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Towing enormous trailers is no problem for trucks, which are capable of hauling passengers, freight, and more. There is no need to be afraid of taking a nice truck off-road; a modest lift and some off-road tires are usually all you need to turn a truck into an excellent all-terrain vehicle.

Some trailers are less tolerant of hauling angles than others. When towing other cars or double-axle camping trailers, you need to maintain everything balanced. A light, single-axle agricultural trailer can sit at a modest upwards angle in respect to the truck.

With a drop hitch, you can create the optimal towing circumstances in a matter of seconds. These 10 best hitches are now available, and we’ll explain how they differ from one another.

In a Hurry? These Are Our Top 3 Picks

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1. B&W Trailer Hitch With Dual Ball

B&W Trailer Hitch With Dual Ball

A B&W hitch was on the top of my list before I even started putting it together. In the trailer hitch industry, B&W is well-known as a top producer. If you’re looking for a high-quality hitch at a reasonable price, this is a great option.

Since you’ll be using one of their Tow & Stow hitches, we’ll ignore the rest of their offerings. Tow & Stow hitches are available in three different colors, three different chank sizes, and four different adjustment sizes. The shortest option has a maximum drop of 3 inches, but it also has a maximum elevation gain of 3. 5 inches when turned around. There are various locking positions available on the XL model, which may lower or raise 9.5 inches in height.

Choosing a dual or tri-ball hitch design means that you won’t have to carry numerous balls and ball mounts with you at all times. The anti-theft lock protects both the hitch and the ball section of your car from theft. With the ball stowed in this position, you’ll never have to remove the hitch again!

As far as I’m concerned, the B&W trailer hitch’s expensive price tag isn’t a huge deal when you consider how much weight you’re placing on it and how devastating a failure would be if it occurred.

2. Uriah Products Aluma-Tow Ball & Receiver

Manufacturers of Uriah Products Aluma Tow is one of only a few drop hitch designs available in their product store, but it is unquestionably the greatest one. Aluminum is utilized to make the hitch mount and ball receiver for the hitch balls, which are chrome plated steel.

Two anti-theft locks and three hitch balls are all included in the Aluma Tow kit. While the hitch’s height and maximum drop can be adjusted, it can also be elevated by up to 6.75 inches when flipped around. Aluma Tow has an 8′′ drop hitch option, and if you have an enormous receiver, you may have the 6 8′′ drop, 2. 5′′ receiver option.

Gross trailer weight (GTW) rating of Aluma Tow is 12, 000 pounds, making it the industry’s highest. My initial impression is that B&W’s equivalent product is rated as 10,000 pounds, which makes me more willing to believe the marketing. Even though Uriah Products is one of the more reasonably priced drop hitches, their lack of brand recognition keeps them in second place for the time being.

3. Curt Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

Curt Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount

For robustness, Curt uses a single piece of alloy steel for the hitch’s construction, and its dual ball tow hitch enables a variety of towing options. The Curt store has a number of other options, but I went on this one due to its low cost.

The single-piece design may be more durable, but its main drawback is that it restricts both the drop and height ranges. Tow hitch from Curt will offer the typical 6-inch drop, but only a 5.25-inch rise in height. You’ll have to search elsewhere if you want an 8-inch drop hitch from Curt. Having said that, a 6′′ drop should be sufficient to offset the increased height of the truck.

There are two sizes of high-strength steel hitch balls that are rated for 10, 000 lbs and 14, 000 lbs, respectively: 2” and 2 5/16” diameters. Trailer hitch locks are not included in the base model and cost an extra $20. As a general rule, Curt’s adjustable trailer hitch is a decent device, but it falls short of both B&W and Uriah in terms of brand recognition and value offer.

4. Weigh Safe 180 CTB10-2.5 Drop Hitch

Because it’s manufactured in the United States, the Weigh Safe 180 drop hitch is a popular choice. Weigh Safe hitch is more expensive, but it has one major advantage: a 10-inch drop with an 11-inch elevation.

Besides the 10″ drop, which is rarely seen but allows you to comfortably tow with a much taller vehicle, there are also 4″, 6″, and 8″ variations available, all of which have adjustable height. For this model, you’ll need a 2. 5′′ receiver, not the regular 2′′.

They provide an excellent selection in a wide variety of materials and receiver sizes as well as drop ranges in a large variety of colors. Steel is used in the construction of the CTB10 2. 5 hitch and dual ball, which is chrome-plated. Your gross trailer weight can go as high as 18,500 lbs with the use of 2 5/16′′ ball and 2′′ ball, respectively. There is a hitch lock included in the kit, which is always a nice bonus.

A fantastic device, the Weight Safe 180 CTB10 2. 5 drop hitch is more useful as a specialist hitch because of its expensive price.

5. Yitamotor Aluminum Trailer Drop Hitch

Yitamotor Aluminum Trailer Drop Hitch

Yitamotor offers a wide variety of drop hitch options, but I chose this 2″ receiver model because it shares several features with the Weigh Safe 180 hitch.

In terms of towing capacity, receiver size makes a big difference. Yitamotor has a maximum towing capacity of 10,000 pounds, although it can also haul as little as 8,000 pounds. While Yitamotor used aluminum for its aluminum hitch, Weigh Safe used steel.

Because Yitamotor’s hitch is less expensive, I brought up a high-end brand like Weigh Safe. It’s available at four different drop heights: 4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, and most crucially, 10 inches. Additionally, the Yitamotor hitch is equipped with a built-in theft deterrent.

