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Search for group 27 possibilities if you’re seeking for a large capacity deep cycle battery.

Most of these batteries are capable of meeting your deep cycling requirements.

Batteries in Group 27 have a reserve capacity of 140-220 minutes, making them ideal for marine, recreational vehicle, and golf cart applications.

Recharging isn’t required for a longer period of time. Cold cranking amperes (CCA) are also higher in these batteries compared to ordinary ones.

Group 27 deep cycle batteries can be purchased with up to 1000 CCA, making them ideal for use in extremely cold weather.

Group 27 deep cycle batteries are ideal for vehicles that require a lot of starting power.

I’ve produced a list of the top five group 27 deep cycle batteries on the market right now for you to peruse.

Top 5 Best Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries Reviews

1. VMAX MR127 Marine Battery

VMAX MR127 Marine Battery-1

The VMAX MR127 Marine battery is a terrific choice if you need a battery for a heavy-duty trolling motor.

Boats and trolling motors benefit from the battery’s 100Ah capacity, which extends their operating time. There is no need to return early due of dwindling battery life.

This is a long-lasting group 27 battery that can survive both indoor and outdoor use, making it more efficient than the majority of standard batteries.

Plastic and tin alloy plates of industrial grade are used to construct the body. The battery is protected from chemical and physical harm by other materials that are shock and acid resistant.

AGM VMAX plates on the inside of this battery make it more reliable than a wet lead acid battery.

The electrolyte is completely absorbed by these plates, therefore there is no risk of leakage. As a result of this, the VMAX battery is safer for the environment.

This technique provides the best possible power delivery. It’s also the reason this battery charges quickly and doesn’t require any upkeep.

As a result, you’ll be able to spend more time behind the wheel and less time maintaining your batteries.

This battery can withstand vibrations and shocks thanks to its strong construction.

As a result, the battery is well protected and will last a long time compared to other batteries that would readily fail in these harsh conditions.

There is a lot of weight to this battery. As a result, it’s possible that you’ll require assistance with its transportation and installation. Thankfully, it has handles to make this process a little easier.


Charges up in a hurry


It’s an experiment to develop something that can endure physical damage.



2. Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M

Batteries made by Optima are among the best on the market for maritime applications. Batteries made with spiral-cell technology are more powerful than those made with lead-acid batteries.

There are 800 CCA in this Optima BlueTop battery, which has a 140-minute reserve capacity. At startup and during cycling, Optima BlueTop batteries are designed to deliver a steady supply of power.

A real deep cycle battery, it can run high-demand electronics and accessories such as fish finders, GPS systems, and stereos due to its strong cranking power.

Cast cell connections secure the cells in this battery’s chambers, which are squeezed. Vibrations are 15 times less likely to damage the Optima battery because of this.

You don’t have to worry about the state of your battery because of vibrations, thus this is a great feature.

This battery has a longer lifespan, is more vibration-resistant, and is spill-proof thanks to its completely packed cells.

Because of the glass mat separators that completely absorb the electrolyte, you can put this battery in whatever position you want without fear of leaks.

Over the course of its lifespan, this battery can handle three times as many recharges as normal batteries.

To put it another way, you can expect to get more use out of this battery than you would from other options on the market.

In smaller-to-medium-sized yachts, the Optima BlueTop battery is an excellent choice.


It’s built to last.

Performance that is consistent.


Resistant to shaking



3. PowerStar Group 27 12V 100Ah Battery

PowerStar Group 27 12V 100Ah Battery

Look no farther if you’re in the market for a high-performance marine battery. A 12-volt battery from the PowerStar group 27 is ideal for your application.

This battery is built to endure a long time while delivering high-quality power and requiring no further maintenance.

It’s constructed with a sealed design to prevent electrolyte leakage from the terminals or the case. In this way, a risk-free and risk-free operation is ensured.

Absorbent glass mat technology is used in this battery.

Electrolyte is absorbed by fine glass fiber separators that extend their service life. This battery’s design ensures that it won’t leak in any position, so you may use it wherever you want.

With this battery, you won’t need to add water or check the electrolyte’s gravity. It’s totally self-maintaining and does not require any of these things to be done throughout its lifetime.

Because these functions are unneeded, the design of the device does not include them.

This battery is built to withstand vibrations, shocks, and tremors, so you can count on it to work consistently.

These benefits, along with the fact that it requires no upkeep, make this battery one of the best options for marine use.

This battery is 72 pounds in weight, which is a minor drawback. As a result, you may require assistance during the installation process.

It’s also quite large, so it won’t fit in any battery compartments that are particularly small. As a result, it has a limited range of applications.




Mounting options are endless.


It is tough to move or install on your own because it is so heavy.

Due to its huge dimensions, it is unable to be used in vehicles with limited battery space.

4. Banshee D 27 M 8027-127 Battery

The Optima D27 8012-127 batteries are interchangeable with the Banshee D27 8027-127 battery.

