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Have you been thinking about getting a new air filter for your car?

If so, you may have heard about how a K&N filter can help. Since the 1960s, people have liked these.

They can be used more than once, so you don’t have to buy new ones. And they can improve the way your engine works.

But are K&N filters worth the money?

K&N filters cost about two to three times as much as regular air filters, but they can be used more than once, improve your car’s performance, and lengthen the life of your engine, making them an affordable and useful upgrade. Since a K&N filter only needs to be cleaned and not replaced, you will save money in the long run.

It’s also not too hard to choose the right one.

You can find the right fit for your car by using the tool on their website. It is simple to use.

Just enter your VIN, and it will take you straight to where you need to go.

How to Choose the Right K&N Filter for My Car

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K&N makes filters for all of the most popular cars. They even have options for boats and power sports vehicles.

Their online tool makes it very easy to find the right fit.

Click on the search button on their website. It will take you to a page where you can enter your information.

Most of the time, all you have to do is type in your VIN.

You can also look by make and model, though.

After you give them your information, they will show you everything that fits. Just choose the one you want to use, and you’re all set.

What’s the Benefit of a K&N Filter?

Why would someone pay more money for a K&N filter than for a regular one? Well, the answer isn’t hard to figure out.

Up to 50 percent more air can get into your engine through K&N filters. And they can filter out up to 99.99 percent of the air’s particles.

Giving your engine clean air will make it last longer and run better. So, it won’t give you as many problems.

Also, you’ll notice a small increase in the horsepower of your car.

You also don’t have to replace them, which is a huge plus. K&N filters are made to be used more than once.

As long as you clean them often, they will last for a long time. All of K&N’s parts come with a warranty that lasts for 1,000,000 miles.

This shows how sure they are.

How Do They Impact My Car’s Performance?

Are K&N Air Filters Worth It

K&N filters do more than just keep dust out of the air. They can take them in and use them. They take particles out of the air by using red 201 filter oil.

The term for this is “depth loading.”

Other filters just stop the particles from getting through by catching them in their pores.

The longer you use them, the more clogged up their pores get.

Because of this, you’ll see a drop in how well they work.

Things don’t go wrong with K&N filters. They can get up to 50 percent more air through than a regular filter.

When you give the engine more oxygen, the fuel mixture is better. It works kind of like a turbocharger.

Obviously, though, it’s not as big of a difference.

Only as much fuel burns as much oxygen is in the air. Burning is actually a way to get oxygen into the air.

If there isn’t enough oxygen, fuels can’t move forward. They will build up as gunk in your car’s engine and other parts.

That makes your engine run less well and last less long. Thankfully, K&N filters keep that from happening.

How Do They Impact My Car’s Fuel Economy?

Since K&N filters deliver more air, you’ll notice improved fuel economy. Less of your fuel is wasted as gunk in the engine.

When you burn fuel more efficiently, you use less fuel overall.

So, high-flow filters let you go farther on the same amount of gas. The difference won’t be that big in the end. But, it is still a real difference.

When we put an engine through its paces on a dynamo, we can see how much of a difference it will make. If you compare it to a traditional filter, you’ll see a difference of about 4%.

Your gas mileage might improve by no more than 5 percent.

That is if you also have a completely clean filter.

How often should my K&N filter be cleaned?

Your car should last as long as your K&N filter. Because you can clean them instead of just throwing them away.

How often, though, should you clean them?

That depends on where you’re going. Some places have more particles in the air than others.

For example, it can be hard on an engine to drive through the desert. So you should clean the filters every day.

You won’t have to clean them that often in most places. We would say to clean them about every 10,000 miles.

That should be enough to keep them running well.

Spray them down with canned air to clean them well. Pull each of the filter’s folds apart with your hands. Then use the can of air to spray them close up.

On both sides of the filter, do the same thing.

Last, hit them on the ground to loosen the bigger pieces. They don’t always fall for canned air.

Do I Need to Replace Them?

If you clean them often, you won’t ever have to buy new ones. There is a warranty of 1,000,000 miles on K&N filters. That means they should last as long as your car.

What Makes K&N Filters Different From Others

More air gets into your engine through K&N filters. K&N uses a specially made chamber to test its filters.

They can measure how much air actually gets into the engine. They can increase airflow by about 50 percent compared to traditional filters.

You don’t even have to get new ones. As long as you keep cleaning the filter, reusing it won’t hurt how well it works.

They will keep improving your engine’s speed and power for a long time.