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Located just east of the Miami International Airport(MIA), the Miami Intermodal Center is a massive $2 billion ground transportation hub being built by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The MIC Program consists of several components: major roadway improvements, including a reconfigured Le Jeune Road, completed in May 2008; the user-friendly Rental Car Center which opened for business in July 2010; the MIA Mover which became operational in September 2011 and connects MIA to the Rental Car Center; the Miami Central Station which opened in April 2015 currently offers connections to Tri-Rail and Greyhound services with Amtrak services scheduled to start in the fall of 2017; and Joint Development which is currently being explored.

When complete, the MIC will provide connectivity via various modes of transportation between Palm Beach County, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and the Florida Keys, making regional travel easier for residents and visitors. It is already decongesting the roadways in and around the busy airport.

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