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One of the most harrowing situations is being stranded on the side of the road. In addition to the diagnostic and repair fees, you’ll also have to pay the towing fee if your vehicle breaks down.

In the event of a breakdown, AAA members receive roadside assistance, which includes the option of having their vehicle towed and taken to the place of their choice—whether that be their home, dealership, or local mechanic.

This analysis of Triple A’s towing policy is necessary because there are some limits depending on the membership plan.

What Does AAA Have To Offer?

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An association of motor clubs in North America known as AAA (or Triple A) is known as the American Automobile Association. Since 1902, when nine motor clubs came together to lobby for greater road infrastructure and driving safety, the organization has been in existence.

Roadside assistance is a big part of the current AAA’s business model.

There is a staff that will attend at your location to help you with a jump start, tire changes, lockouts, and towing in the event that you are unable to handle the problem yourself or the situation is too critical.

There are more than 7, 000 recognized vehicle repair shops where members can get a discount and an extended guarantee on labor and components through the reliable car repair service.

Membership & Towing Policy

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AAA’s membership-based services are only available to residents of the United States and Canada. AAA currently has three membership options. AAA Classic, AAA Plus, and AAA Premier. The following are the fees for membership:

  • Classic Membership: $53
  • Plus Membership: $86
  • Premier Membership: $114

In addition, a $20 one-time membership charge is required of all new members. For $31, you can add an adult associate to your membership. With no limit on the number of associates that can qualify, dependent associates cost $33 per person.

AAA Classic Membership

At least 7 miles of free towing is included in a classic membership. The towing service is available to members four times a year. To keep driving while your vehicle is being fixed, you might get a discount on rental car services.

There’s also an option to request free emergency fuel delivery, although you’ll still be responsible for the cost of the petrol once it arrives.

Alternatively, you can get a fresh new battery with adequate power and capacity from the service professionals for a reasonable market price. The AAA will pay up to $60 for locksmith parts and labor if you get locked out.

Inflating and installing a spare tire, if necessary, is part of the flat tire service.

If the problem can be handled on site, the specialists will also administer minor mechanical first aid. Winching a stalled car is part of the extrication service.

Snow-covered or flooded streets, for example, do not fall under the winching service’s purview. For this purpose, 1 service vehicle and 1 driver are provided by the classic membership.

AAA Plus Membership

The towing benefits of the mid-tier plan are significantly better than those of the Classic plan. The AAA Plus includes a 100-mile towing radius and four service calls during the year for the price of a single membership.

In addition to the reduction, the rental company will provide a free upgrade to a higher class vehicle.

Free transportation is now available for those who get the emergency fuel delivery. When you opt for the winching service, you can have up to two service trucks and two drivers instead of just one. There is an increase in the locksmith budget from $60 to $100, but most of the advantages stay the same.

AAA Premier Membership

AAA’s Premier membership plan is the most prestigious of the organization’s various options. Three 100-mile tows and one 200-mile tow are included in the annual plan’s servicing calls.

Classic and Plus members receive an additional $150 for locksmith services and a complimentary one-day rental of a midsize automobile. Only the Plus membership has access to all of the other services.

RV/Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

Any of the regular membership plans can be upgraded to include RV/Motorcycle roadside assistance as an extra benefit. Motor homes, motorbikes, camping trailers, camper vans, and any other non-commercially used trailer can receive up to four additional service calls each year for an additional $41.

The service has a $500 per call and a $1,000 yearly cap. The member will be responsible for any additional costs.

Extra Towing Miles Costs

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The cost of additional towing miles is the most commonly asked question about the AAA membership.. Costs vary by location due to the fact that AAA is a federation of motor clubs.

Each additional mile costs anywhere from $4 to $11, which is a big discrepancy. To get the most accurate price, go to the state’s AAA website and enter your zip code.

AAA Membership Plans Compared

Comparing the membership plans side by side in this section will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

How To Pick AAA Membership Plan

If you’re looking to save money while still obtaining adequate service, AAA membership is no different than any other. AAA plans do not cover towing beyond the 7-mile towing limit, which might be highly expensive if you’re in a remote location.

The Classic Membership – Who Is It For?

Despite being the most affordable, the traditional plan is just as valuable as any of the other options. The classic membership is best suited to commuters and drivers who travel most of their journeys within the city.

If the 7-mile towing range isn’t enough to get you to the nearest dealership, you’ll just have to pay for a few extra miles at the most. Renting a car may not be necessary if you can get by with public transportation or carpooling instead.

Changing a tire on a busy city street might be dangerous, but AAA experts can do it for free.

The Plus Membership – Who Is It For?

The AAA membership plans have been meticulously crafted to ensure that each tier provides a sufficient quantity of perks. The plus plan strikes a good price-to-benefit ratio.

If you commute between cities or frequently visit the countryside, having the benefit of a 100-mile towing range is an important consideration. Renting an up class is a convenient supplement that keeps your daily routine unhindered.

The Premier Membership – Who Is It For?

If you want the most extensive towing service coverage, AAA’s Premier membership is the best option. If you’re a family that frequently travels and prefers to travel by car, this plan is ideal for you.

Using the free midsize automobile will let you to explore the neighborhood while you wait for your vehicle to be repaired.

If you or someone close to you needs to use the Carfax vehicle history report, you’ve effectively moved from the Plus plan to the Premier plan for free.

The RV/Motorcycle Plan – Who Is It For?

If you have a motorhome or a camper trailer, the RV/Motorcycle plan is ideal. It’s an add-on for the basic plans, but it really shines when combined with the Plus or Premier membership levels.

As a result, the traditional layout is ideal for someone with an urban commute and a need to travel vast distances by bicycle.

For longer trips, you can combine the RV/Motorcycle plan with Premier or Plus to move both your trailer and main vehicle to the same location, as it provides fixed-price coverage.


Can I use my AAA card to tow a friend’s car?

You can have your friend’s automobile towed regardless of whether you were driving or a passenger because the policy is based on a person rather than a vehicle. You don’t need anything more than your membership card and a government-issued ID to make a free call.

Do I have to be with my car for AAA to tow it?

Since damage can occur during transport, AAA won’t tow a car without the owner present. They need someone to act as a responsible party and watch the transportation process.

If you must leave your car behind due to time constraints, phone the AAA call center and explain your predicament. As proof, you may be required to provide information about your membership and vehicle ownership.

How do I use AAA towing?

Just dial the company’s customer service number at any time and describe your problem. The AAA mobile app or an online form on the AAA website can also be used to request assistance.


It is the goal of Triple AAA’s membership programs to ensure that each tier provides a good mix of pricing and benefits. Some guidelines have been established by the AAA to safeguard members and their vehicles while still upholding the organization’s core values.

Become a member if you haven’t already, and let us help keep you safe on the road!