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When you need to be somewhere quickly, but your car won’t start, it’s frustrating. Isn’t it a hassle?

Your car’s battery will need more electricity to start up a diesel engine like the Cummins 6.7L than it does for a gasoline engine.

You, then, require a heavy-duty battery capable of meeting the demands of your engine.

In pickup trucks, a 6.7L Cummins is the most powerful engine available. It has a torque output of 1000 pound-feet and a horsepower output of 400.

With additional features like lights and pumps, a large battery is needed for this type of engine.

Solid characteristics like cold-cranking amps and a big reserve capacity characterize a strong battery.

Having a high cold cranking amp gives the engine enough power to start up and meet its other requirements. In order to run additional equipment, such as a DVD player, the allotted capacity is required.

6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine: I’ve done the research and found the best batteries on the market.

Top 4 Best Batteries For 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine Reviews

Best Battery For Dodge Cummins Diesel-3

1. Odyssey Battery 94R-850 Lead-Acid Battery

The Best 6.7L Cummins Diesel Engine Batteries on the Market

First, the Odyssey Battery 94R-850 Lead-Acid Battery

94R-850 lead acid battery was created by Odyssey to accommodate additional engine accessories, such as lights and pumps.

Because it has a high cold cranking amp capacity, it can start up quickly every time. It’s a great option for everyday use.


Ref. No. 94R-850:

Voltage – 12 Volts

RC – 150 minutes of spare time

850 Cold-Cranking Amps

An Amplifier with Pulsed-Hot Cranking

Over the course of 20 hours – 80

12 x 6 x 7 inches are the dimensions of this item.

The weight of the item is 54.8 pounds.

A 400-cycle life at 77°F and 100% DOD

Temperature Range: -40°C to 140°C


No acid spills or escaping gas are possible because to the non-spillage design of this product:

Tolerance for harsh temperatures (-40 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit)

Shocks and vibrations that cause early battery failure can be tolerated by this device.

You can keep it for two years in an open circuit.

It can be fully recharged in 4-6 hours, so it’s always ready to go.

It can be installed in any orientation (except inverted)

Battery life is 70% longer compared with regular deep cycle batteries.

It can hold a charge for up to three times longer than a typical battery.

It has a lengthy shelf life of three to ten years.

Maintenance does not necessitate the addition of water.


The base of this battery has a steeper slope than those of most other batteries.

It’s pricey.

Corrosion is not an issue.

2. ACDelco 94RAGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery

Battery from ACDelco with high cycle life is among the best on the market today.

Designed for start/stop automotive applications, it has high cycling capabilities and a fast charge receptivity.

Professional parts from ACDelco are made to satisfy the highest standards of fit, shape, and function.

For a reasonable price and high quality, they offer a viable alternative to unbranded aftermarket parts.

Specialty ACDelco parts are designed to meet original equipment specifications for extraordinary applications that demand increased performance. For police cars, this is a great solution.


12 volts

Silver-Calcium battery cell type

A person’s weight is 51.6 pounds.

12 inches wide by 6 inches deep by 7 inches high

A three-year guarantee

Amount of CCA (Cold-Cranking Amps): 800

Nominal capacity of reserve (NCR) (140)

Over the course of 20 hours – 80

Type of battery: two-in-one


Due to its design as an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, it does not require any maintenance.

There are no gas or acid leaks while you use the battery because it is non-spillage.

It’s capable of starting any diesel engine with a high CCA.

Because of its dual-purpose nature, it can simultaneously power the ship’s electric and electronic equipment and kick-start the main engine.

Recharging it takes less than a minute, so it’s always good to go when you need it.

Silver-calcium alloy used to produce it boosts its lifespan and improves performance.

It is built to last and may be used in any diesel-powered vehicle.

Anti-leak qualities allow it to be used in any location. It prevents acid from leaking through the vent cap’s construction.

Acid circulation is improved by a puncture-resistant envelope separator and an acid-resistant back. Battery life is extended by keeping the battery cold.


In terms of corrosion resistance, it’s not very good.

It’s covered by a 30-day limited warranty.

Toxic substances found in this product can cause cancer and other deadly ailments. After handling it, wash your hands thoroughly.

3. Delphi BU9094R (Reverse Terminal)

Best Battery For Dodge Cummins Diesel-2

Delphi’s BU9094R MaxStart has adequate power to handle all of the engine’s electronic requirements.

If you want a high-quality battery that can power all of your car’s electronics at a great price, Delphi’s product is the one for you.


12 volts

Lithium Ion (Lithium Ion)

Marine Termina – Terminal type

Weight of the Item: 51.5 lbs.

Inches in length, width, and height: 12.5×7.5×7 inches

Amount of CCA (Cold-Cranking Amps): 800

RC – Reverse Capacity

Over the course of 20 hours – 80


The cold-cranking amps have been increased to accommodate the diesel engine’s requirements.

Other features, such as DVD players and heated seats, can be powered by the reversed capacity.

Because of its sealed construction and many venting options, it offers excellent corrosion resistance.

No acid or gas leaks because of its strong vibration resistance. It is 20 times more resistant to vibration than ordinary batteries. For its capacity to handle tough terrain, it is ideal.

It has improved the strengthened posts, component compression, welds, and straps that secure the components together.

Being composed of absorbed glass mart, it is completely safe for human consumption.

When compared to other types of conventional batteries, Delphi AGM batteries offer a longer cycle life.


To fit it in the same area as other batteries, you may have to make some adjustments.

It’s pricey.

4. NORTHSTAR NSB – AGM94R Pure Lead Automotive Battery

With this battery from NorthStar, you’ll be able to enjoy years of worry-free driving.

It provides better performance, lasts longer than conventional batteries, and is less expensive to purchase. Sport, luxury, SUV, classic, and off-road vehicles will all benefit from this tire option.


The Amps of Pulse Cranking

At 32°F, the CA/MCA has 1,030 A.

Cold-Cranking Amps (CCA) – 840 A at 0°F

Max. Reverse Capacity

76Ah at a 20-hour rate is the maximum power available.

Type of Battery: Lead Acid Sealed

Weight of the Item: 57 lbs

12-volt power source

Dimensions (inches): 12.4, 6.9, 7.4,


Powered by Pure Lead AGM Technology, it has remarkable reserve capacity cycling abilities and cold-cranking amps ratings.

Every time I turn it on, it’s ready in a flash.

To achieve an 80 percent depth of discharge, it goes through more than 400 cycles.

To put it simply, it recharges more quickly than most other types of batteries.

Because of its anti-leak features, it can be mounted on the side. It does not contain any acid or gas that could harm the environment.

It’s protected with a heat-resistant, long-lasting plastic shell.

No maintenance is required because you don’t have to continuously adding water or clean the terminals using AGM Technology.

It’s safe to carry and use because it has been deemed non-hazardous.

As a result of its design, it is corrosion resistant.


It’s pricey.

A limited warranty is provided by the business.


It has been determined that the batteries we have mentioned in this post are among the best on the market.

Your 6.7L diesel engine need a high-quality and dependable engine in order to operate properly.

You may rest easy knowing you can use your automobile whenever you want if it’s powered by a healthy battery.