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What is the maximum towing capacity of a Honda CR-V? The Honda CR-V is a small crossover that packs a lot of punch. Over the years, the Honda CR-V has proven to be one of the company’s best models; it is well-designed for families and people, with plenty of amenities to fit everyone’s needs.

We’ve looked at the towing capabilities of several Honda CR-V models, whether you drive a 2007 CR-V or a 2020 CR-V.However, before we get into detail about how much weight this automobile can tow, we need go over some key elements and how they contribute to its power.

Features of Honda CR-V

Every successive model introduces a new high-tech feature or improves on an existing feature from the previous iteration. Blind-spot monitoring, power door and tailgate locks, cruise control, and other safety and driver-assistance technologies are standard on new Honda CR-Vs from 2012.

The 2019 Honda CR-V features a high-performance 4-cylinder engine with up to 184 horsepower or a turbocharger (190 horsepower) depending on trim level. Surprisingly, both hybrid and conventional Honda CR-V models come with a good (and same) transmission.Simply simply, the Honda CR-V is a practical, flexible SUV with plenty of power and amenities. The car has an obviously elegant style, and there are plenty other features that you will appreciate.

Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

2020 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity | Payload Specs, Cargo Dimensions

What we mean is that different Honda CR-V models have different towing capacities. Simply said, the towing capability of the 2007 Honda CR-V and the towing capacity of the 2012 Honda CR-V are not the same.

and towing capabilities. A CR-V can tow Jet-skis and small fishing boats with ease and without sacrificing performance.The cargo capacity of the 2020 Honda CRV is as follows:

  • 75.8 cubic feet of space is available behind the first row.
  • 39.2 cubic feet are behind the second row.

It’s easy to conclude that the 2020 Honda CRV has greater storage capacity than previous models, but what about older ones? Do they have a lot of storage space? The Honda CR-V, as expected, provides ample cargo room — it is a vehicle developed specifically for families.So, let’s have a look at the actual towing capacities of some Honda CR-V vehicles, specifically those from 2007, 2009, 2019, and 2020.

2020 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

Because of the 1.5L turbocharged engine, the 2020 Honda CR-V has a maximum towing capability of 1,500 pounds; however, to tow 1,500 pounds with your 2020 Honda CR-V, you must use suitable towing equipment. The cargo capacity, on the other hand, is 1,106 pounds.Surprisingly, the 2020 Honda CR-V comes with a couple of features that aid in flawless towing. These features are available on nearly all Honda CR-V trim levels for 2020.Furthermore, you have the option of choosing between a basic trailer hitch and a trailer hitch with a ball (with Power Tailgate Hands-Free Access Adapter). Towing features on the Honda CR-V include:

Slope Start Assist: When used, this feature keeps your CR-V from rolling backward when you transfer from the brake to the gas pedal during acceleration on a hill. Traction Control with Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA): As the name implies, this driver aid feature assists in keeping your CR-V stable when cornering and maintaining traction on snowy roads.Real-Time AWD with Intelligent Control System: Regardless of the road conditions, this high-tech feature distributes torque to all components that need to activate for efficient and stronger towing performance.Brake Assist: Improves the efficiency of your brakes by applying full pressure to bring the automobile to a stop.

Towing Package: A receiver-style tow hitch, a clip, a drawbar, and a hitch harness are normally included in the Honda CR-V towing package. Let’s take a look at some of the Honda CR-predecessors V’s now that we’ve reviewed the 2020 Honda CR-towing V’s capabilities and features.

2019 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

Find Out How Much the 2019 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity Can Handle

The 2019 Honda CR-onboard V’s engine is a 2.4L turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder engine. This produces 184 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. A 1.5L turbocharged in-line 4-cylinder engine with 190 horsepower and 179 lb-ft torque is also available on higher grades. Both the 2.4L and 1.5L Turbocharged engines (on higher trims) come with a Continuously Variable Transmission and real-time AWD with Intelligent Control System for maximum fuel efficiency.

Regardless of the trim level, the maximum towing capability of the 2019 Honda CR-V remains at 1,500 pounds. The towing capacity of the 2020 Honda CR-V is the same. A receiver-style design, drawbar, clip, retaining pin, and trailer hitch harness are also available with the Honda CR-V towing kit. Because we’re talking about a Honda CR-V, you’ll appreciate the Power Tailgate Hands-Free Access function. The towing features stated above are also available on the 2019 Honda CR-V, as well as a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Guidelines, which comes in useful when trying to park or attach a camper.What is the maximum towing capacity of the 2019 Honda CR-V?

  • Without the need for a trailer, you can ride ATVs and Jet Skis.
  • Teardrop Camper (Small)
  • Boats for fishing (requires hitching a Trailer)

When you hook a trailer to your CR-V, you may tow a lot of different things.

2009 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

Regardless of the engine options available for the 2009 Honda CR-V, the maximum towing capability is rated at 1,500 pounds (1.5 tons). Furthermore, the payload is 365 pounds. In terms of towing capability, the 2009 Honda CR-V is identical to the current models (up to 2020). Anything that can be pulled by a 2020 Honda CR-V (any trim) can be towed by a 2009 Honda CR-V. When it comes to amenities and technology, however, the 2009 Honda CR-V trims lack the majority of the high-tech features found on the 2019 and 2020 Honda CR-V trims. Despite this, the 2009 Honda CR-V has a number of safety features, including a panic alarm, brake assist, front passenger airbag occupancy sensor, tailgate/rear door lock, side-impact bars, and more.

2007 Honda CR-V Towing Capacity

With the use of a trailer/camper, the highest trims of the 2007 Honda CR-V can tow a 1.5 ton (1500 pounds) load. The regular trim, on the other hand, has a maximum towing capacity of 1.2 tons (1200 pounds). As a result, all Honda CR-V models produced since 2007 have a maximum towing capacity of 1,500 pounds.


How Much Can a Honda CR-V Tow? | CR-V HP and Torque | Honda Universe

We looked at the towing capability of Honda CR-Vs from various years and came to the conclusion that the maximum towing capacity of a Honda CR-V is 1500 pounds. More importantly, your CR-V must be hitched to a trailer or camper before it can tow a 1.5-ton load smoothly. In addition, all Honda CR-Vs come with fascinating features that make towing a breeze. Honda, without a doubt, produces durable and reliable vehicles for a variety of reasons; the company’s CR-V models, for example, give maximum comfort for families while still providing ample luggage capacity.

Finally, we recommend that you conduct thorough study and analysis before acquiring a Honda CR-V; there may be features that you require in a vehicle that are not accessible on CR-Vs.