paintless Dent Puller is the last tool on our list. It’s not a bad kit, but the price is a little high for what you get. It only has one dent puller and 16 gripper pads. It does not come with any tools for prying.

Even so, it costs about the same as our best pick, which means you can do better than this kit. Still, it made our list for a reason, and one of the main reasons is that you can change the distance between the pads on the dent puller itself. This makes it easier to hold on to something.

Not only that, but this kit also has a carrying case and tools for removing dents with or without glue. In the end, it’s not a terrible kit, but you can do better for this price.


You can change how far apart the pads are on a dent puller.

It has tools for taking out dents with and without glue.

It comes with an easy-to-carry case for all the tools.


It doesn’t have any tools to open it.

Only one dent puller is included.

It only has 16 pads that grip.

It costs more for what you get.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s get one thing straight: no one said that getting your dents out would be easy. We’re telling you that it’s possible if you spend money on the right tools, take your time, and learn what to do.

So, we put together a complete buyer’s guide to tell you everything you need to know. This way, you can buy the right dent removal tool the first time and get the job done right the first time.

Do the Job Right Away

As soon as you notice a dent, you should start to fix it. That’s because if you leave a dent for a long time, the paint can start to chip, which can lead to rust. This means that when you try to pull the dent out, you’re much more likely to take the paint with you.

And you don’t want to try to pull the dent out and end up taking off a lot of paint. So, if you see a dent, you should fix it as soon as you can. Not only will you get rid of the eyesore, but the repair will also look better.

Pulling vs. Hammering Dents Out

Sometimes you can pull a dent right out by getting a tight grip on it. But the truth is that most of the time, this won’t fix the dent perfectly; it will just make it harder to see. But pulling a dent out is much easier than hammering it out.

In fact, if you want to do the job right, it’s best to pull out as much of the dent as you can before you hammer out the last bits.

Pulling Out Your Dent

First, you need to work when it’s warmer to get a dent out. The reason for this is simple, and when it gets cold, your chances of pulling off paint when you try to get the dent out are much higher.

But watch the area around the dent as you pull, no matter what the weather is like. If it starts to bubble up, stop. It means the paint is about to come off.

If you have a puller that doesn’t use glue and you’re having trouble getting enough suction, wet the suction cup before you use it. This will increase how much suction your puller can get, but keep in mind that it will be harder to take the puller off after you’ve pulled the dent out!

Choosing the Right Gripper Pad

You might be wondering why it matters that there are so many different sizes of grippers. When you use a puller and glue to get a dent out, you want a gripper that is as close to the size of the dent as possible.

This will give you as much surface area as possible, which will make it less likely that you’ll damage your car when you pull the dent out.

Most jobs can be done with a smaller gripper, but it’s only a matter of time before you can’t get a good enough hold and pull the whole pad, which can pull some paint with it.

After getting the dent out, use alcohol to get the glue off the pad and pull it off. This can take a while, but it’s the only way to get the pad off without damaging the paint.

Hammering Out Dents

Once you’ve pulled out as much of the dent as you can, or if you can’t get a puller to the spot, you can hammer out the rest of the dents for the best results.

To do this, you must first get behind the dent. This can be hard to do, but if you know what you’re doing, special tools like the Wcaro Dent Rod Tools can make it easier. This is because you don’t have to worry about taking off all the panels if you can slide the tool behind them.

Take your time when you’re trying to get dents out with a hammer, because if you hit too hard or in the wrong place, you could do more damage. But if you do it right, you can get a perfect fix, which is what we all want, right?


If your car has a dent, it doesn’t have to stay that way, and you don’t have to take it to the shop to get it fixed. With the right kit, you can get that dent out in no time, whether it was caused by hail, a hit-and-run, or a small accident.

And if you’re still not sure what you need, the Anyyion Paintless Dent Repair Kit might be a good choice. It comes with everything you need for almost any job, and it won’t break the bank to buy it.