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Are you tired of having to park your car outside because your garage is full of stuff that isn’t in order? Could a storage system for your garage help you get back some of that space? If so, you’re in the right spot.

Here, we’ve looked at some of the most popular garage storage systems on the market right now and pointed out some of the pros and cons of each one. We’ve also put together a Garage Storage System Buying Guide. In it, we explain the different features and things you should think about before buying one of these amazing storage systems.

Quick Answer: What Are The Best Garage Storage Systems in 2020- 2021?

The Seville Classics Commercial Storage System

Cable-Lift Racor HeavyLift Storage Rack

The NewAge Products Garage Storage Cabinet Set with Stainless Steel Worktop

Garage Storage System Buying Guide


Organizing your garage or workshop is a great way to make more room and get rid of clutter. It also makes it easy to find what you need quickly. There are a lot of things to think about when buying one of these garage storage systems, some of which you may not have thought of before. We’ve listed and explained a few of these things below to help you find the best garage storage system for your needs and situation.

Type of Garage Storage System

There are many different kinds of garage storage systems, and they all have their pros and cons. Most garage storage systems come in four basic styles: traditional shelving, wall-mounted pegboards, shelves that hang from the ceiling, and cabinets. Here, we’ll say a few words about each of the following four types:

Shelving in the old way

Traditional shelving comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes, but most of the time it’s a metal or wire rack. There are many good things about these garage storage systems. First, you can buy them in different heights and widths so that they fit perfectly in your garage or workshop. You can even change these garage storage systems so they fit in a certain space or so they can hold taller items. A lot of traditional pre-made shelving options are also portable, which means they have wheels and can be moved around as you please.

Peg boards that go on the wall

Like traditional shelves, wall-mounted pegboards are great for storing things in the garage, but there are a few problems with them. Wall-mounted pegboards are great for hanging things like tools, and they don’t take up much space because they lie flat against most walls. Also, if you put bins with labels on a pegboard, it can be very easy to find the things you need. The biggest problem with these garage storage systems is that they are not good for storing large or flat items that need to sit on a shelf.

Racks that hang from the ceiling

No one uses the space between their head and the ceiling, but you can put shelves there if you hang them from the ceiling. This frees up a lot of space on the floor for other projects. If you use shelves that hang from the ceiling, you will have to use a ladder every time you want to get something down. Because of this, this garage storage system is great for storing things like Christmas decorations that you only need to get out once or twice a year.


Lastly, cabinets are a great way to keep things off the floor and out of sight. A cabinet system can be used to store almost anything, but it’s not the best way to store tools and other small things because it can be hard to find things in a dark cabinet. Also, once cabinets are set up, they can’t be added to or made bigger like the other three garage storage systems can.


In a garage storage system, size is one of the most important things to think about. How many things do you really need to keep? That is a very important question to ask, because it doesn’t make sense to buy a very large garage storage system if you only have a few things to store, because the system will almost never be used. Take a minute to make a list of everything you want to store in your garage and what it is. Then, buy a size and type that best fits your needs.

Weight Capacity

How heavy are the boxes and equipment you want to store? If you want to store heavy things in your garage storage system, like heavy tools or boxes full of books and other heavy items, you will need a system that can handle the extra weight. Also, don’t forget to plan for things you might get in the future. When it comes to a garage storage system and how much weight it can hold, it’s always best to be safe. So choose to buy one that will keep you from having to upgrade as you add more and heavier things to store.


Also very important is the material that your garage storage system is made of. For example, if you want to store big power tools, you might want to skip the plastic shelves and go with something more durable, like steel. Well-built cabinets are always a good idea, and they usually look great too, but if you don’t build them high enough to hold very large items, you may be out of luck. So, think carefully about the material you want to use, and don’t just think about how it looks. Also think about how much weight it can hold.

