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Crankcase ventilation systems have a breathing valve and an intake manifold port, and oil catch cans go between them. These devices aren’t included as standard equipment on new cars, but they’re worth installing in yours.

Filtration is the key to the effectiveness of oil catch cans. Many advantages accrue to your car’s engine as a result of this separation procedure. Filtering away particles that would otherwise be recirculated around a car’s PCV system would be impossible without the oil catch can.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 oil catch cans for the year 2022 in this post. Investing in an oil catch can is a smart move if you want to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

10 Best Oil Catch Cans Of 2022

In the event that you believe your vehicle would benefit from an oil catch, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most popular in 2022. An oil catch can be a beneficial purchase, regardless of whether your goal is improved engine performance or simply a longer vehicle lifespan.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best oil catch cans on the market right now:

1. SPEEDWOW Oil Catch Can

SPEEDWOW Oil Catch Can

With its low micron bronze filter, the Speedwow Oil Catch Can effectively separates circulating oil and other waste.

In this oil catch can, the baffle system cools down any heated oil vapor in the air and transforms it into a liquid that is easier to filter. Engine performance can be improved by using a baffle system and a filter to ensure that the air is as pure as possible.

The 300 ml oil catch container is resistant to both oil and heat. ‘ The Speedwow is built to endure the heat and motion of the engine, so you won’t need to replace it in a hurry. You should be able to install this oil catch can in any car because it is a universal fit.

The bracket and hose for installing the catch can are included with the Speedwow to make installation more simpler.


  • Large baffle system for better filtration. 
  • Micron bronze filter easily separates oil from the air. 
  • Universal fit. 
  • Bracket and hose included. 


  • Holes in the bracket may not be large enough for the bolts in all vehicles. 
  • Not as large as other oil catch cans on the market. 
  • It may not be suitable for larger engines

2. Evil Energy Polish Oil Catch Can

Another universal fit oil catch can is the Evil Energy Polish Oil Catch Can. This oil catch can will fit in any vehicle, Honda or Mercedes alike. Impurities are removed from the air in your vehicle’s PCV system by this device.

Because this product comes with a breather filter, it provides for a wide range of installation options in your engine. You can either use the catch can with or without the breather filter as a vent system.

A 31. 5in NBR hose and an input and output line are included with this aluminum oil catch can. The installation bracket for the Evil Energy oil catch can is not included; you will have to purchase it separately.

Wire wool may be readily inserted into this oil catch can thanks to a removable baffle. Cleaner air will circulate through the engine as a result of this baffle’s assistance in separation and filtering. The base of this oil catch can can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

During the winter months, it is imperative that you empty your oil catch can on a regular basis to avoid freezing and damaging the ventilation system.


  • NBR hose included. 
  • Optional breather filter. 
  • Removable base for easy cleaning. 
  • Baffle included for better separation. 


  • Installation bracket not included. 
  • Aluminum catch can may scratch easily. 
  • Wire wool included is not high quality.

3. Top 10 Racing Oil Catch Can

Top 10 Racing Oil Catch Can

With a 350ml capacity, this oil catch can from Top 10 racing keeps gas, oil and carbon deposits from entering the PCV system. By removing pollutants from the circulated air, an oil catch can extend the life of your engine and keep it running at peak efficiency for longer.

This oil catch can has three different sized adapters, so you can fit a hose of virtually any size, and the 0 ring gaskets work effectively to prevent oil leaks.

The oil catch can from Top 10 Racing is designed to last for a long time. Your oil catch can be protected from wear and tear while it is mounted thanks to the high grade metal.

To make things even easier, this oil catch can be equipped with a built-in dipstick, allowing you to monitor the quantity of oil in the catch.

The oil catch tank’s bottom can be easily removed for cleaning. The breather filter in this oil catch lets clean air to return to the system while the baffle inside successfully removes oil and other harmful vapors from the air.


  • Built-in dipstick. 
  • Removable base. 
  • Strong and durable aluminum can.
  • 3 sized adapters included. 


