Updated at: 17-06-2022 - By: Lucas

There will be Luxury and F-Sport versions of the 2018 Lexus NX 300h. We’ll soon know how much the SUV will cost. Deliveries will start in 2018.

2018 Lexus NX 300h Price

Lexus just showed off its 2018 SUV, the NX 300h. Even though we hoped it would go on sale, it didn’t. The Japanese luxury car company said that the prices will be out soon and that the Luxury trim will start at about Rs. 60 lakh. The F-Sport version will probably cost between Rs. 1.5 and Rs. Bookings are open, but shipments won’t start until 2018. On paper, that will make the SUV a year younger because it will be registered in 2018.

Toyota-Lexus is also thinking about starting to build cars in the country. So, the price of a 2018 Lexus NX will drop to about Rs. 50–53 lakh. At the moment, it is directly imported, which means more taxes.

2018 Lexus NX 300h Specifications

2018 Lexus Nx 300h Price 60 Lakh-2

Engine: 2.5-litre 4-cylinder

Power: 153hp @ 5700RPM

Torque: 210Nm @ 4200-4400RPM

Transmission: CVT

Power of the electric motor: 141hp

Electric Motor Torque: 270Nm

The total power output is 195hp.

Mileage: 18.3km/l

0-100km/l: 9.2 seconds

Warranty: 3 years/100,000 kilometres

2018 Lexus NX 300h Dimensions

Length is 4640mm

2130 mm wide (without mirrors: 1845mm)

Height: 1645mm

Wheelbase: 2660mm

The trunk space is 475 l.

Kerb Weight: 1785 1905 kg

Fuel Tank: 56 litre

225/60 R18 tyres

2018 Lexus NX 300h Features

Front and back seats that get warm

Front seats with air vents

The driver’s seat can be set to remember

8-way electrically adjustable front seats

Panorama sunroof made of fixed glass

2-zone climate control

Steering that can be changed by electricity

There are three LED projector headlamps.

Charge your phone without wires

Automatically folding back seats

10.3-inch touchscreen system for entertainment

Satellite navigation

14-speaker Mark Levinson audio system

8 airbags

360-degree camera

Head-up display in full colour

The tailgate is powered.

2018 Lexus NX 300h Service

Lexus is the luxury branch of Toyota, so you can expect everything you’ve come to expect from Toyota and more. Its cars are known for being very reliable and having very low costs for repairs. Any Toyota can go at least 500,000 km without breaking down as long as it gets regular maintenance. Also, the company has strict rules for its dealers, so they don’t recommend jobs and part changes. Because of this, Toyota and Lexus cars have a very high value when they are used.