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Whether you’re giving your car a full makeover or just trying to clean up after the kids, you need a good dashboard cleaner you can count on.

This is the most thorough review of dashboard cleaners you’ll find online. We’ve broken everything down so you can find the best one for your car right away.

We found that Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer is the best dashboard cleaner and the most useful all-purpose cleaner on the market. If you want to know why and how it compares to other options, keep reading.

Product Reviews

There are a lot of cleaners and things that protect that you can buy. But which ones will work best for your interior? Keep reading, and we’ll talk about the pros and cons of the best choices.

1. Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer

Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer-1

We love that Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer can be used in so many different ways. It cleans and protects in one step and can be used on any surface. It is our top pick because it can be used in many ways and does a good job.

With Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer, you can clean everything inside your car with just one product! No more switching between products to clean your dashboard, windows, and upholstery. This all-in-one interior detailer can clean your windows, vinyl seat belts, plastic dashboards, and fabric seats.

Stop going back and forth between a dozen different products when there’s one that does everything better. The end result is a durable satin finish that protects against UV rays and keeps cracks and wear from happening.

It comes in many different flavours and scents, isn’t greasy at all, and is easy to put on and use. You might think that such a great product would cost an arm and a leg, but this dashboard cleaner is actually very cheap.

We tried very hard to find something wrong with the Meguiar’s Ultimate Interior Detailer, but we just couldn’t. It’s a great deal for such a great product!


Protects against UV rays

Makes a satin finish that lasts.

Formula is non-greasy and works on all surfaces.

Spray-on, wipe-off design makes it easy to use.

Priced within reach

Multiple varieties and scents available



2. 303 Aerospace Protectant

We love how this product comes in a big spray bottle and how well it works to heal. But the higher price and limited surface uses are a bit off-putting.

One of the best ways to make your car’s dashboard shine and look like new again. But it can be used for more than that. It also protects against UV rays and does a great job of keeping things from cracking, fading, tearing, and just about everything else.

It also works on surfaces made of vinyl, plastic, and rubber. This isn’t as flexible as some of the other products we looked at, but it doesn’t just have one use either.

Even though it comes in a big 32-ounce spray bottle, it is still expensive per ounce. This was the most expensive option we looked at because it came in the biggest size. It’s still a great product, but for the price, we think you can get something better.


Strong UV protection and all-around protection

Brings back lost colour and shine

Size of a large spray bottle

works on surfaces made of vinyl, plastic, and rubber


Option that costs a lot for how much you get

3. Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant

Chemical Guys SPI22016 Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant

This product from Chemical Guys is a winner because it can be used to clean and protect in many ways. Even better, you can save money by buying it by the gallon if you clean cars often.

Another cleaning product that can be used in many ways. It works on all surfaces, so you don’t have to worry that a little bit of overspray will leave a greasy film on your window.

It also comes in different sizes, so if you like it, you can buy it by the gallon and save a little money per ounce. As the name suggests, it does more than just clean. It also keeps things from getting dirty.

Not only does it help keep things from breaking or tearing, but it also has a UV blocker that keeps things from fading. Also, it doesn’t leave any kind of residue behind.

The only real problem with any of Chemical Guys’ products is that the spray bottles can’t be used again. So, you can buy the cleaner/protectant by the gallon, but you’ll also need to buy a spray bottle.


Suitable for all surfaces

Multiple size options

UV blockers are included to protect surfaces.

Doesn’t leave anything behind.


The spray bottles can’t be used again.

4. Chemical Guys SPI-663-16

We love all the extras that come with this product. Dust repellent and better UV protection are two great things that every interior detailing product should have.

Simply put, the Chemical Guys SPI-663-16 is an updated version of the cleaner and protectant we looked at above. Even though the last product has some great features, this one is better. It has advanced UV protection, which stops fading even more effectively.

It also has technology that keeps dust from sticking to it. If you use this dashboard cleaner, you won’t have to worry about your dashboard becoming a lint bunny’s dream home.

As an added bonus, you can choose between two scents: pineapple or baby powder. This cleaner and protectant works on all surfaces and doesn’t leave any kind of residue, just like the other Chemical Guys product.

There are several sizes to choose from, so if you like the product, you can save a little money by ordering in bulk.

Even though this product is a clear step up from the other cleaner and protectant from Chemical Guys, it costs more. It costs more per ounce, but not by a huge amount. We think the extra money is well worth it for what you get.


New ways to block UV rays

Suitable for all surfaces

Comes with technology that keeps dust away

There are several sizes to choose from

There are two smells to choose from: pineapple and baby powder.


Price per ounce that is high

5. Autoglym Interior Shampoo

Autoglym Interior Shampoo

If you make a living cleaning cars, you need a cleaning product that does a great job. This shampoo does that very thing. Even though it doesn’t protect anything, it’s great at getting rid of stains and cleaning up gunk.

The Autoglym Interior Shampoo is exactly what its name says it is: a shampoo. The other products we looked at were all spray bottle and dashboard cleaners.

As long as it’s made of plastic, you can still use it to clean your dashboard. It’s a great cleaner that can get rid of stains and gunk that other cleaners can only hope to get rid of.

Not only can it clean your plastic dashboard, but it can also clean your upholstery and carpeting very well. It gets rid of stains and smells, and you can use it for many other things besides your car.

The biggest problem with this interior shampoo is that it doesn’t protect against anything. It’s just a thorough cleaner, but once everything is clean, there’s not much point in applying it again. Instead, you should use a protectant to keep it in perfect shape.


Great for cleaning tough stains and gunk that has dried on

Amazing cleaning product

It can be used on furniture, carpets, and plastics.

Cleans and gets rid of odours.


