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What Does Service Electronic Throttle Control Mean Updated 05/2023

Are you having issues with your electronic throttle control (ETC)? If so, don’t panic — although plenty of car owners dread the service electronic throttle control light coming on, chances are good that you can likely fix it yourself. The ETC is an important component of modern vehicles and understanding how to service it properly will help […]


Temporary Fix For Crankshaft Position Sensor Updated 05/2023

When it comes to the heart of your car, its Crankshaft Pulse Sensor plays an important role in ensuring that the engine operates at maximum efficiency. If this component malfunctions, however, severe issues can arise on the road. While there are no permanent fixes for broken-down sensors which require professional attention and replacement parts – it is […]


Can You Sleep At Rest Stops? Updated 05/2023

Driving under the influence of alcohol or tiredness can be just as dangerous. Do not drive if your eyes are heavy since a fatigued motorist is dangerous to everyone else on the road. Because of exhaustion or a lack of motels, you might consider sleeping in your vehicle. Even while sleeping in a car is […]


2022 Honda Civic Oil Type Updated 05/2023

In 2022, the Honda Civic will celebrate its 50th year of production, making it one of the most popular automobile lines in history. Civic’s affordability, practicality, and reliability have remained unchanged since its first iteration. Changing the oil on a regular basis and using the proper brand is the most crucial step in maintaining the […]


How Long Do Toyota Tundras Last Updated 05/2023

The Toyota Tundra is a well-known pickup vehicle. Even in today’s world, there’s still a certain gravitas to seeing the Toyota logo on the hood of a pickup or SUV. The Tundra is undeniably well-made and dependable, but it’s time to stop praising it and look at how long it will last. We’ll cover everything […]


Random Orbital Vs Dual Action Updated 05/2023

It’s difficult to choose the proper polisher because of the words and functions included into modern machines. There are several models, but the three most common are rotary, random orbital, and dual action. Choosing the best type relies on your goals and the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Random orbital is better for waxing, […]


How To Reset Throttle Position Sensor Ford Updated 05/2023

Once in a while, your Ford may not accelerate as quickly as it used to, and if that happens, the throttle position sensor may need to be reset. Having a malfunctioning Ford throttle position sensor can create a wide range of issues with your vehicle. Resetting your Ford’s throttle is a straightforward procedure that can […]


What Does a Bad Rotor Sound Like? Updated 05/2023

If so, have you ever been behind the wheel and heard a peculiar noise? If you’ve had this problem, it’s quite likely that your rotors are to blame. We’re going to talk about the sounds of faulty rotors and how to fix them in this post. When you apply the brakes, squeaking and rumbling noises […]


Prius Check Engine Light Updated 05/2023

Your car’s engine computer sends a signal to the dashboard when the “Check Engine” light comes on, alerting you to a problem. Minor or large issues, such as a malfunctioning gas cap or misfiring engine, can cause fires. The most common cause of a check engine light is an issue with your car’s emissions systems, […]


Nissan Leaf Vs Toyota Prius Updated 05/2023

Until Tesla Model 3 overtook Nissan Leaf as the world’s best-selling electric car in 2020, the Toyota Prius was the most popular car ever made. You have to choose between the Nissan Leaf and the Toyota Prius based on their power sources. Toyota Prius is a plug-in hybrid, but Nissan Leaf is an all-electric plug-in […]