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Lexus is Toyota’s “Luxury” brand, and it’s recognized to be less expensive than other luxury vehicles, such as BMW, AUDI, and Mercedes-Benz. When purchasing a new car (new or old), the annual cost of maintaining the vehicle is one of the most important considerations.

The expense of maintaining a high-end vehicle is projected to be higher. However, how simple is it to repair Lexus vehicles? ‘ Is Lexus a pricey car to run?

When it comes to “luxury” car models, Lexus is among the most affordable. This is in contrast to the high maintenance costs of BMWs and Mercedes.

Everything you need to know about Lexus auto care will be covered in this post, including service costs, repairs and replacement components’ prices, and the maintenance schedule.

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Are Lexus Expensive To Maintain?

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Lexus owners spend an average of $7,000 on maintenance over the course of a decade, according to Your Mechanic.

This is just an estimate; your actual costs may vary based on your driving style, topography, and the frequency with which you perform routine maintenance.

To experience what it is like to drive a luxury automobile, but not to pay for “Luxury” repairs, Lexus cars are the way to go. The cost of repairs and maintenance on a Lexus is dirt inexpensive when compared to other high-end luxury brands like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and Audi.

It’s possible that Toyota, the parent company of Lexus, is to blame for the relatively low maintenance costs of the luxury car. You can’t deny that Toyota cars are the cheapest to repair because you can always locate the parts you need.

Toyota and Lexus automobiles are more commonly serviced by mechanics than Mercedes-Benz and BMW models, which necessitate the use of specialized mechanics.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t spend up to $3,000 on a single repair on a Lexus car type. For example, if you have a Lexus automobile with a faulty transmission, it will cost you between $1,000 and $3,800 to have it repaired or replaced (depending on the type of transmission you decide to buy).

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How Much Is Lexus Maintenance Cost?

An survey by RepairPal shows that Lexus owners spend as little as $551 a year on repairs and upkeep on their luxury vehicles. However, as the vehicle ages, the cost tends to rise. For 10 years, Your Mechanic ranks Lexus as the third most expensive vehicle to maintain.

Lexus vehicles have lower yearly maintenance costs than the industry average of $652. Aside from GMC and Acura, which have lower maintenance expenses than Lexus and Toyota, most luxury automobile brands from the United States and Europe are expensive to maintain.

Over a period of ten years, Lexus owners spend an average of $700 per year on repairs and maintenance, which works out to $7,000 in total. Owners of BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes pay significantly more than that each year on the clause.

Can You Save More On Lexus Maintenance Cost?

You can reportedly save money on Lexus maintenance by purchasing an extended warranty package from a dealership or directly from the manufacturer of your Lexus vehicle.

For older vehicles, you may want to consider purchasing an extended warranty to help cover some of the costs of repairs and maintenance.

Common Lexus Repair Costs

Listed here are some of the most common Lexus model repairs and their estimated costs.

Common Lexus Maintenance Service Cost

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Are Lexus Parts Expensive?

No. Honestly, no. The part you buy has a lot to do with it. If you need to replace a starter, engine, transmission, or other critical parts, the cost is likely to be higher than if you only needed filters, valves, or other minor components.

Even if your car is depreciating because of its age, if you need to repair a broken component, the price is going to be the same or even greater than it was the same year you acquired the car.

When compared to the cost of replacing the identical “parts” on a Mercedes or BMW, Lexus parts are relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking for Lexus components that are reasonably priced, you’ll be able to discover a mechanic that can work on your vehicle to perfection.

What is Lexus Maintenance Schedule?

Two free service visits are included with the purchase of a new Lexus vehicle. Six months or 5,000 miles (whichever comes first) is the first, and 12 months or 10,000 miles (whichever comes first) is the second (whichever comes first).

Lexus Maintenance Schedule A:

When you’ve driven the car for at least six months or 5,000 miles, you’re required to follow this initial maintenance program. Your new Lexus vehicle will likely be serviced as follows under this schedule:

Turning the wheels

Checks on fluid and oil levels

The brakes and transmission have been thoroughly examined as part of this comprehensive examination.

It would cost you no more than $60 if you followed this timetable perfectly every six months or every five thousand miles on your Lexus.

Lexus Maintenance Schedule B:

When your vehicle reaches 10,000 miles on the odometer, you should begin a second maintenance cycle. Everything that was checked in the first schedule would be checked again in this schedule, and this time your oil would be changed as well.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Much Does It Cost To Maintain Lexus?

Costs for a Lexus vehicle’s regular maintenance might run up to $600 or more, depending on what repairs need to be completed. Lexus owners, on average, spend $7,000 on maintenance and repairs over the course of ten years, according to Your Mechanic.

When Should You Change Oil On a Lexus Car?

Oil changes every 5,000 miles are suggested when using standard oil. Oil changes on a full-synthetic vehicle can last up to 10,000 miles.


How much does it cost to maintain a Lexus? They aren’t, however. Lexus vehicles are among the most affordable to maintain.

Lexus is a great alternative to BMW and Mercedes if you don’t have the money to deal with their high-maintenance costs.