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The TPMS, short for tire pressure monitoring system, is standard equipment on all 2012 Honda Civic models. It is likely that you have seen the tire pressure light on your dashboard at some point in your driving career. When the sensors in the system detect low pressure in one or more of the tires below, the TPMS light turns on.

You may quickly fix this problem by inflating your tires to the proper pressure. However, things aren’t always so simple. Even though we’ve pumped up the tires, the tire pressure light continues to nag at us.

The TPMS will need to be reset in these situations. To help you out, we’ve put together this step-by-step instructions for resetting the TPMS on a Honda Civic 2012.

What Does TPMS Mean On A Honda?

2012 Honda Civic Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is referred to as TPMS. A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) has been standard on all Honda Civics since 2008. In order to monitor tire pressure, the tire pressure monitoring system uses pressure sensors.

Wheel-mounted pressure sensors provide data to the central electronic unit, which illuminates a warning light on the car’s instrument panel when the pressure in a wheel is 25 percent lower than it should be.

A notification on the vehicle’s maintenance information display may also appear, depending on the model.

When To Reset TPMS?

Tire-Pressure Monitoring System is an excellent addition to your Honda Civic, as it can prevent you from driving on underinflated tires, which can be detrimental to your safety. To ensure that the TPMS continues to accurately measure the tire pressure, it must be adjusted from time to time.

Not sure when to do a TPMS tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) reset on your Honda Civic 2012?

  • When you inflate the tires – After inflating your tires you will need to reset the TPMS so the system can correctly keep track of the new tire pressure. 
  • When you change the tires – Again, in order to accurately monitor the pressure in your new tires, the TPMS will need to be reset. 
  • When one or more of the tires is rotated – Having your tires rotated will also mean the TPMS needs to be reset. 

Here is the solution to your problem.

The TPMS will need to be reset if any of the foregoing repairs is done to your car tires. Incorrect tire pressure readings can occur if the system is not properly reset.

That bothersome warning light won’t go away if the TPMS isn’t reset, so you’ll have to deal with it for the foreseeable future.

Having trouble with your Honda’s TPMS? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. In this article, we offer a step-by-step tutorial.

How To Reset The TPMS in a Honda Civic 2012

2012 Honda Civic Tire Pressure-2

It’s time to reset the monitoring system after you’ve properly inflated your tires to the proper pressure. A TPMS reset button is available on some car models, but not on a 2012 Honda Civic.

The TPMS in a Honda Civic 2012 can be reset by driving the car at speeds more than 25 mph for a brief duration. The TPMS warning light should go out once you’ve gone at least 25mph.

This procedure does not always work, and it is vital to reset TPMS after adding air to your tires. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to resetting the TPMS light on your Honda Civic.

In the first step, make sure that your tires have the correct amount of air pressure. The recommended tire pressure for a 2012 Honda Civic is 32 psi.

Activate the car and look for the menu and joypad on the steering wheel, then proceed to step 2.

Using the steering wheel, press the MENU button.

Step 4: Scroll down to CUSTOMIZE SETTINGS using the joypad’s down arrow.

Customize your settings by pressing SOURCE.

To find the DEFLATION WARNING SYSTEM, go to Step 6.

The seventh step To activate the deflation warning system, press SOURCE on your keyboard.

It’s the eighth step. Press SOURCE after you’ve scrolled down to INITIALIZE.

The ninth step To proceed, press the down arrow to say “yes” to the message that appears.

This is the 10th step. The warning light should now be out after the TPMS has been reset. To exit the menu and return to the dashboard clock, press MENU.

How To Reset TPMS In Honda Civic Using TPMS Reset Button

2012 Honda Civic Tire Pressure-3

The TPMS reset button may not be available on the Honda Civic 2012, although it is available on other versions. Using the TPMS reset button can often save you a lot of time compared to the other methods described above. For those of you who have a 2012 Honda Civic with a reset button, here is a fast step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Inflate tires to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure.

Locate the TPMS button on the dashboard. Honda automobiles typically include a reset button on the left side of the steering wheel.

This is the third step. The TPMS button will blink twice if you hold it down long enough.

The system is now calibrating again.

Step 5: Turn off the engine and restart it. After this, the TPMS will be re-calibrated.


Does Honda Civic 2012 Have TPMS?

There is a TPMS in the Honda Civic 2012. (tire pressure monitoring system). Since 2008, all Honda Civics have come equipped with a TPMS system. When the tire pressure monitoring technology was first introduced in 2008, it was only available on few models.

Where is the TPMS in Honda Civic 2012?

To find the TPMS reset button on your Honda Civic, you will need to check to the left of the steering wheel.

Why is the TPMS light on but all tires are fine?

When the pressure in one or more of the vehicle’s tires isn’t correct, the tire pressure monitoring light goes on to warn the driver. However, the TPMS light may come on even if all of the tires are properly inflated.

The TPMS may have been reset or there may be a sensor or digital issue that has to be addressed.

What is the tire pressure for a Honda Civic 2012?

All front and rear tires must be inflated to the proper pressure to guarantee that you are driving safely and protecting your vehicle’s tires. A Honda Civic 2012’s recommended tire pressure is 32psi.

Is it safe to drive with the TPMS light on?

When the TPMS light is on, you could be driving on hazardous tires. It is possible to harm your tires over time if you don’t pay attention to the tire pressure light on your dashboard.

There may also be an issue with the TPMS, which needs to be reset in order to accurately monitor tire pressure.

How do you reset the TPMS on a 2008 Honda Civic?

Depending on the model of your vehicle, the method for resetting the TPMS may be different. To reset the TPMS on a Honda Civic, locate the reset button (located next to the lower left knee bolster) and press and hold it until the light blinks twice.

After that, all you have to do is switch off the engine and the system will be reset when you turn it back on.


There are TPMS sensors in your Honda Civic 2012 so you don’t have to keep an eye on the pressure in your tires. A warning light will illuminate on your dashboard if the sensors detect deflation in one or more of your tires. The TPMS will need to be reset after a tire rotation or inflation.

Hopefully, our step-by-step instructions on how to reset the TPMS on a Honda Civic 2012 have been helpful. That annoying dashboard warning light can be gone in only a few minutes!