It’s a superb option for long-term performance and stable energy storage because of its unique internal construction.

Spiral wound cells are replaced with thin plates in this method. As a result, more power may be generated through the use of all available space.

Banshee is able to deliver twice as much power as ordinary batteries because of its larger surface area.

The Enhanced Flooded Battery technology is used in this battery. Improves the wet flooded technology that isn’t ideal for deep cycle or continuous high power consumption.

Improved charge acceptance and increased cycling durability are also made possible by EFB. Its biggest drawback is that such a battery can’t be flipped over or placed on its side.

To an 80 percent discharge depth, it has 400 charge-discharge cycles. Regular batteries can’t compete with this level of rechargeability.

As a result, it has a long service life and may be used without the need for recharging for extended periods of time.

The Banshee battery has a CCA rating of 800, making it suited for extensive cycling and providing engine cranking at extremely low temperatures.

The twin connections on this battery make it possible to charge it fully and then slowly recharge it for an extended period of time.

One of the terminals is threaded, while the other has a stud arrangement. At any moment, you can verify the battery’s state of charge by using the built-in hydrometer.

To get your RV on the road and power the cabin electronics, the Banshee group 27 battery is a good choice.

It’s also appropriate for marine applications that require a long-lasting battery. This battery has a flip handle that makes it easy to transport and handle.



In cold weather, it performs well.


Installations that can only be done in a few ways

5. Universal Power Group 12V AGM Battery

Universal Power Group 12V AGM Battery

For equipment that requires a steady yet slow draw of energy, this sealed lead acid battery is ideal. Solar panels, golf carts, and campervans are among these.

It is a leak-proof, no-maintenance battery thanks to AGM technology, which absorbs the sulfuric acid.

Additionally, this technology provides high performance and longer lasting power.

Because it’s rapid charging, it reaches full power more quickly than normal batteries. In addition, the battery lasts a long time, making it more trustworthy.

The majority of the charge will be retained if you store this battery for an extended period of time.

With a standing drain of less than 3%, this battery outperforms the majority of competitors.

This means that while you’re not using it, you won’t have to continually recharging it in fear that it would run out of juice.

This battery is compact and light enough to carry along. Since it’s compact, it can fit into even the tiniest battery compartments. However, the 63-pound weight is a tad on the heavy side. This can be a bit of a pain when it comes to installation.

Vibrations and shocks can cause batteries to fail, but with sealed lead acid and AGM technologies, you won’t have to worry about that.

As a result, the battery will remain in top shape for as long as feasible.


Conveniently movable

Fast recharging




What Is A Deep Cycle Battery?

In order to get the most out of a deep cycle battery, it must be often depleted. Additionally, it’s built to resist regular recharging.

The plates in deep cycle batteries are thicker than those in starter batteries, making them more durable.

They can tolerate frequent deep discharges and recharges, which would otherwise have a significant impact on the battery’s life expectancy, thanks to this.

When you need a long-term supply of power, you should use deep cycle batteries.

For nautical applications, these batteries are ideal. Golf carts and recreational vehicles can also benefit greatly from their use.

Always charge your deep cycle battery to its full capacity to extend its life lifetime.

What Is A Group 27 Battery?

Some of the largest and most powerful batteries on the market are found in the Group 27 category. These batteries typically have a capacity of 66-220Ah, a reserve capacity of 140-220 minutes, and a capacity of 600-1000 CCA.

The Battery Council International formed battery groups to develop standards and criteria for marine and automotive battery producers.

Measurements like height and width are used to define group sizes. Terminals and battery voltage are also taken into account.

Batteries in Group 27 often have higher amp hours than those in the lower group values. Marine, RV, and off-grid applications are the most common places to find them.

Weighing 54-70 pounds, they are heavier than ordinary car batteries.

How Can I Choose The Right Battery Group For My Vehicle?

If you’re not sure what size battery group you need, consult your owner’s manual.

Before you acquire a new battery, make sure that the group size is compatible with the battery compartment offered by your phone.

Attention to the letters and numbers can make a major difference in battery dimensions.

When purchasing a battery, be sure to verify the battery’s group size information on the battery’s side.


In terms of deep cycling, Group 27 batteries outperform all others.

Some automotive and marine applications necessitate a battery with a long lifespan and great power storage capabilities.

These batteries are more reliable in terms of cold cranking amps, amp hours, and vibration resistance, in addition to having greater power and lifespan.

Group 27 deep cycle batteries can sustain far higher initial power demands than regular batteries.

Deep cycle batteries, on the other hand, can take much more vibration and shock than other types of batteries.

When it comes to long-term power output, regular recharging, and the ability to handle vibrations, a deep cycle battery is the best solution for your application.

These batteries are also ideal for large battery compartments, which may not be able to accommodate smaller cells.

All of this comes with the added benefit of not requiring any adjustments to the internal components because these deep cycles are low-maintenance.