Updated at: 21-06-2022 - By: Lucas

Almost every part of a modern car has been taken over by technology. We at Motoring Junction also have to say goodbye to Lamborghini’s much-loved and highly sought-after naturally aspirated engines.

There are rumours that the V-12 engine in the Aventador SVR will be Lamborghini’s last naturally aspirated engine before the company switches to hybrid engines. Worse still, you can only drive this last naturally-raised bull made by Lamborghini on a racetrack. In March 2020, Lamborghini put out a teaser video for the SVR.

Regardless of how you feel, if the rumours are true, this car will be one hell of a beast. It will have nothing but the best features, thanks to one of the biggest names in the car business. Let’s look at the Aventador SVR, which is the last Lamborghini with a naturally aspirated engine. We’ll look at the numbers and how well it does on the track.

Crunching The Numbers

aventador svr

In February 2020, a bunch of numbers came out when Lamborghini released a video of the car’s engine making a very peaceful sound. Since then, more and more numbers have come out, and we still can’t say for sure what the specs sheet will say on the day it comes out in 2021, but here’s what’s almost for sure:

The Aventador SVR will come out in early 2021. It will have a V-12 engine with six and a half cylinders and produce around 830 horsepower. It can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour (100 km/h) in just under 2.8 seconds. That is a fast car, and with an Xtrac sequential gearbox powering all four wheels, we can only guess how fast it will go.

There are also rumours that there will only be 40 of these beasts. So not only will these cars go fast, but they will also come off the shelf in a flash. So if you want to buy one, you should act fast.

The SVJ is the most extreme Aventador right now, and in 2018, it broke the Nurburgring lap record. Watch the video below to learn more:

A Beast Of Nature

We’ve already said that the Aventador SVR will be the last car with a fully mechanical system. This won’t be a hybrid car. Lamborghini has slowly moved away from naturally aspirated engines and toward hybrid cars to keep up with the times and make their cars more precise, stylish, and fast as hell. This happened most recently with the Lamborghini Sian in 2019, and after the SVR, it’s likely to happen a lot more.

There are also rumours that this could be the end of the Aventador and that Lamborghini is making a new car to replace it, but no one knows for sure.

Driven Like A Racecar

We know why the Aventador SVR is only for use on the track. The car’s design and engineering are so sharp and focused on performance that you can tell at first glance that the road can’t handle it.

The self-locking differentials that are controlled by electronics are proof of that. Most of the time, these differentials are only used in races for the World Endurance Championship. The road just can’t handle a drive mechanism that works so well. And as tempting as it might be, we can’t drive the SVR on the road. It’s sad that it has to stay on the track’s asphalt.

Bolder Design

aventador svr-3

From leaked pictures and rumours, we know for sure that the Aventador SVR won’t be anything like the cars that came before it. This is especially true for the outsides. The leaked pictures show that the SVR is a much more beautifully designed beast that would make any car fan’s jaw drop with its looks. We’re not even exaggerating. It’s just that beautiful. The car will always stay on the track if it has a well-ventilated hood, a beautiful roof scoop, and a really big rear wing.

Closing Thoughts

If the rumours are true, the Aventador SVR will be the last model of the Aventador made by Lamborghini. This will be the end of a very exciting time for super and hypercars. It will also be the last Lamborghini with a naturally aspirated engine, which is sad for many fans who still believe in the power and pride of a free-breathing engine and a roaring exhaust sound.

Still, when the Lamborghini Aventador SVR comes out in 2021, it will be a sight to behold, and no matter how it performs, it will be an emotional moment for all car fans around the world.