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You can get a 40% discount on Royal Enfield gear and accessories. It’s not often that Royal Enfield gear is so cheap, but it’s time to get rid of old stock. You might not be able to find what you want in the right colour or size. But if you find something that fits and meets your needs, you should think of yourself as lucky and grab it.

Royal Enfield Gear Sale 40 percent Off

1. Darcha Riding Jacket / Pants (All Weather Touring Gear)

Darcha Riding Jacket Pants

Price: Rs. 22,000 for the jacket and Rs. 13,500 for the pants.

Price: Rs. 13,200 for the jacket and Rs. 8,100 for the pants.

What comes first? This jacket and pants are made by the Italian company RevIt, and they have the Royal Enfield logo on them. Even if you ride a BMW R1200GS or a Triumph Tiger, this outfit won’t look bad. So don’t dismiss it because it’s made in India and sold for a very high price. When you add in taxes and shipping costs from a country in the West, the final price will be close to the regular retail price. So you get the quality of imports AND the warranty without having to deal with the hassles of shipping from overseas and paying customs duties.

Take it from someone who bought the Scorpion touring jacket and Bogotto touring pants and paid Rs. 25,000 for the set. The waterproof liner in my gear is not removable, which is a shame. So, it has to deal with the stress of everyday life. It started leaking after a year. Not to mention the pain I had to go through because of a waterproof layer in the north.

Royal Enfield Darcha Jacket Pant Features

Waterproof and thermal liners that can be taken out of the jacket:

This means that in the summer you won’t turn into a plate of hot momos. This also means that the waterproof liner won’t be used every day, so it will stay waterproof for a longer time. A trip to the Himalayas will be great with the thermal liner.

Pants that have a removable thermal liner

CE Level 1 armour for the elbows, shoulders, and knees is used to protect against impacts.

500D fabric: For abrasion resistance

There are zippers on the front and back to let air in and cool you down on hot days.

Straps for adjusting the fit at the waist, biceps, forearms, and cuffs

7 Pockets for jacket

Pants have two pockets.

The elbows, knees, and waist are made of accordion-stretch fabric.

Reflective patches: To be seen at night


The pants don’t come with a waterproof liner that can be taken out. So, if you wear it every day, it won’t stay waterproof for as long.

2. Skyn Base Layer

Skyn Base Layer

Regular price is Rs. 950 for both the top and bottom.

Price for sale: Rs. 570 (top) and Rs. 570 (bottom)

The rainy season has begun. So, it doesn’t sound like the base layer will help much. But summer will come back. And for some of us, the days are just getting hot and sticky. You need a base layer to beat the heat. Cotton vests are NOT a good choice. They don’t get rid of sweat very well and dry slowly.

Don’t trust me? Shumi is the editor of Overdrive and has been riding motorcycles for a long time. Base layers change everything about riding gear

3. Leather Waterproof Gloves

Leather Waterproof Gloves

Regular Price: Rs. 3,300

Sale Price: Rs. 1,980

Everyone knows that leather can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. If you end up sliding on the road with your palms down, leather gloves are like insurance for your palms. And if you can only bring one pair of gloves on a long trip, this is the best choice.

These gloves can be used with touchscreens. The left index finger has a wiper on it to clean the face shield when it rains. That’s all there is to it.

I don’t care much about the knuckle protection because it takes a lot of practise to learn how to make a fist before impact. Since most of us ride on the street and aren’t professional track racers, we stretch out our fingers and show our palms when we fall. The padding on the palm of these gloves seems to be thick enough to protect against most falls.

4. Bradfield Leather Boots

Bradfield Leather Boots

Regular Price: Rs. 6,000

Sale Price: Rs. 3,600

Now let’s move on from gear that is only useful and add some style. These leather boots are both safe and stylish. You can rock them off the bike, and only someone with a sharp eye will be able to tell that they are motorcycle boots.


The ankle bone needs to be protected (malleolus)

Full-leather upper for high resistance to wear and tear

The heel and toe cap are stronger to protect against impact.

The top has stretch panels that make it easy to put on and take off.

The back zipper is great because it won’t get dirty and will last a long time.

No velcro, because it makes annoying noises and doesn’t last very long.


Not as Comfortable: You won’t be able to wear these all day at work as easily.

Not waterproof, so don’t wear them in the rain or cover them with a raincoat.

Without ventilation, your feet will get too hot on a long ride on a hot afternoon.

5. Classic Leather / Denim Helmet

Classic Leather - Denim Helmet.

Leather costs Rs. 7,500 and denim costs Rs. 4,500.

Leather costs Rs. 4,500, and denim costs Rs. 2,700.

Let’s move from having a mix of style and function to having mostly style and little function. These beautiful open-face helmets don’t do much to protect the face. On a two-wheeler, you should always wear a full-face helmet. But sometimes, a half-face one seems like the best choice for a short ride. It’s also better for get-togethers like “meet and greets” at motorcycle cafes. And a half-face helmet looks great on old bikes like the Bullet, Classic, Thunderbird, and especially the Continental GT.

The Royal Enfield gear store has a lot of open-face helmets, but two of them stand out the most. The one made of leather and the one made of denim. I actually have the Denim version. I think it’s so pretty that I’m going to hang it up in my house.


Leather or denim on the outside

Denim version half face shield

Holder for the leather version of the goggle strap

Flexible chin strap

The inner liner is comfortable and can be taken out and washed.

Steelbird makes this kind of helmet. Surprisingly, the construction quality is better than you’d expect from an Indian company.


No ventilation

Fits round heads: Indian manufacturers don’t quite get how important it is to have a helmet that fits well. They don’t sell to people with oval or medium-sized heads. So, if you have an oval head, you should stick with a helmet that was made in another country. Most people in India and around the world have heads that are between round and oval. And after about 30–40 minutes under this lid, my oval-shaped head starts to hurt around the temples and front. We can forgive the maker for this flaw because it’s not meant to be worn for long distances. But be careful, because even a short commute can be hell if there is a lot of traffic.

The Denim version’s face shield doesn’t really protect the eyes from wind and dust.

When the small face shield is up, it also makes a whistling sound. Luckily, it can be taken off.

The screws on the sides of the face shield that have the RE logo need to be tightened almost every other day.

Only DOT and ISI safety: Even if you don’t trust the ISI mark, you might still believe the DOT certification. But neither of them is very strict. What’s more, both of these standards allow people to certify themselves. So, the maker can say that it meets the requirements until it can be shown that it doesn’t. I would have liked the ECE sticker from Europe, but this is more of a showpiece that can be worn as a helmet. I think I can live with that. Also, if I was wearing a helmet that looked as cool as this one, I’d be careful not to damage it in the first place.


Most of the problems have to do with the face shield, as you can see. You can get rid of it and use the REMX goggles with the helmet. They aren’t the best quality and aren’t on sale either. But they will keep wind and dust out of your eyes. And you can get them with a mask that you can take off.