Ease of Assembly

Many garage storage systems come with easy-to-follow instructions and are very easy to put up and set up. Others, like cabinets, require a bit more skill to hang and put together. If you don’t know much about these systems and want to do the job yourself, you might want to choose a simpler way to put it together. If you don’t know how to do it, you should plan to have someone who knows how to do it do it for you.

Durability and Warranty

Lastly, you should think about how long the product will last and if it comes with a warranty. Shelves and bins made of plastic are cheap, but how long will they last? What good is it to buy a cheaper product if you have to buy it again and again when it breaks? Spending more at first on a garage storage system that will last and come with a warranty may save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Geeks Picks: Our Favorite Garage Storage Ideas


1. Seville Classics Commercial Storage System (best shelving unit for garage)

The Seville Classics Commercial Storage System has 7 levels of high-quality shelving and 22 polypropylene bins in three sizes—medium, large, and extra-large—to meet all of your storage needs. The high capacity shelves are 14 inches deep and 36 inches wide, which is more than enough space to store even your biggest things.

The shelves are coated with a platinum epoxy finish that not only looks great in any garage but also keeps them from rusting in both wet and dry places. The best part is that the Seville Classics system can be moved anywhere. It has four 3-inch wheels, and two of them can be locked to keep the shelves in place.


Strong enough for business. The Seville Classics Commercial Storage System is made of steel wire so that it is strong and can hold a lot.

Multi-purpose. The shelving comes with 22 sturdy bins of different sizes that can be used to store things of different shapes and sizes.

Portable. The Seville Classics Commercial Storage System is easy to move around your garage or workshop because the wheels lock.


Not great for taller items. This unit can’t hold taller items because there isn’t enough space between the shelves.

2. Racor HeavyLift Cable-Lifted Storage Rack (best overhead hanging garage storage)

The Racor HeavyLift Cable-Lifted Storage Rack is a garage storage system that is mounted on the roof. It has an easy-tug pulley system that makes it easy to raise and lower this overhead rack. The storage rack is a great way to use unused space that is out of sight. It can hold up to 250 pounds of items high above the garage floor, and you never need a ladder to raise or lower the platform.

The storage rack is very strong and durable. It has heavy-duty steel support beams, a 4×4 platform, a winding axle, and vinyl-coated steel cable for easy gripping. All of the mounting hardware you need to hang the product is included.


No ladders needed. With the Racor HeavyLift Cable-Lifted Storage Rack’s smart pulley system, you never have to use a dangerous ladder.

Heavy duty. Up high in the garage, the rack can hold up to 250 pounds.


Not as convenient. Even though you don’t have to use ladders, this rack system is not as convenient as floor racks or cabinets.

3. NewAge Products Garage Storage Cabinet Set with Stainless Steel Worktop (best large cabinet garage storage system)

The NewAge Products Garage Storage Cabinet Set with Stainless Steel Worktop is the granddaddy of garage storage systems. There is no better way to store things in your garage. This cabinet set has everything you could need to organise your garage or workshop. It has two multi-use lockers, three wall cabinets, a base cabinet, one rolling tool cabinet, and a 6-foot stainless steel worktop for all your projects.

This set’s frames and doors are made of strong 24-gauge steel that has been powder-coated to keep it from rusting. The cabinet doors can be locked completely and have full-length aluminium handles that make it easy to open and close the units.


Can hold a lot of weight. The base cabinet and two multi-use lockers in this cabinet set are made of 24-gauge steel, which means they can hold up to 800 pounds.

Worktop. The stainless steel work bench that comes with this set is a great place to work on different projects.

Appealing to the eye. The powder-coated finish and design of this cabinet make it look great in any garage or workshop, even though it is made of steel.


Prices are high. Even though the NewAge Products Garage Storage Cabinet Set with Stainless Steel Worktop is by far the best storage system on our list, it’s probably not for people who want to save money.

Summary: Compare Our Top Garage Storage System Favorites

Check out the table below for a quick summary of our favourite garage storage system ideas on the market right now.

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There are a lot of other options out there that will fit any size garage or space, but our editors recommend the ones above for your storage needs.