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The 2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz electric SUV concept will have a range of 500km and up to 300hp.

Volkswagen showed off its electric SUV, the ID Crozz, and talked about how it works. The crossover is an electric car in the I.D. family. At the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, you can see the new 2020 Volkswagen I.D. Crozz.

VW ID Platform MEB

The Volkswagen ID Cross will have a MEB platform that can be changed. The platform/chassis can be changed to fit batteries with a range of 400 to 600 km. The MED platform can also be made bigger or smaller, and it can have different body styles. Because of this, the three VW ID cars look different. The VW ID Buzz is a small bus, and the VW ID is the name of the hatchback (Volkswagen I.D.). The Volkswagen ID Crozz is the name of the SUV. The ID Buzz will be released in 2022, and the ID hatchback will hit the market in 2019.

MEB cars will be made at the company’s plant in Zwickau, Germany. China is also on the list of places that will build MEB cars and platforms. The company might also get MEB platforms from its plant in Puebla, Mexico. But because VW is afraid of the current US government, it could also open a third plant in North America. The Chattanooga, Tennessee plant is making Passat sedans and the Atlas SUV at full speed. Mexico is where Golf, Jetta, Beetle, and Tiguan are made.

Volkswagen ID Crozz Range

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Electric Suv VW-2

The Volkswagen ID Cross will be able to go 500km without recharging. Most likely, that’s for the top model. The lower models will likely have about 400km. EPA says that the Tesla Model 3 has a range of 500 km in the real world. Volkswagen’s claims could be based on the NEDC European test cycle, which is not as strict as the US test cycle.

Volkswagen ID Cross Engine & Specs


Front wheels with 101 hp for long range

High-performance rear wheels with 201hp

302hp all together

All-wheel drive on a 4Motion


140Nm in the front

310Nm on the back

450Nm total torque


4625mm length A little shorter than the Skoda Kodiaq but much longer than the Volkswagen Tiguan.

1891mm wide Wider than the 1882mm Kodiaq and 1855mm Fortuner

Tiguan is 1672mm taller and more aerodynamic than 1609mm.


2773mm Similar to the 3-row Skoda Kodiaq 2791mm and longer than the Toyota Fortuner 2745mm.

Driving Range

400km to 500km The tough American test cycle says that the top model, the Tesla Model 3, has a range of 500 km.

Size of the battery

83kWh Lithium-Ion model at the top

Charging Time

With a 150kW fast charger, you can get to 80% in 30 minutes.

Number of Seats

5 adults

How Much Stuff Weighs

48 percent front, 52 percent rear

Volkswagen I.D. Official Page

Volkswagen ID Crozz Features

2020 Volkswagen ID Crozz Electric Suv VW-3

The ID Cross will be able to drive itself. VW says that you can turn on self-driving by touching the VW logo on the steering wheel for 3 seconds or by saying, “Hello I.D., please turn on Pilot mode.” Then, the steering will go back into the dashboard, giving you more room.

Instead of a rearview mirror, cars have cameras and colour screens.

Common cabin functions can be controlled by voice and hand gestures

A 10.2-inch touchscreen

VW ID Cross India Launch

In 2020, you’ll be able to buy the electric crossover SUV in the US, China, and Europe. VW has no plans to sell it in India because the government there hasn’t set a clear deadline or given any incentives to encourage people to buy electric cars. There’s just a goal to only sell electric cars by 2030.

VW ID Crozz Competition

Mahindra makes the electric SUV XUV Aero in India. A lot of things are the same about the XUV Aero and the VW ID Crozz. They are both SUVs that run on electricity. Also, both cars are coupes, which makes them great competitors. If the Mahindra XUV Aero does well here, VW might bring the ID Crozz to give it some competition.

All over the world, people want crossover and SUV body styles. A good recipe for success is an electric powertrain and a crossover body.

Mercedes-Benz EQC: The Mercedes-Benz EQC SUV will come out in 2019 at the earliest. On paper, the specs for the VW ID Crozz and the Mercedes in this segment look very similar.

VW ID Crozz to be made-in-USA (updated: 24-Aug-18)

Volkswagen will build two new electric cars in the United States, VW Group of America CEO Hinrich Woebcken told Autocar. The article said that ID Buzz and ID Crozz are the two about electric cars.

But later, a VW spokesperson said that any talk about making electric cars in the US is just speculation and nothing is set in stone yet.

As you know, the VW ID Crozz is a crossover, but the ID Buzz is an electric van that looks like the old Volkswagen Type-2 van (Microbus).

Woebcken said, “For strong product momentum, they need to be made in the U.S.A. You can’t get into a high-volume situation with cars from other countries.” We want to make electric transportation in the U.S. more local.

By 2030, VW Group wants every model from Skoda to Bugatti to have either an all-electric or a hybrid powertrain. This includes making 50 electric VW cars by the year 2025.

ID Crozz Price

No one knows how much the ID hatchback will cost, but it will start at around $30,000. (Rs. 19.5 lakh). The ID Crozz could cost anywhere from $37,000 (Rs. 24.0 lakh) to $42,000. (Rs. 27.2 lakh). VW only said that it would be “affordable,” not how much.

Why ID Electric Cars?

The VW diesel scandal started or at least sped up the development of the ID line of cars. After dieselgate, VW America had to pay a lot of money in fines, but they saved a few billion dollars. Volkswagen said it would use the money to develop and sell clean cars in the US. Tesla is the leader in electric cars right now. Volkswagen’s foothold in the segment will be strengthened by the I.D. family. After the diesel scandal, the company’s share of the US market fell to just 2%. The attack will be led by the VW ID hatchback, which will go on sale in 2019.