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Best Chrome Spray Paint for 2020

This is the most in-depth review you’ll find of chrome spray paint. We’ve looked at a product that will work for you no matter what you want to add a chrome finish to.

Chrome gives something a unique look like nothing else. It’s hard to beat a chrome finish, whether you want a shiny look or a mirrored look that takes it to the next level. We decided to write an article about the best chrome spray paint for 2020 because of this.

If you’ve ever wondered how things get that shiny chrome look, you might be surprised by the answer. It’s a finish that was added after the fact, like spray paint. You can get these items for cheap, and if you get the right one, you can give almost anything a chrome finish.

1. Krylon K01010A07

Krylon K01010A07

Chrome spray paint was our top choice.

Since Krylon makes a lot of spray paint, it’s not surprising that they also make high-quality chrome spray paint.

This model works best on vinyl and plastic, but it can also be used on wood, metal, and pretty much any other surface. Even better, this spray paint is dry to the touch in just 10 minutes, and it takes only 2 hours for it to be completely dry.

It’s a cheap option, and if you want other colours, Krylon has a lot of choices. The only real problem with this Krylon model is that most things need more than one coat to cover. Always wait until the first coat is completely dry before putting on the second.

If you don’t, the end result won’t be very good, and you’ll have to start all over again.

Product Features

For surfaces made of vinyl and plastic

Time to heal: 2 hours

Size – 8 fluid ounces


Fast cure times

works on a lot of different surfaces.

Priced within reach

There are other colours besides chrome.


Most things need more than one coat.

2. Krylon KSCS032

Krylon KSCS032

Chrome spray paint was our top choice.

Even though it says it has “fast-drying enamel” and is part of the “Short Cuts” line, it takes longer to dry than their regular premium metallic spray paint, which we talked about above.

It still only takes 3 hours to dry, but the big difference is that you should use their premium metallic spray paint on vinyl and plastic, while their “Short Cuts” quick-dry enamel is best for metal and wicker.

But even though the price is about the same, what you get is very different. The only size of the Krylon Short Cut that we looked at was 3 ounces, which makes it one of the more expensive options per ounce. But if you want a product that is made specifically for metal and has a quick cure time, the higher price per ounce is well worth it.

Also, the final shine is not as bright as what you would expect from a chrome finish. This isn’t a problem as long as you know what you’re getting. But if you’re hoping for that chrome shine, you’re probably going to be let down.

Product Features

To clean metal and wicker

Time to heal: 3 hours

Size – 3 fluid ounces


Pretty quick to heal

Because the packaging is small, you can put it in smaller places.


Size of a small bottle

More expensive option

Chrome that has a duller shine than most

3. Rust-Oleum 7718830

Rust-Oleum 7718830

This chrome spray paint is good for things that will stay in the house.

Chrome spray paint isn’t just made by Krylon. There are other brands that make it too. Rust-Oleum is another great option that is also very cheap. The 11-ounce package has more than enough for most projects. It works well on a wide range of surfaces, but metal, wood, and concrete work especially well.

But it doesn’t sell things and won’t last if you put it on something that will be used outside. So, this chrome spray paint should only be used on things that will stay inside. Also, Rust-Oleum products take 24 hours to fully cure, while Krylon products cure in a shorter amount of time. But after only 15 minutes, they are dry to the touch.

Even though it takes longer to dry, it usually doesn’t need more than one coat. This means you can put it together in just 15 minutes, and the next day it will look great! That level of ease of use is hard to beat.

Still, one of the most important things to think about when choosing a chrome spray paint is how good the finished product will be. Rust-Oleum chrome spray paint doesn’t disappoint. It gives a rich, shiny, and deep finish that you’ll love.

Product Features

For use on metal, wood, and concrete

Time to heal: 24 hours

Size – 11 fluid ounces


Finish that is shiny and smooth

Works great on a lot of different surfaces

Extremely affordable


Should only be used on products for the inside

Long curing time

4. VHT SP525


You’ll be surprised if you take the time to use VHT SP525 correctly.

A VHT quick coat premium enamel is another great choice for a chrome finish. They work well on metal and wood, but you can still use them on other surfaces and get good results.

It does take about 12 hours to fully dry, which is a problem because you usually need more than one coat to get the high-quality metallic shine that chrome gives. Still, if you take the time to use it right, you’ll get a chrome look that is rich, deep, and smooth.

It’s even better because it’s sealed, making it a great choice for outdoor products. No matter what you want to use the VHT chrome spray paint on, you can be sure that the finished product will last no matter what you put it through.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a great price and looks great when it’s done. It will last for years. If you want a product that can be used in almost any situation, this is it.

Product Features

For surfaces made of metal and wood

Time to heal: 12 hours

Size – 11 fluid ounces


Price-friendly product

works on a lot of different things

Rich look at the end

This makes it great for outdoor products.


Long time to heal

Needs multiple coats

5. Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome

Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome

Ultimate Mirror Chrome is great for surfaces that will stay inside.

Sometimes you want it to look like shiny chrome, and sometimes you want it to look like shiny chrome that reflects everything around it. A product like Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome is just what you’ve been looking for when you want that mirrored look.