  • Included rubber hose may not withstand high engine temperatures. 
  • Installation bracket not included. 
  • Some users report issues with oil leaking out of the built-in dipstick.

4. JDMON Oil Catch Can With Breather Filter

To ensure long-term use, the JDMON oil catch can is made of heavy-duty aluminum with a breather filter. To properly remove oil and other contaminants from the air, either the breather filter or the oil catch can be utilized with the built-in baffle.

Dual chambers in the internal baffle allow this oil catch can to give superior filtering compared to other products on the market.

It’s a good idea to use this oil collecting can to keep the PCV system clean. Your engine will run better and last longer if you have an oil catch can installed in your vehicle.

The universal fit oil catch can comes with the necessary screws, 0 rings, and hose but does not include an installation bracket for the JDMON oil catch can.


  • Dual-chamber internal baffle. 
  • Optional breather filter included. 
  • Made from strong and durable aluminum. 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Included hose clamps may not be strong enough for prolonged use. 
  • Poor quality hose. 
  • Some users report loud sounds from the engine when using the JDMON oil catch can. 

5. POSENG Universal Polish Baffled Reservoir Oil Catch Can

POSENG Universal Polish Baffled Reservoir Oil Catch Can

You can use this oil catch can kit to decrease the quantity of oil, water vapor, and other contaminants that enter your vehicle’s intake branch. Having a filthy crankcase might cause engine misfires, and a clean crankcase will have better performance.

The baffle of the POSENG oil catch container effectively cools polluted vapors and gases into an easy to filter liquid. Toxins will be removed from the air and gathered in the oil catch can for later storage.

Most cars can be fitted with the POSENG oil catch can kit thanks to its universal fit and simple installation. In order to put this baffled oil catch can in your car, you do not need to be a mechanic.

There is an oil catch container, a gasoline line, 2 x 6/ 10/ 8/ bolts and clamps included in this package.


  • Universal fit. 
  • Internal baffle. 
  • Various size fitting included. 


  • Installation bracket not included. 
  • Nuts and bolts are not included. 

6. Rulline 350ml Universal Oil Catch Can

For those searching for a catch can with a universal fit that is straightforward to install, the Rulline 350ml oil catch can is another excellent option. The 0 ring gasket fittings and the fully TIG welded sealing give this oil catch can an extra layer of security against oil leaks.

You don’t want leaks from your oil catch can to do more harm than good when it comes to keeping your engine clean.

The inbuilt dipstick makes it easy to monitor the oil level in the catch container.

The adapters that come in three different sizes make this a genuinely universal oil catch can set. Corrosion resistance is a must-have for any gadget going into your car’s engine, and the Rulline catch can has it.

This 350ml oil catch container is built of durable aluminum and will last for years.


  • Can is made from strong and durable 0046 aluminum. 
  • Dipstick included. 
  • 3 types of adapters are included in the kit. 
  • Welded sealing to prevent oil leakage. 


  • Hose included will melt in hot engine. 
  • Parts have a very strong oil smell.
  • Some users had difficulty with the installation.

7. Vincos Universal Oil Catch Can

Vincos Universal Oil Catch Can

The Vincos universal oil catch can may be the right choice for you if you are looking for an oil catch can that will properly clean the air in your engine. By using this oil catch can in conjunction with or without a breather filter, you have the flexibility to tailor your air filtration system.

When installing the oil catch can in the engine, be sure to secure it firmly in place. Despite the engine’s vibrations, the Vincos oil catch can will not come away thanks to the attached hose clamps.

You don’t have to open the oil catch can to check the oil levels because the dipstick is incorporated. The dipstick will remind you when it’s time to empty the oil container, which you may not expect given how quickly it fills up.

Like many other items, the Vincos oil catch can is universally compatible and features an interior baffle. The material used to make this can, on the other hand, has been found by numerous consumers to be of high quality, especially given the inexpensive price tag.


  • Hose clamps and several fittings included. 
  • Dipstick provided. 
  • Threads and fittings are strong and fit well together. 
  • Effectively cleans oil and sludge from the PCV.


  • No instructions included. 
  • Included hose is of poor quality. 
  • Internal baffle is not as good as other products on the market.