Does not provide protectant features

6. Meguiar’s G13616SP

Compared to our top choice, it’s a little bit cheaper. But if you don’t need something of professional quality, this is still a great choice.

Even though the other Meguiar’s product we looked at was our favourite, that doesn’t mean this cleaner and protectant isn’t good. It’s a great deal and works on every surface. It’s also easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about getting any extra on the windshield or windows.

It is an all-in-one cleaner that you can use to clean the inside of your car. Get rid of all those bottles and use just one that works well.

It protects dashboards well from UV rays and keeps them from cracking and fading. It doesn’t leave a greasy film behind and has almost all of the same features as our top pick.

The only thing that makes this cleaner and protectant different from our top pick is that it only comes in one size and one scent. Even though that isn’t a big deal, it’s the only thing we could find besides the product model to tell the two products apart!


Phenomenal price tag

Suitable for all surfaces

Surfaces are both cleaned and protected.

It doesn’t look or feel greasy.

Protects against UV rays


only one size and one scent

7. Turtle Wax 51787 Fresh Shine

Turtle Wax 51787 Fresh Shine

This Turtle Wax product can only be used on plastic, but we love the slow-release scent boosters that last for 8 days. With just one application, it makes your car smell nice for a week.

Who says you have to spend a lot of money to clean the inside of your car? Turtle Wax is a cheap cleaner that works well on all plastic dashboards and costs a small fraction of what other cleaners do.

Turtle Wax not only cleans and protects your dashboard, but it also makes your car smell great. It works thanks to a formula that keeps your car smelling fresh for up to 8 days. Even better, it comes in different scents so you can pick the one you like best.

Turtle Wax has something for everyone, whether you want the smell of a new car to last a little longer or a fresh citrus smell.

This Turtle Wax product is also great because it puts on an anti-static shield that keeps dirt and dust away. If you use this product once a week, your car will be clean, dust-free, and smell-free every day of the week!

But this Turtle Wax product can only be used on plastic, so you’ll need to be careful not to get it on windows, leather, rubber, or any other materials on your dashboard.


Very cheap price tag

Cleans the car and makes it smell good for 8 days.

There are many scents, like “new car,” “citrus,” “strawberry,” and more.

The anti-static shield keeps dust and dirt away.

Cleans, shines, gets rid of odours, and revives


Only made to work on plastic surfaces

8. Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer

Even though this product doesn’t clean very well, we love the extra protection it gives us. No more fading or bacteria that you don’t want to grow. This is a great product if you take care of your car regularly.

Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer might not be the best dashboard cleaner on the market, but it does have a lot of good points.

One of the best things about it is that it keeps bacteria from growing on surfaces and protects them so they don’t crack or fade over time.

The Microban Interior Detailer from Adam’s is made in the United States, and it’s also cheap per ounce. It works on any surface, so it’s all you need to clean your windows, empty your cupholders, or give your dashboard a protective finish.

But many buyers say that Adam’s Microban Interior Detailer has trouble cleaning messes and stains that other products do easily. If your car is already pretty clean, this isn’t a big deal, but we don’t like it when a cleaner has trouble cleaning.

Adam’s has a package that has everything you need if you are new to interior detailing. You will not only get their cleaner and protectant, but also a few microfiber items that you can use to put the product on your car.


Suitable for any surface


Prices per ounce that are reasonable

The package deal has everything you need.

Keeps surfaces safe and stops bacteria from growing.


Not the best cleaner, but a great way to keep things safe.

9. Greased Lightning Dash Devil

Greased Lightning Dash Devil

We love the name of this product, but it doesn’t do anything better than a regular cleaner or protectant. It’s a good choice, but it’s not the best.

If you only looked at the name, the Greased Lightning Dash Devil would be the best dashboard cleaner. But car detailing is more than just having a cool name. And even though Greased Lightning Dash Devil cleans and protects well, that’s pretty much all it does.

It’s nothing special, but it does what it’s supposed to do. It only works on vinyl, plastic, and rubber, so be careful around glass and leather. It leaves a matte finish on its own.

Also, it doesn’t have silicone or solvents, so you never have to worry about the surface getting greasy. It has a cool name, but it’s just another interior detailer like all the others.


It doesn’t have silicone or solvents, so it doesn’t feel greasy.

The finish is natural and matte.

Cleans vinyl, plastic, and rubber parts of the dashboard.


Not all interior surfaces can be used.

10. Turtle Wax T-930 Dash and Glass

This new version of Turtle Wax’s dashboard cleaner costs a bit more than the old one, which is cheap. But we love that it works on windows and most dashboards. No more annoying overspray to worry about!

Out of all the sunscreens we looked at, this Turtle Wax sunscreen is the only one that says it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. This gives you a little more peace of mind that the sun won’t fade your dashboard over time.

But this product from Turtle Wax does more than just protect your dashboard. It’s also made to work on glass, so you don’t have to worry about overspray sticking to your windshield.

Also, it naturally deodorises your car by getting rid of smells as soon as it touches them. All of these extra features cost money – in a very real sense. Even though it wasn’t the most expensive thing we looked at, the price per ounce was one of the highest.


Protects against both UVA and UVB rays

Natural deodorizer that gets rid of smells right away

Dashboard and windows are both cleaned.

Not have to worry about spraying too much


Price per ounce is high

Best Dashboard Cleaner – Conclusion

For many people, the most expensive thing they own is their car. People seem to forget that more and more, though, and treat their cars with less care than they should.

Taking care of the inside is one of the most important and simple things you can do to protect that asset. But throwing your trash away won’t keep your car looking brand new forever.

Your dashboard will get worn down by the sun and finger prints over time. There are a lot of products out there that you can use to keep your dashboard looking perfect forever. So, why don’t you just do it? Take care of that investment right now!