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Window tints can make your car look different and may even be good for your health.

If you want to tint the windows of your car in Alabama, you need to know the laws.

We will talk about how dark the tint can be and how reflective the tint can be.

You will also need to think about how much tint Alabama uses.

What is VLT?

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VLT stands for the amount of light that can be seen.

This word describes how much light can get through the window tint film and glass.

There may be different rules for passenger vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles when it comes to percentages.

When it comes to window tint, a higher percentage of Visible Light Transmission lets more light through, while a lower percentage of Visible Light Transmission lets less light through.

Different states have different rules, so it’s important to know what they are.

VLT Percentages

A 75 percent window tint will let through a lot more light than, say, a 10 percent window tint, which would only let through up to 10 percent of the light.

Alabama has its own laws and rules about what is allowed and how much.

The top six inches of your front windshield can have a tint that does not reflect light.

You can put up to 32% of the darkness of window tint on the side windows of your back seat.

Your back window can have up to 32% of its light blocked by window tint.

Your front-seat side windows can have up to 32% of their light blocked by window tint.

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The top six inches of your front windshield can have a tint that does not reflect light.

Your side windows on the back of your car can have any amount of tint.

Your back window can be tinted to any level of darkness.

Your front-seat side windows can have up to 32% of their light blocked by window tint.

Can You Get Pulled Over for Tint in Alabama?

Yes, you can get pulled over in Alabama for having tinted windows.

There is a chance that this could happen if a police officer thinks you broke one of the laws about window tint.

All colours of window tint are allowed in Alabama, so you don’t have to worry if you chose a unique colour for your car.

Because of this, you should keep all of your licences and permits in your car and make sure that your VLT percentage is easy to see.

Can I Get Fined for Tint in Alabama?

Yes, you can.

If you don’t follow the rules the first time, you could get a $100 fine or ten days in jail.

If you get a second conviction within a year of your first, you could be fined up to $200 or go to jail for up to 30 days.

If you get caught a third time, you could pay up to $500 or go to jail for three months.

Following the rules is very important.

Are You Interested in a DIY Window Tint Project?

You might be thinking about putting window tint on to save a few bucks.

Professionals will guarantee their work and do it right the first time, but if you want to do it yourself, you might want to follow these steps to make sure you do a good job.

Before you start, you will need window film tint, application solution, a squeegee, a razor blade, a lint-free cloth, a scraper blade, and a heat gun.

You can buy a complete kit to tint your own windows.

You should remember, though, that putting window tint on yourself takes a lot of time.

Additional Window Tint Regulations in Alabama

You don’t have to have side mirrors, but you do need at least one rearview mirror, which can be the mirror on the windshield.

In Alabama, you can choose from different colours of window tint to give your car a look that’s all your own.

Window Tint Certification

Check to see if the window tint has been certified before you choose it.

Every company that makes window tint film must certify the film they sell.

Also, you should ask your installer about this.

For each tinted window, you will need a certified sticker between the film and the glass to show that your tint meets the law’s tinting requirements.

Are There Medical Exemptions in Alabama for Window Tint?

In Alabama, there are exceptions to window tinting laws for people who need them.

State law in Alabama says that if you have certain medical conditions, you can ask for a medical exemption.

There may be some conditions and limits.

You have to put the compliance sticker in the window of your car.

Filing for a Medical Exemption in Alabama

First, you need to get in touch with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency’s Medical Records Unit.

Make sure to choose the Driver’s License Division to find out the rules about tinted windows for medical reasons.


Before you tint your windows, make sure you know and follow Alabama’s strict rules.

Remember that if the police are worried about your window tint, they can pull you over.

Multi-purpose vehicles and passenger vehicles have different requirements.

We recommend having a professional install your window tint, but if you want to do it yourself, make sure you have the right tools and carefully follow the instructions.

Window tint can make your car look better, help you with your medical needs, and maybe even raise the resale value of your car.