Updated at: 29-06-2022 - By: Lucas

You don’t want to clean your car yourself because it looks dirty. All right, but is the local car wash open?

Now that winter is here, you might not be able to find a car wash that will take you.

Can you wash your car in the winter?

Car washes are usually open in the winter, unless the weather is very bad. Car washes usually only close in the winter when it rains a lot or it gets very cold. Extreme winter weather makes it hard for cash washing machines to work, and putting water on your car when it’s freezing outside could make it ice up.

This article will tell you when you should go to a car wash and if you should get your car washed in the winter.

So, make sure you read this whole article so you don’t waste your time by going to the car wash at the wrong time.

Do car washes work in the winter?

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Car washes are busiest in the winter, even though you might not think so. This is because roads and streets start to get covered with snow in the winter.

Salt is always put on the roads by the government to help melt the snow and ice.

This salt builds up on the bottom of your car and is very bad for the paint and metal of the chassis because it sticks easily and is very acidic and hard to get off.

Most car washes are open in the winter because many drivers would rather go there than try to clean the ice and slush off their cars themselves.

If it’s heavily raining or snowing, or if the temperature is well below freezing, a car wash might be closed.

Even so, some car washes are still open when it’s very cold because their buildings are heated and they have special heaters for their equipment.

Winter Car Wash Precautions

The most important thing to watch out for is how your car is running. Older cars are more likely to have trouble starting or having their locks freeze.

You might also be worried about the condition of your windows, since cold weather can make cracks and chips in windows worse.

Extremely cold weather can put more stress on a cracked or chipped windshield, which could make the crack get bigger.

Are automatic car washes closed too?

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Automatic car washes are open most of the time, just like regular car washes, unless it is very cold or there is a lot of rain or snow.

It depends on the people who work at the car wash. Some close because their equipment doesn’t work as well when it’s very cold, but others stay open even when it’s well below freezing.

Even at self-service car washes, the garage door closes once the car is inside. This keeps the equipment warm and running.

So you probably won’t have any trouble with automatic car washes being closed in the winter.

Is it bad to get a car wash in the winter?

Not even close! You shouldn’t have any trouble getting a car wash unless your car is very old and the windows are broken.

It’s a good idea to get your car washed once a week or once every two weeks so that it stays looking good and lasts as long as possible.

During the winter, you shouldn’t let the mixture of salt and ice stay on your car for too long because it can cause rust and wear down the paint.

How do I avoid dirt and salt?

Before winter comes, you should always remember to wax your car.

A good layer of wax will always help protect your car from road salt and keep its look.

Before you put wax on your car, you’ll need to give it a good wash. If you don’t, dirt could mess up the whole process.

After you wax your car, make sure to wash it every week or every other week. This is done so that the car stays clean.

Make sure to have the undercarriage cleaned as well, since that’s where salt and brine from the roads are most likely to get stuck.

Salt and slush can easily freeze in cracks under the car, so it’s best to have the car washed from underneath as well.

Different car washes offer both deep cleaning and cleaning of the undercarriage, so make sure you take advantage of both.

Protecting the interior

Even if the outside of the car is taken care of, it’s important to keep the inside clean of dirt and snow as well.

Try to get some good floor mats, preferably made of rubber, so that your shoes don’t track dirt into the car.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go! To answer your question, most car washes are open all winter long. The only time they might close is if the temperature drops to a record low or if it rains or snows a lot.

Who would want to wash their car when it’s raining? It’s a waste of money to do that.

Make sure to protect the inside and outside of your car at all times, and get floor mats to protect the inside as well.

If you waxed your car, washing it every two weeks will help the wax last longer.

If you want to move to a warmer place during the winter, make sure to clean and wax your cars and park them inside your garage, if you have one.

This way, you can be sure that when you get back to your car, it will be spotless and ready to go.