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It’s possible to make even the most mundane vehicle stand out with a new set of wheels and coilovers. Coilovers are a vital performance enhancement that improves steering, rolling, and handling in addition to making the car appear better.

In a daily driver, the firmer ride of a high-performance coilover system can be intolerable.

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best coilover kits for daily driving that will allow you to experience high-performance handling when necessary, but maintain the ride smooth and comfortable when not.

If you’re looking for a high-quality strut and coil spring assembly set, Rancho’s QuickLIFT Strut and Coil Spring Assembly Set is your best bet.

In a Hurry? These Are Our Top 3 Picks

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Best Coilovers For Daily Driving

1. Rancho QuickLIFT Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

Rancho QuickLIFT Strut and Coil Spring Assembly

The unbeatable combination of Rancho’s production quality, adjustability, and performance puts it at the top of every list, whether we’re talking about sport, offroad, or daily driver coilovers..

Trucks and SUVs from the latest model years are targeted by the QuickLIFT series. It is possible to fit 35-inch tires on a vehicle with a raise of 1 to 2.5 inches.

In terms of the Rancho QuickLift coilover, its biggest feature is the nine easily adjustable performance levels, which range from off-road extremes to everyday comfort.

Rancho QuickLift struts and coils cost about $700 for a set of four, which is a fair price to pay for the quality and longevity they provide.

2. Monroe Load Adjustable Shock Absorber

Monroe is a leading manufacturer of coilover shocks at a cheap price, right behind Rancho. All-weather fluid is used in the load-adjustable shock absorbers, which keeps friction at a minimum regardless of the outside temperature.

Monroe shocks have full displacement valving, which allows them to automatically adjust to the surface of the road you’re traveling on.

Durability and shock fading are much improved and reduced because to fluon band’s excellent seal with pressure tube. Seals that wear out at a slower rate thanks to self-lubrication have a longer lifespan.

As long as you don’t exceed 1,200 pounds of cargo, Monroe shocks are an excellent choice for a work and family truck. In order to keep the price of the Load Adjustable Shocks as low as $450 for a set of four, they are manufactured in China.

3. maXpeedingrods Adjustable Coilovers & Lowering Kit

maXpeedingrods Adjustable Coilovers & Lowering Kit

Many different cars can be fitted with the maXpeedingrods Adjustable Coilovers, which offer a wide range of customizing options at a low price. Because of this, maXpeedingrods has won a spot among the top three best selling products.

A total of 24 different levels of rebound force can be selected for the coilovers, including eight for racing, eight for off-road use, and eight for conventional street use. A quick change in suspension settings ensures you’ll always be riding in comfort, no matter what the conditions.

The maXpeedingrods have a longer stroke and a greater height range because to their twin tube design. Overall, this coilover kit has a lot to offer, and at a price of $310 for a complete set, it’s hard to beat.

4. Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover Suspension Lowering Kit

These coilover suspension lowering kits for street sports cars, called Rev9 Hyper Street II, are ideal for vehicles that can deliver an exhilarating driving experience on and off the track.

Instead of raising the vehicle, the street-oriented Rev9 coilovers lower the vehicle, which results in a harsher ride but better handling than the factory suspension gives. Monotube shocks have 32 rebound force levels and are made of steel alloy.

It’s possible to have a lower ride height without sacrificing much comfort because the spring tension and ride height are distinct.

Sets of four Rev9 Hyper Street II coilovers cost roughly $500, which is more than other options, but it’s reasonable. If you want the best, you should expect to pay at least $125 each coilover.

5. Godspeed Coilovers Suspension Lowering Kit

Godspeed Coilovers Suspension Lowering Kit

In order to reduce the height of the vehicle without sacrificing ride quality, Godspeed MonoSS coilover suspension lowering kits use a 52 mm stainless steel mono tube design.

It’s possible to customize the firmness of the ride from a comfy city cruiser to a snappy track day car with the 16 degrees of damping adjustment.

The one-year limited guarantee bolsters the product’s superior manufacturing quality. Customers are under no need to use a professional installer, but doing so is encouraged by Godspeed.

Godspeed aims for the luxury coilover category with their MonoSS line of products, which sells for $675 for a set of four.

6. BC Racing BR True Rear Coilovers

Many more vehicles can benefit from the high-performance monotube design of BC Racing’s BR true rear coilovers, including sports cars like the Infiniti G35 and Nissan 350Z.

On weekends, the coilovers can be fine-tuned for street driving and racing. If you’re looking for a bike that’s easy to customize in terms of ride height and firmness, this is it.

With BC’s innovative bottom locking rings, the adjustments are secure and cannot be reset or incorrectly dialed. They are made of aluminum and steel and have a great combination of both style and performance.

The BC Racing BR True Rear Coilovers, which come with a 1-year guarantee, cost $1,200, which is pricey for a typical vehicle but fair for a sports car such as the 350Z.

