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More and more people are using car washes that don’t require touching the car. Many people don’t like to clean their cars, so they hire someone else to do it for them. But are they really as safe and clean as people say they are?

Touchless car washes are safe for your car as long as they are well-kept and calibrated. They tend to be the safest for a car’s paint and don’t have the risk of swirls or scratches that some brush-based car washes do.

Keeping a clean car with a good finish makes driving more enjoyable and increases the value of your car when you want to sell it. But most people who own cars are worried about how safe touchless car washes are. In this article, I’ll talk about how safe a touchless wash is, what its benefits are, and how to get the most out of it.

What Are Touchless Car Washes, And How Do They Work?

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe

Most of you probably already know that there are more than one way to keep your car clean. Each kind of car wash has a different way of doing things and a different level of how well it works.

Your car is cleaned at a touchless car wash by high-pressure water jets and soap. The detergents and water are the only things that will touch your car.

Touchless car washes use a mix of cleaning solutions to make up for the lack of friction that comes from cleaning by touching the car. Both detergents with a high pH and detergents with a low pH can get rid of dirt.

When you drive into a touchless car wash, a sensor tells you how to get into the best position to wash your car. Then, a robot pours water on your car to get rid of the dirt on the surface.

The cleaners come next, and then they are rinsed away. After this step, special treatments like tyre foam or liquid wax come next.

The blowers at the touchless car wash use hot, dry air to dry off the car. Some places have to dry things by hand.

Benefits Of Using Touchless Car Washes Systems

One of the best things about a touchless car wash is that your car won’t touch any other surfaces.

Using them also has the following benefits:

Touchless car washes can save you money because they usually cost less to clean your car.

Your car’s paint and exterior finish won’t get damaged because it doesn’t touch anything.

It takes a lot less time to clean than to wash by hand.

It’s great for keeping your car clean in between full washes.

It makes it less likely that loose parts of the car, like antennas, will get broken.

Are Touchless Carwashes Bad for Your Paint?

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe

People often think that touchless washing systems are better for your paint, but there are some risks. For example, some touchless car wash places are not well taken care of, which can cause paint scratches or other damage to the outside of your car.

Here are a few more things that you might want to think about.

#1 High Water Pressure

Systems that don’t use brushes to wash the car use water with more pressure than systems that use brushes.

This extra force can move things around on the surface, which can scratch the paint.

Over time, this kind of pressure can make clear paint rough.

#2 Strong Chemicals

Most chemicals that are used to clean are strong detergents. There’s no guarantee that using it over and over won’t hurt your paint.

Even after rinsing, there may still be some leftovers. Over time, the acidic parts can damage your paint.

#3 Stripping Protective Coating

When you use touchless car wash systems often, the wax or ceramic coating on your car wears down or comes off.

This makes your paint’s protection last less long and work less well.

#4 Treated Water

The water used in the machine has to be “conditioned” for it to work right. This makes the water easier to drink by adding salts and getting rid of minerals.

The water that has been treated can move through the system more quickly, creating the high pressure that is needed. When the water is cleaned, the amount of salt in it builds up, leaving a layer of dry salt on the paint of your car.

Are Touchless Car Washes Safe for Convertibles?

When thinking about driving through a touchless car wash, convertible tops are a point of contention.

A hardtop is strong and can handle strong water, but strong water pressure will blow away a cloth top.

Most soft tops are light and easy to handle. Also, the fabric needs to be washed by hand so that the friction and detergent can break up the dirt.

One way to tell if your convertible can handle the pressure of a touchless wash is to…

Check the user’s manual or call the company’s customer service!

How Effective Are Touchless Car Washes?

When you have to choose between hand washing and touchless washing, your choice will depend on things like how much time you have and what you like.

Since the system is set up to move in a certain way, if your car is too dirty, it may miss some hidden spots.

But it gives your paint coating on the outside more protection.

Safety Considerations for Using a Touchless Car Wash

When you use a touchless car wash, here are some safety tips and things to think about:

Remember to close all your doors and windows all the way.

If your doors or windows are broken, don’t use the touchless car wash.

Move slowly as you dry your car so that all of the sides get dry.

If your antenna is outside, don’t forget to bring it down.

Have a clean, dry cloth handy to wipe away any extra moisture around the doors, especially in the winter.

A gas station often has a car wash right next to it. You might be able to get a discount on the car wash if you buy gas first.

Find out what kind of soap is used to clean cars at the car wash. Some soaps can hurt the paint on the outside of your car.

Ask other people who use the car wash what they think about the condition of the car paint. If there are reports of damage, look for something else to do.

After the car has been cleaned, you can ask to have wax put on it. It keeps UV rays from making your car fade and keeps dirt from sticking to it.

Having a ceramic coat adds extra protection and makes it easier to get rid of any dirt left over after washing. If you want a mirror finish, you can have this layer put on again.


Car maintenance is important, but it can sometimes be a pain. Touchless car wash systems save you both time and money, and they also make your car look clean and shiny.

It’s important to think about what kind of equipment the car wash uses, since systems that aren’t well taken care of can do more harm than good.

So, are washrooms without hands safe? They are safe, plain and simple. But don’t use them too much because they work best for maintenance washes.