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Touchless car washes are a wonderful new idea. They let us drive through the tunnel while sitting in our cars. It’s also easy, doesn’t require paper towels or rags, and uses less soap and water to wash our cars. But are they worth it compared to washing your car by hand?

Touchless car washes are worth the money because they are the safest way to clean a car. Their low prices and quick service make them a great choice for washing vehicles in general.

People think that touchless car washes are better for the environment than traditional car washes. Do they really have all the pros of a regular car wash and none of the cons?

This article talks about how touchless car washes work and how they differ from other options.

What Is a Touchless Car Wash?

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The outside of your car can be cleaned quickly by driving through a touchless car wash.

These systems are fully automated, which makes them safer and more effective than traditional car washes. The whole thing happens without a single brush or bristle getting in the way.

How A Touchless Car Wash Works

Most people don’t know what happens in a touchless car wash because they just drive through it. The process works perfectly and is set off by sensors that wash your car while it’s moving.

At the front door, a sensor tells you where to stand.

The system sprays water on the car to help loose dirt drain off.

It puts on detergent and washes it away.

It gives my car any special care, like car wax, that it needs.

Last, you drive through the drying bay, where hot, dry air jets shoot out.

In a touchless car wash, solutions with high and low PH are mixed together to clean the car well. Since there is no friction when washing with these products, grime breaks down quickly.

This trade article says that most of the work in these car washes is done by these cleaning solutions.

Pros and Cons of Using Touchless Car Washes

Are Car Washes Worth It

As with most things in life, there are pros and cons to everything. Let’s take a moment to talk about the pros and cons of touchless car washes.

Touchless Car Wash Pros

Keeps damage to a car’s finish to a minimum: When you use methods that involve friction, like washing the car by hand, the finish is more likely to get damaged. Cleaning systems that use high pressure are better.

Saves time: Cleaning the car only takes a few minutes, which saves me a lot of time.

Maintenance option: Between major cleanings, there is time for quick maintenance cleaning.

reduces the chances of damage to car parts: There’s not much chance of damaging parts that don’t fit tightly or that stick out, like wipers, antennas, and other parts that stick out.

Touchless Car Wash Cons

Touchless car washes don’t get rid of all the dirt, bird droppings, and bug guts that have stuck to the car.

The hot air blowers don’t do a good job of drying the car. Especially in the winter, the door sweeps stay wet.

Cleaning products that are bad for the environment can fade a car’s paint over time if they aren’t mixed right. They can also hurt the environment in bad ways.

Increases water spots: The car gets spots because it doesn’t dry completely. It doesn’t look good to drive around with water spots on your car if you just got it washed.

How To Effectively Use a Touchless Car Wash

Even though touchless car washes seem easy to use (and they are), there are still a few tricks you can use to get the most for your money.

Here are five easy steps to take to get the best results from a touchless car wash:

Lower your antennae to keep the water jets from hitting it.

Close all the windows and doors of your car. The high-pressure water can’t get in this way.

Fill up the tank where you want to wash. If you buy gas before getting your car washed, you can get a discount.

Slowly drive through the drying fans. This helps dry the most.

Always bring a clean cloth with you so you can wipe off any water that gets on your car.

Are Automated Car Washes Bad for Your Car?

The paint finish can be damaged over time by being washed often. But a more gentle approach won’t hurt in the long run.

Other types of automatic car washes besides the touchless one are:

Tunnel Car Wash

In this kind of car wash, the car is cleaned with brushes that spin around. Most of the time, this kind of cleaning is the most rough.

There’s also a good chance that the dirt and grime from one car will get on the next one.

Soft Cloth Car Wash

In this kind of car wash, soft cloths are hung from the machine. The paint on the car could be stirred up by these pieces of fabric. Even though it is gentler than the tunnel car wash, the surface of the car is still scratched.

Rubbish from the last car soaks the cloth, which then moves the dirt from one car to the next. Rocks, grease, and sand could be among the trash that is brought over.

Because of these things, I would avoid such car washes in the end.

The Best Touchless Car Wash Alternatives

Most experts agree that washing a car by hand is the safest way to do it.

Auto Beast says that washing a car by hand is more effective than other ways of washing a car.

Hand washing is different from an automatic car wash in that it gives each car a certain amount of attention. So, you can avoid the problems with automatic car washing by washing your car by hand.

When you wash your car by hand, you gently get rid of all kinds of dirt. But this type of car wash only works if it is done right!

In contrast to touchless car washes, you can spend more time cleaning the inside of your car.

Potential Dangers to Hand-Washing Your Car

You might find it relaxing and satisfying to wash your car by hand, but doing it yourself could hurt your car. This is because you might not know what to use to clean it.

If you don’t know how to keep your car’s body from getting damaged, you could end up damaging the paint. Other things you might do that could hurt your car’s finish are:

On a hot day, clean out your car.

Use too little water.

Using dish soap or other things that don’t belong.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of hand-washing cars.

Handwashing Pros

You can get to places on the car that an automatic car wash may not be able to reach.

It’s cheap because you use people to do the work and cleaning supplies you already have at home.

You can get better results if you are more careful and specific.

Handwashing Cons

To clean the car by hand takes more time and work.

In the end, you use a lot of water.

During cold weather, it’s almost impossible to wash things by hand.

If you use the wrong thing to clean your car, you might scratch it.

If you drove on a very muddy off-road, you might never completely get out of the thick mud.


When you have to deal with smog, road grime, and fingerprints, it’s hard to keep your car looking and running great.

The touchless car wash method is great because it saves me time and effort and keeps our car looking clean and new.