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The Subaru is a brand of car that you would know if you were into them. Everyone would know a Toyota because of their strong branding and low prices all over the world. People also know the Tesla for luxury and Honda and Peugeot for strength.

The Subaru Outback, which is the subject of this article, is very strong and fast. It has a reliability score of 70 out of 100, according to US News and World Report on cars. This is a lot more than other cars in the same class.

People have had good and bad times with the Subaru Outback, but it has been through both. 2013 was one of the worst years for Subaru cars.

It was known for wasting a lot of oil, and it cost an average of $1,590 to fix. The Subaru has a lot of problems, according to a website called Subaru Complaints. Some of them are:

Unintentional speeding up

Break Light switch is broken.

The fuel pump broke down.

Cracks in the Windshield

Having problems with the Subaru Starlink service

Batteries were low.

The most common Subaru Outback problem is the flashing brake light.

When you read this, I hope you can see why your Subaru outback brake light cruise control may be flashing and even how to fix problems with your Subaru outback warning light on the dashboard.

In fact, when the brake lights flash, it means that there is a problem with the braking system that needs to be fixed. But like all good notifications, you hope that after you’ve been told, the message will go away.

A little like when you see an alarm notification on your iPhone or Android and swipe to the left. The Subaru’s flashing light doesn’t go away in that way.

That may be why it is so annoying. This article will look at five reasons why this happens and how to stop it from happening again.

A brake is an important part of a car, and driving with a broken brake could make that day your last. To fix a Subaru Outback flashing brake light, we’ll look at how to do it, what can make the Subaru Outback’s brake lights and cruise controls flash, and what a lot of lights on the dashboard of an Outback mean.

5 Reasons for Subaru Outback Flashing Brake light and How to fix It.

The following are the reasons why I think this is true:

No 1: Your Emergency Brake is engaged

In 2011 or 2012, if you see the brake light on the dashboard flashing, you have to stop the car and figure out what the problem might be.

There is one thing you can do before you do anything else. Check your emergency brake to see if it is on. You can turn it off if that’s what you need to do. The light on your dashboard will stop flashing. This answers the question, “How do I get rid of the Subaru outback warning light on the dashboard?” I’m sure many of you had this question while reading this article from the beginning, too. If you have a 2013 Subaru outback flashing brake light or a 2011 Subaru outback flashing brake light, you should not take them for granted.

No 2: Brake system failure

This is the second reason why you might see a flashing brake light on the dashboard of a 2012 or 2011 Subaru outback. There is a problem with the braking system of that Subaru. Outback has two different brake circuits in it, so it can brake faster or slower.

If something goes wrong with the brake system, at least half of the Subaru outback wheels will have brakes at least some of the time.

This is a way to keep cars from getting into accidents if their brake systems don’t work. When this is the case, it is very important to know how to fix a Subaru Outback that has a flashing brake light.

Differential switches are used by Subaru to measure how much pressure there is in different parts of the brake system. If a part of them breaks, the switches will tell the brake light signaler that there is a lot of difference. This is when you start to see your Subaru light on the dashboard start to flash a lot. The best thing to do when you see it is to stop your car and call the nearest mechanic to come and check it out.

No 3: Your brake lights are faulty

Unlike the other things that happened that were very bad, this one wasn’t. You might just have a broken or dim brake light, and that might be all that’s wrong. There is a simple way to fix this: change the brake light.

This one may not be as bad as the others, but it could still cause a lot of damage. When you call a mechanic, make sure you call one who is good at fixing Subaru Outbacks and not just anyone. Work on the car and then have more problems happen as you drive. You don’t want to do that!

No 4: Your parking brake is on the “On” position

subaru outback electronic parking brake light flashing

Use the parking brake if there are times when you park your car and the brake light comes on. The light will go out when you turn it off. If you drive and don’t see the light, you could damage your brake. In these situations, the brake pad and fluids will get too hot. So this is the main reason why your Subaru’s electronic parking brake light might be flashing in your car.

No 5: Your Brake Fluid is Leaking

Your Subaru Outback’s brake light might also be going off because the brake fluid might be leaking, which is another reason it might. If you look at the icon that blinks, it will usually give you a sense of what might be wrong. It’s always better to let a professional deal with it, though.

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How to solve Subaru Outback warning light indications on dashboard

When the warning light comes on, turn off the car’s engine first to get it to go away. Then, check the brake fluid. If it’s low, fill it up and start the car again to see if the light stays on. There is no need to stop. After you see the brake lights on the dashboard, you should never drive again.

What do multiple warning lights on Subaru Outback dashboard mean?

It is a little scary to see so many signs at once. It could be that there are many problems with the car that make it unsafe to drive, or there are many faulty indicators that don’t show the true condition of the car. Sometimes, your car’s charging system has a problem. This means that your car is likely to shut down if you see a lot of notifications at once. A mechanic will have to do a full check on it before you can drive again.

Car maintenance is a pain. I’m right. Not at all. It’s not something you want to do all the time. Get a new car to avoid all these stories. A new car has less miles on it and a new engine that sounds good. You decide how this car turns out. Then, though, the mechanic and you are likely to become best friends if you buy a bad used car.

Why is Subaru outback brake light cruise control flashing

In most cases, when you see a Subaru outback’s brake light cruise control start to flash, it’s because the system doesn’t work. The cruise control is the car’s automatic speed control unit. It controls the car’s speed by itself. Makes sure that when something goes wrong, a light will go off to tell you. Most of the time, disabling this cruise control will stop the lights from flashing, but it’s best to have a mechanic fix it.