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A common question is whether or not it’s possible to combine 0W-40 and 5W-40 oil in a single container. As a follow-up question, they’d like to know if it’s possible to blend 0w40 oil with 5w40 oil and what would happen if you did so. Let’s take a closer look at this topic in this article. Can 0w40 and 5w40 oil be mixed? Yes, it is correct. While it is possible to combine 0w40 and 5w40 oil, this does not imply that you should.

This question is frequently asked of car owners. They want to know if 0w40 and 5w40 oil can be mixed safely and if there are any significant engine damage risks. Each motor oil’s primary job is to lubricate the vehicle’s engine and its many components. So, even if the viscosity and weight of two motor oils varies, the mixture will still lubricate the car. So, even if you combine 0w40 and 5w40 motor oils, the lubricating properties of both oils will be preserved. Car owners are curious about the effects of blending 0w40 and 5W-40 oils, and if it is possible to do so safely. In this post, we’ll see if 0w40 oil and 5w40 oil may be mixed, and if so, what the results would be. Begin with that.

Can I Mix 0w40 and 5w40 Oil?

Yes, you can blend 0w40 and 5w40 oils together. But it’s important to remember that just because you can mix them doesn’t imply you should. Mixing a 5w40 oil with a 0w40 oil is not recommended, according to this rule. It applies to all motor oils, not just these ones. The best course of action is to use only one type of motor oil. It’s not a good idea to mix two different types of motor oil. It’s entirely up to you whether or not you want to do it. As an illustration, you have the option to combine 0W40 oil with 5W40 oil if you so desire, but you are also free to refrain from doing so.

Can You Add 0w40 to 5w40 Oil?

Adding 0w40 oil to 5w40 oil is not recommended as a rule of thumb, but it is possible. Every time you don’t add a new motor oil to your current one, this occurs. For example, if you find yourself in a situation where no motor oil is available that matches your current oil, you may need to find a substitute. Adding a different oil to your current one is an option if this is the case.

You can, in fact, increase your 0w40’s strength by 5w40. Having two oils is preferable than not having any oil at all or having insufficient oil. It doesn’t matter if you mix two different types of motor oils, as long as they have the same weight or viscosity, they will still be able to lubricate your engine. In other words, you can simply add them together. Your engine is completely safe.

Is It Ok To Mix 0w40 and 5w40 – Possible Downsides?

Yes, you can blend 0w40 and 5w40 oil together. It is not suggested to mix two oils, therefore be sure to check your owner’s handbook or contact your manufacturer if you plan to do so. But if you opt to blend 0w40 and 5w40 oil, you’ll be alright. Your car should be fine. If your vehicle is still covered by a warranty, you may run into issues, including the voiding of that guarantee.

Nothing to be concerned about if you’ve already had your vehicle out of warranty. No harm will be done by mixing 0w40 oil with 5w40 oil, even if it’s not suggested.

What Happens if You Mix 0w40 and 5w40 Oil?

Nothing major will happen if you mix 0w40 oil with 5w40 oil. Engine failure and vehicle damage will not occur if you combine two distinct types of motor oil. It is not illegal to combine these two oils, however it is not encouraged. No, there is a distinction. This means that mixing 0w40 oil with 5w40 oil will do more harm than good to your engine.


In summary, mixing two motor oils with different viscosity and weight is not recommended, and it is not advised for car owners to do. Although many people have already tried mingling, they say they haven’t encountered any issues.

No harm will be done to your car if you mix 0w20 oil with 5w20 oil. So it’s best not to mix them together.