Yitamotor’s hitch is clearly inferior than Weigh Safe’s, but if you don’t plan on towing more than 10,000 pounds, you can save a lot of money by going with Yitamotor. Well-made aluminum hitch in a sturdy packaging at an affordable price. It delivers a 10″ drop.

6. Curt Commercial Duty Trailer Drop Hitch

A whole drop hitch package took up the first five slots on the list, but there are other options available if you’re searching for just the drop hitch or a lower-priced combination.

A Curt heavy-duty 2. 5′′ inch receiver trailer hitch is what we’re looking at today. As a fixed-position hitch, it only has two options: a 6′′ drop or a 4. 5′′ elevation when flipped around. With a gross trailer weight of 20, 000 pounds and a heavier tongue weight, the single-piece design is superior than customizable choices.

A 1.25′′ diameter shank is required for this hitch to take a single ball; however, it is not compatible with dual or tri ball designs of balls. Curt’s drop hitch is an excellent option for compensating for the truck lift with a fixed hitch drop.

7. Orion Motor Tech 8-Position Adjustable Hitch

Orion Motor Tech 8-Position Adjustable Hitch

Orion Motor Tech has built a reputation as a low-cost, high-quality supplier of automotive tools and equipment. Although their 8-position drop hitch may appear dangerously inexpensive, more than 1,000 generally positive evaluations are enough to give me peace of mind.

There are a few drop hitches on the market that are simply too pricey. Even if you’re just searching for a simple towing system that can be used for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, you don’t need most of these other features.

In spite of its appearance, it’s capable of hauling 5, 000 pounds of weight and has a maximum load capacity of 5, 000 pounds. A lock and hitch ball are not included, but Orion’s adjustable hitch is still a terrific value for the money, even without them.

8. Draw-Tite 2706 9″ Ball Mount

Another manufacturer of low-cost hitching gear is Draw Tite. Towing and tongue weight capacity are the biggest drawbacks of this vehicle, like other options in this price range.

Draw Tite’s 9-inch drop hitch is only capable of supporting a gross trailering weight of 5, 000 pounds in the drop position, and a tongue weight of 350 pounds. There is a 9′′ drop and an even bigger 11′′ height if it is rotated 180 degrees.

Fits receivers with an aperture of 2 inches, and allows you to attach a 1 inch hitch ball. I wouldn’t recommend hitch balls larger than 2 inches in diameter because of the low weight rating. There are better drop hitches out there, but Draw Tite will suffice for occasional use with light loads if you’re looking for a heavy-duty drop hitch. My recommendation would be to go with one of the most expensive options on the list for anything else.

9. MaxxHaul 8-Position Adjustable Ball Mount

From a variety of low-cost hitching gear, the MaxxHauls 8-position hitch stands out. The Orion Motor Tech’s choice looks very identical, so I’d go with it if it’s cheaper and more readily accessible.

Straightforward specs are provided.

Gross trailer weight limit of 5000 pounds, with a tongue weight restriction of 500 pounds. There are four elevation positions ranging from 3.75′′ to 8.25′′, as well as four drop positions ranging from 5′′ to 9.5′′. The hitch is compatible with a 1′′ hitch ball hole and a 2′′ receiver.

10. Reese Towpower 21536 Towing Starter Kit

Reese Towpower 21536 Towing Starter Kit

The Reese Towpower starting kit is the tenth and final option on our list. Towing accessories from Reese are plenty, but this starter kit distinguishes out for its simplicity and low cost.

Once you’ve inserted it into the receiver tube, you’re good to go. While the 2′′ drop and 0.75′′ elevation aren’t the most ideal for compensating for the truck’s lift, in some cases, that’s all it takes to correct for the truck’s lift.

It’s by far my favorite approach to lower the ball’s height on a budget. Curt’s has a nice alternative for about the same price if you like another brand.


What size drop hitch do I need for my lifted truck?

The drop hitch can be measured in a variety of ways. To begin, see if a hitch is recommended by the vehicle’s maker. As soon as you get a truck, you’ll need a drop hitch. If it doesn’t, measure the opening of the square pipe to which the hitch is attached and determine the receiver hole’s diameter.

Then, take into consideration the additional height and tire size you’ve added to your truck over what the manufacturer suggests. Your new hitch must have a drop equal to the sum of all elements that raise the truck.

You can also use a general rule of thumb of 18 inches from the ground as a starting point. Drop distance is determined by subtracting 18 inches from the distance between your vehicle and the hitch receiver. For a more precise measurement, you may also take a look at how far away the trailer coupler is from the ground.

Do you need a drop hitch for a lifted truck?

In order to prevent the trailer from tipping, a drop hitch is a must. Deformation around the ball will cause the trailer coupler to dislodge from the ball and detach.

What’s more likely, though, is that you’ll lose control of the vehicle altogether. It is common to see those dashcam movies of swerving trailers that are caused by a lack of proper weight distribution, either by not having a lower hitch or by having the cargo (such a car) too far back on the trailer.

Having too much weight in the back leads the hitch to elevate the rear wheels, which is a major safety problem. When towing, use a dropped hitch and avoid injury or damage.

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B&W or Weigh Safe drop hitches are the greatest towing hitches money can buy, but you can’t go wrong with any of the options or manufacturers you choose to go with.

There are just a few parts to drop hitches, and they should be able to hold up to their manufacturer’s standard as long as the materials and welding are done correctly. Regardless of whether or not I ever create a DIY guide on how to make a drop hitch, I’d recommend that you buy one of the more economical ones first.

A robust drop hitch may be had for less than $50, but you won’t get an adjustable one.