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The wipers, rain sensors, and other components of your car should all work properly if they don’t. It’s highly likely that if you observe these indicators on your vehicle, you have a defective GEM module that has to be fixed immediately. Many of the car’s electrical components are controlled by the module.

What is a GEM module?

Bad Gem Module Symptoms

General Electric Module (GEM) is the abbreviation for this module. Electronic equipment in a Ford automobile can be checked, regulated, and operated by a computerized component in the vehicle.

Among the features it can manage are the power windows, the daytime running lamps, the rear window decoration, the interior illumination perimeter anti theft alarm, battery saving, remote keyless entry, and warning bells and lamps..

Prior to repairing the Gem module or resolving the fuse issue, most feed dealers test or program the Gem module first.

What are the most common symptoms of a bad Ford GEM module?

Symptoms of a faulty ford gem module system can be found in a variety of ways. The most typical problems include the car starting up on its own, the radio and wipers stopping working, the remote entry not working, and the light going on on its own.

Almost every electronic component in a car is controlled by the Ford Gem Module. When a module fails, there are a number of indicators that you can look out for. These are only a few examples:

1. Lack of power even when the key is inserted.

This means that the car is entirely dead and unable to start at this point. Problems with the power relay are likely to be the root cause of this issue.

2. The engine won’t start

Another sign of a faulty Gem module is that the engine will not start. You may have a problem with the car’s gem module if you notice this.

3. Battery drained or dead

It is also possible that a defective GEM module is to blame for a flat or dead battery.

Additionally, there are other signs and symptoms

4. The radio and wiper switch won’t work

When the engine is already running, the starter may suddenly become activated and kick the flywheel.

5. The radio activates itself without key

a sizzling sound, but no heat or odor, comes from under the steering wheel on the left side.

Common causes of a failing GEM module

Bad Gem Module Symptoms-2

The Ford gem module failed for a variety of reasons. A few of the most typical explanations are as follows:

Loose wiring

A malfunctioning GEM module might be caused by a loose wire connection. It is inevitable that the GEM will malfunction if the wires grow slack.

Hard impact collisions

The entire system can be affected if the car has been in an accident or significant collision.

Shorting of wires

The GEM will not function properly if the cables are too short. Using short wires will result in a lack of signal transmission.

Excessive heat from the engine

The Gem may be defective if it is exposed to too much heat.

Damaged sensors

If the gem’s sensors are broken, it won’t be able to detect properly and hence won’t perform at its best.

Where is the GEM module located?

Your car’s GEM module can be found in this location.

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

While the placement of this device may vary from model to model, the fact remains that finding it is a simple process.

In most cases, the GEM module is mounted to the upper portion of the fuse box’s interior using three screws. In order to gain access to the GEM module, you’ll have to plan your approach carefully.

To inspect it, you’ll need to disassemble the fuse box and GEM module. Remove the two huge bulkhead connections on the back of the fusebox (these two connectors are usually placed on tightly with a headed bolt of 10mm long).

The fuse box is secured with nuts and bolts, which must be removed now. Gently pull the fusebox backwards. Remove the GEM connectors from the left side. After that, remove the fusebox and GEM from the dash panel as a whole assembly..

You’ll need to inspect the area where the massive bulkhead connectors are removed to see if there is corrosion. Check the fusebox’s plastic-guarded area and the pins on the exterior edge for damage. Remove any rust with a clean brush if necessary.

Do you need to program the GEM module?

The GEM modules must be programmed after installation, according to Ford, in order for them to work properly.

How much does it cost to fix a bad Ford GEM module?

A damaged ford gem module repair can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000, depending on the car model, the extent of the damage, and the expert who performs the repair. Repairing a defective Ford GEM module will cost you more than $300.


There is an issue with the GEM module if you see your car’s windscreen, windows, daytime running lamps, interior lighting and windshield wipers or washers, battery saver and air conditioner not working.

If your GEM module malfunctions, your car may have other problems, such as the radio button activating itself even while the key is not in the ignition.