Updated at: 12-07-2022 - By: Lucas

Now that you have a Tonneau cover for your truck, what do you do next? What extras should you get to make the most of your truck bed cover?

The good news is that there are a lot of accessories for covers to choose from, like toolboxes for truck beds, car racks, and even cargo slides. No matter what you want to do with your truck, these accessories will help you do it better.

1. Y-Auto part Truck Mount Clips


Even though some Tonneau bed covers come with clamps to attach the cover to your truck, you can never have too many extras on hand in case of an emergency. The point of these clamps is to keep you from having to drill holes in your truck bed in order to attach things to it.

Aluminum, which doesn’t rust and can stand up to the weather for a long time, is used to make the Y-Autopart truck clamps. They should also stay tight for a long time, so your bed cover stays on your truck even when there is a lot of wind or bad weather.

Because these clamps are so big, they can hold many different kinds of covers on many different kinds of truck beds.

One small problem is that they might not stay black if they are out in bad weather for a long time. If you don’t care about how your truck bed looks and just want something to hold it down, these clamps might do the trick. There is also the plain aluminium version.


can clamp onto any truck bed cover and truck bed

Huge size for more powerful clamping

Not rusty so it can handle bad weather

Holds the truck bed cover down when the wind is strong.

It’s available in black or plain aluminium.


Loses its black colour after a while

2. ESI Tailgate Seal

Sometimes, truck clamps aren’t enough to keep bad weather out of your truck bed. In that case, you could use a tailgate seal to keep your cargo even safer.

The EDI tailgate seal is made of ten feet of 3M ST1200 tape and EPDM rubber. These materials help the seal stick to the bed of your truck and reduce vibrations in the tailgate to protect you better.

For the best seal installation, make sure that both the surface of your car and the air temperature are between 55 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even though this product works pretty well, you should know that it might not work with all truck bed covers. Click on the link for the product to find out which car models might not fit this seal.

If you have trouble installing the product or if it doesn’t work right, ESI has great customer service. They work well with customers to solve problems until the customer is happy, so if something goes wrong, you can rest easy.

Two quick notes about this seal: make sure the truck bed edges are clean before you put the seal on them. It comes with an alcohol toilet for this purpose, so make sure you use it before you install it.


It comes with good tape for sticking.

Contains an alcohol toilet to make installation easier

It doesn’t leak and doesn’t let air in.

Excellent customer service


It might not fit all of the trucks on the market right now.

3. Truxedo Pro-Tex Protectant Spray

For a Tonneau truck cover, the Truxedo Pro-Tex Protectant spray is not so much an extra as it is a must-have. After all, anything that needs to work well for a long time needs to be cleaned every so often.

You can clean, condition, and extend the life of your Tonneau truck cover by using this spray. You can also use it to clean your tyres, dashboard, and convertible top.

The spray is safe to use because it is made of water and doesn’t have any dangerous silicones in it. All you have to do is spray it on and dry it off with a clean, dry towel.

Keep in mind that this spray won’t clean your truck cover of tough stains or animal droppings. To get those stains out, you will need to use a mild detergent or soap and water. Once the truck bed cover is clean and free of any tough messes, you can finish the job with the protectant.

This spray should only be used on a soft vinyl cover. If you have a hard truck bed cover, it won’t work as well.

Even though it has a lot of uses, it is a little pricey. Many customers say that they can only use the bottle three times before it runs out.

But the product keeps working on soft covers for a while, so maybe one bottle will last a while. Plus, it cleans more than just the truck bed cover, so you can get your money’s worth by using it on the whole truck.


Cares for and takes good care of vinyl truck covers.

Water-based, so it’s safer and better for your health.

Dashboards, tyres, and vinyl trims are also cleaned.


A little expensive

One bottle only has three or four good cleans.

4. Truxedo TonneauMate Toolbox

A toolbox is a must-have for any trunk bed.

Or sometimes just a place to put extra stuff when the truck bed can’t hold it. The Truxedo TonneauMate Toolbox comes in handy here.

The toolbox attaches to the truck bed rails underneath the bed cover, so you can put it in the front, middle, or back of the bed.

You don’t need a truck cover to use this toolbox because your truck bed already has bed rails. Because the toolbox sits on top of the truck bed, you can put other things in the bottom.

Because it mounts to a rail, you don’t have to drill into your truck bed or do anything else to set it up. Just line up the toolbox with the bed rails of your truck, and you’re ready to go.

The toolbox is made of strong materials that can hold tools or a cooler for a day trip. If you leave this kind of material outside in bad weather, it won’t rust or break down.

It goes under the cover of your truck bed so that you can hide it. The toolbox is safer because it has a key and a twist-lock.

The toolbox should fit most different sizes of truck beds, and it can be used with different kinds of Tonneau covers. Depending on the model of your truck, you may need extra truck clamps or hardware kits for a proper installation.


Fits in front, in the middle, or at the back of the truck bed.

Works as a toolbox or a place to store other things.

Heavy-duty plastic doesn’t rust or break down.

It fits under the truck bed cover and has a key/twist lock for extra security.

It can be put in place without any extra steps.


Some models might be easier to install with a clamp or hardware kit.

5. SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

A toolbox that fits under the truck bed cover is a great idea, but one that fits over the wheel well is just as cool.

The SwingCase truck bed storage box sits three inches above the truck bed. They sit on top of the wheel wells and open like doors, so you can keep your tools or other cargo out of the way but still easy to get to.

The toolbox locks in place, so it won’t move around when you turn sharply or drive in other bad conditions.

The lid of the toolbox has a lock and key for extra safety. Only about 75 pounds of cargo can fit in the box, which is on the small side.

It does, however, have a moisture seal that helps keep things dry in the rain and a slide-out organiser tray. If that wasn’t enough, the top of the box has two cup holders for tailgating or just holding your drink on the go.

Don’t worry about the box rusting because it is made of the same ABS material as many other truck covers. Even though the material is light and easy to carry, it is strong enough to keep everything safe and small while travelling.

The box attaches to your truck bed with six self-tapping screws, so it only takes a few minutes to put it on or take it off. It also doesn’t have to be in the back of your truck.

The toolbox can be used to carry anything you need, both on and off the road. Also, the case can be put on either side of the truck, and a second one can be added to complete the set.

But, strangely, the only way to open the cases is to swing them out of the wheel well. It might be a pain sometimes, but it might be for your own safety.


Cargo is protected by ABS material, which is light but strong.

Can connect to the right or left side of the truck bed

Two cup holders are on top.

Swings out 180 degrees to make it easier to reach

Easy to set up with six screws that don’t need to be tapped.


The only way to open the cases is to swing them away from the wheels.