8. Universal 750ml 10AN Aluminum Baffled Oil Catch Can

Compared to the previous Vincos product, this one has a larger capacity and can be used to catch more oil. With the bigger capacity, you won’t have to empty this 750ml universal oil catch can as often, unlike smaller cans of the same capacity.

Additionally, compared to other similar goods, this oil catch can is much simpler to set up. To build a vented system, just install the catch can without the breathing filter using the built-in bracket on the side of the can.

Because the bracket is fully TIG welded to the oil catch can, it will not be displaced by engine vibrations.

You’ll need to empty an oil catch can if it’s doing its job.

Using the Vincos 750ml can you can quickly and easily remove any built-up sludge from your oil catch can. Draining the oil is a breeze thanks to a 3/8′′ drain valve and a removable base.


  • Large size – 750ml. 
  • Fully TIG welded bracket. 
  • Removable bottom for easy cleaning. 
  • Baffled to effectively separate oil. 


  • Drain valve is not of the highest quality. 
  • More expensive than similar products.

9. BELEY 6.4 Bilet Oil Catch Can

BELEY 6.4 Bilet Oil Catch Can

This oil catch can is different from the ones that have been covered in this study thus far. A Toyota Camry and a huge SUV will not be able to use this oil catch can. Only specific Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Ram models, as well as the BELEY 6. 4 oil catch can, are compatible with the oil catch can.

This oil catch can might work with your car, but you should double-check before you buy it. Aluminum billet is used in the construction of this custom-sized oil catch can, which is strong enough to handle both typical engine vibrations and a turbocharged powerplant without breaking down.

There is no oil contamination in the intake manifold with the BELEY 6. 4 Bilet oil catch can’s unique design, which has been specifically engineered to provide optimal oil separation.

Multi-chamber architecture and many stages of coalescing media are used to thoroughly filter the air entering and leaving the oil catch container. A 7oz capacity oil catch can can be added to the z bracket using the long bolt and spacer.

4 hose ends, 2 adapters, and a 2 1/2′′ braided hose are included in this oil catch can package. This oil catch can is essential if you want to safeguard your Dodge engine and keep it running as smoothly as possible.


  • Multi-stage and multi-chamber design. 
  • Large 7oz can. 
  • Built-in Z bracket for easier installation. 
  • Custom Bilet fittings included. 


  • Only fits in certain vehicles. 
  • More expensive than universal fit oil catch can.

10. PTNHZ Universal 3/8″ NPT Bilet Aluminum 2-Port Oil Catch Can

The PTNHZ universal 2 port oil catch can with a breather filter is the final catch can we recommend. Smaller in volume than some of the other oil catch cans examined in this article (300ml), this can nevertheless efficiently separate oil from blow by thanks to the breathing filter and internal baffle.

With or without the breather filter, you can use this sturdy and durable billet aluminum oil catch can as a universal oil capture container. Because of the anodized finish, the housing has a modern and businesslike appearance.

a 200ml oil catch can with a breather filter, a drain valve and a plug are all included in this universal system. A completely adjustable mounting bracket is also included in this kit, making it easy to install no matter what car you are driving.

Due to the reduced size of the PTNHZ oil catch can, it will likely need to be cleaned and emptied more frequently than other catch cans.


  • Fully adjustable installation bracket. 
  • Optional breather filter included. 
  • Attractive anodized finish. 
  • Fits well in most engines.
  • Drain valve and plug included. 


  • Small size – 200ml. 
  • Some users report oil leaks from the drain valve.
  • Threads can be difficult to unscrew.


Investing in an oil catch can is a smart move, even if your car doesn’t already have one installed. Oil debris and carbon buildup can be minimized by adding an oil catch can to the PCV system of your car.

With an oil catch can, you’ll be able to improve the cleanliness of your engine and increase its performance.

In this article, we have reviewed 10 of the best oil catch cans currently available on Amazon. Whether you need a custom size oil catch can, want a universal fit, or are looking for a larger capacity catch can, you should be able to find a suitable product in this roundup.