Even though it’s expensive per ounce because it’s only 3.5 ounces, it gives the finished product a unique look. You should only put it on surfaces that will stay inside and have at least 24 hours to cure.

Because it doesn’t have a seal, the Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome will quickly start to fade and peel if you leave it outside. You’ll need to paint it again in no time, so you’re better off looking elsewhere for outdoor products.

But it usually doesn’t need more than one coat, though this isn’t always the case. Even though the mirrored look isn’t a real chrome finish, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better product than Spaz Stix Ultimate Mirror Chrome if that’s the look you want.

Product Features

For surfaces inside

Time to heal: 24 hours

Weight: 3.5 ounces


Excellent for small jobs

Gives the look of a mirror


A pricey choice

Only good for things that go inside

Small size

6. Martha Stewart Crafts

Martha Stewart Crafts

This spray is easy to use on both fabric and glass.

This product is by far the most expensive per ounce of the ones we looked at. But it’s also the only thing that can be used on both fabric and glass. This is because, unlike the other chrome spray paints we looked at, the one from Martha Stewart Crafts is a regular paint.

Even though it’s not spray paint, this gives you another choice. It can be used on metal, cloth, wood, glass, and a lot of other things. It also has a glittery finish that can be great for a variety of craft projects.

But because it’s just regular paint and not spray paint, it’s not really chrome. It wouldn’t be a good idea to use it in your car, and it takes a very long time to dry. Even though it might feel dry after a few hours, it can take up to 22 days to fully cure, depending on what you put it on.

It’s not the most flexible product, but it does give us some options that other chrome spray paints don’t.

Product Features

For surfaces made of metal, cloth, wood, and glass

Time to get better: up to 22 days

Size – 2 fluid ounces


Glitter options

Work on things made of fabric


Most expensive option

A very long time to cure

Not a real piece of chrome

Buyer’s Guide

You don’t want to waste your time and money on products that don’t work when you want that expensive chrome finish. That’s why we took the time to not only review a wide range of chrome spray paints, but also put together a complete buyer’s guide with all the information you need.

What Are You Applying It To?

This is the first and most important thing you should think about when choosing a chrome finish. Even though many paints can be used for many different things, you want to use one that is best for what you want to paint.

Even though having several different chrome spray paints might be a bit of a pain, the end result will be well worth the small amount of trouble and stress.

How Shiny Do You Want It?

Chrome is known for how shiny it looks, but not all products with a chrome finish look as shiny as chrome usually does. If you want something with a little less shine, something like Krylon “Short Cuts” Chrome finish might be just what you need.

How Much Do You Need?

Even though some high-end products cost more per ounce, if you only need a small amount, you’ll still spend less money overall. Look at your project and figure out how much chrome finish you will need.

If the product is small, you should buy the smaller size, even if it costs a little more per ounce.

Indoors or Outdoors?

You can’t use every chrome finish outside. The most obvious difference between indoor and outdoor finishers is that outdoor finishers seal the final product and give it a chrome-colored finish.

Indoor chrome finishers, on the other hand, won’t seal the product. This could cause the product to rust or wear down in the weather, and the chrome finish won’t last long either. Spend the extra money on an outdoor chrome finishing product if you want to put the finish on something that will be out in the weather.

The Price Factor

If you want to put a chrome finish on a very large item, you should think about how much chrome finish costs per ounce. Even though all of the products we looked at had the same price, the amount of paint you get for that price was very different.

Because of this, if you want to put a chrome finish on a lot of things or one very big thing, you should think about how much your chrome finish costs per ounce.

Steps to Apply Chrome Spray Paint

Using chrome spray paint might seem like a pretty easy thing to do. And while each product has instructions for how to use it, they are all pretty much the same.

You should put on one light coat at a time and let it dry before putting on the second full coat. If you hurry through the process and put on more coats before the first one is completely dry, you won’t get the chrome shine that you probably want.

Once you’ve put on all the coats you need, you should quickly sand it with low-grit sandpaper to give the whole thing a smooth finish. You need to be careful not to sand it too much, because if you do, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

Time Constraints

If you’re trying to finish a job on time, how long it takes for the chrome finish to dry and how many coats you need to put on are important things to think about. Since many chrome finishing products need more than one coat, it takes longer for each coat to dry.

That’s why the fact that Krylon dries so quickly is such a big plus. You can start putting on your second coat in just a few hours and finish your project in one day, instead of having to do it over the course of 3 or 4 days.

Final Considerations

Even though it might seem easy to choose a chrome finish, there are a lot of things you need to think about. Not every chrome finish is the same, and what works great for one project might be a nightmare for another.

So, you need to take your time and do research to find out exactly what you need to do your project right.

After reading our reviews and buyer’s guide, you should know exactly what you need for your project to stand out. It might take a little more work and time to do the job right the first time, but it’s better than having to do it again a few months or years later.

The Final Verdict

Choosing the best chrome finish depends on a lot of different things. What works for you might not work at all for someone else. So, we took the time to review a lot of different products, so that no matter what you need, you can choose the right one.

There’s a product that’s perfect for your needs, whether you want the classic mirrored look or something a little less flashy, and we took the time to review it. So, why don’t you just do it? Choose the right chrome finish and start spraying!