7. Scitoo Coilover Suspension Shock Struts Kit Assembly

Scitoo Coilover Suspension Shock Struts Kit Assembly

Scitoo’s coilover set, geared for street performance and racing, is the third item on the list. At the top, the coilover features a cushion ball shape, a twin tube design, and a locking mechanism.

The Scitoo coilovers’ performance won’t deteriorate over time because to the use of high-strength steel and aluminum in their manufacture.

For a total of $240, Scitoo coilovers are an excellent value. The firm offers coilovers for a wide range of vehicle kinds, model years, and driving conditions.

8. DNA Motoring Coill Aluminum Height Adjustable Coilover Sleeve Kit

An additional well-known aftermarket parts supplier, DNA Motoring has a poor quality control record that quickly places it at the bottom of the list.

Many customers have been pleased with the adjustable ride height and responsive handling with their Adjustable coilover Sleeve Kits.

Coilovers from DNA Motoring set you back just $63 per set of four sleeves. Even though it’s not a full suspension package, the price is too low not to give them a shot.

9. ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly

ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly

Another wonderful choice for your car is the ECCPP coilover struts spring shocks assembly kit. Coilover height and camber plate adjustment are available, but the damper is not.

The ECCPP has a great range for other automobiles as well, although it is designed for Honda Accord, Acura CL, and Acura TL. It costs $335 to buy the entire set, which is a great deal when you consider how well-made the ECCPP kit is, too.

10. ACDelco Speciality Front Spring Assisted Shock Absorbers

However, even though ACDelco is a factory replacement, it may be regarded the greatest option if we didn’t focus so much on aftermarket alternatives.

It’s difficult to find anything comparable to ACDelco’s unmatched level of product quality and reliability. ACDelco, a division of General Motors, provides a wide variety of coilover alternatives for GM vehicles.

ACDelco Speciality front springs are by far the finest option if you don’t require the extraneous features. With a price tag of $65 each pair, there is no other firm that can match it in quality.

11. Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Fully Adjustable Lowering Kit

Godspeed’s MonoSS coilover lowering kit, which we previously tested, returns to the list.

It doesn’t bring anything new to the table compared to what we’ve seen so far, but its gloss pink finish stands out and looks great on a variety of custom builds.

Because the pink MonoSS costs exactly $675 more than black or polished metal versions, you have complete control over not just how it performs but also how it looks.

12. KSport KSP Full Coilover System

Ksport’s KSP CLX170 KP full coilover system completes the list. The package lowers the ride height and improves handling over stock, and the 36 damping adjustment options enable you find the perfect level of comfort for every driving circumstance..

The coilovers are of the highest quality, and they’re covered by a 12-month warranty as proof of that. The Ksport’s $1, 035 asking price is not insignificant, and it is the primary reason for its low ranking on the list, as numerous companies offer the same level of customisation for a significantly lower price.

How To Pick The Right Coilover Kit

The fitting is the most important factor to take into account while looking for the best coilover kit. Before making a purchase, double-check that the option you’re considering is compatible with your vehicle’s model, year, and even trim level.

Build Quality

This is the last thing we need to discuss before moving on to the specifics of the build. The monotube system is a superior option for the daily driver because it provides more damping control.

Coilovers are exposed to the elements, so keep an eye out for corrosion-resistant materials. While stainless steel is more durable than aluminum over the long term, it is also more susceptible to corrosion.

Adjustment Options

Coilovers can be used to bridge the gap between an off-road vehicle and a daily driver, or a track-ready car and a daily driver.

Coilovers come in three categories: lowering, lifting, and neither. It’s important to know which one you’re looking for.

Make sure the damping control can be quickly and readily adjusted to suit your driving style before making any changes to your vehicle’s suspension.


Make certain that the coilover installation kit contains all of the necessary components to prevent purchasing additional parts later. There is no actual difference between the 12 possibilities in terms of installation simplicity, as they all fit in the same way.


Are coilovers good for daily driving?

In general, coilovers are thought to be too stiff to be used on a daily basis. It’s not going to be as comfortable as a normal shock, even if it has nine to 36 different adjustment settings to choose from.

Do coilovers improve ride quality?

Coilovers don’t just improve the ride; they also increase the performance and handling of a vehicle. Coilover sets designed for performance, track days, or racing are inherently less practical for everyday driving than those designed for street use.


It’s like claiming there’s a cheap sports vehicle when you’re talking about a nice daily driving coilover shock. Coilovers are designed to improve performance on the track or in off-road situations.

The Rancho QuickLIFT coilover kit, for example, has a plethora of adjustment options that can help you achieve a more comfortable ride. The maXpeedingrods Adjustable Coilovers are ideal if you’re driving a car rather than a truck or an SUV.