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You can learn more about the best tires for Prius in this shopping guide, which will give you a sense of what each one has to offer. We know that finding the right tires for your vehicle can be a daunting endeavor, so I’ve done the legwork for you.

On top of all that, I’ll share some tips to help you obtain the best bargain possible on your Prius, one that allows it to perform to its full capacity for an inexpensive and acceptable price.

1. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus All-Season Radial Tire

In the automotive industry, Bridgestone is one of the most recognizable tire brands. Their Ecopia EP422 Plus took the top rank because of this. The fuel efficiency and performance of a Prius can be improved even further with a set of these tires, which can pay dividends in the long run. Check out this tire and take note of its many wonderful qualities, especially if you own a Toyota vehicle.

The treads on this all-season rubber have been expertly crafted to provide outstanding traction on dry, hot, and snowy roads alike. A car’s fuel efficiency improves as a result of this modification, which allows it to travel farther on a single tank of gas. This tire’s unique tread pattern makes it suitable for use on both dry and wet roads. This tire model is designed to provide drivers or Prius owners with solid and comfortable handling, but it is also built to last. Is one of the longest warranties on the market for a limited tread-life warranty that covers up to 70000 miles. So, you may get the most bang for your buck by making a wise buy and making a wise investment.

The fact that this tire isn’t ideal for racing may cause some concern for drivers looking for tires that can be used in a variety of situations. I still believe that the Ecopia EP422 Plus is an excellent tire choice for the Prius, despite all the considerations. It may not be the best racing tire out there, but the characteristics it has to offer are still extremely useful for everyday driving. Moreover, it is one of the most sought-after tires for Prius models today. So don’t forget to have a look at it.


All-season capability allows it to function well in a wide range of weather and terrain conditions. Constructed for maximum fuel economy and economy

Durable and long-lasting, even at the highest speeds.


Not recommended for use in racing because it is not a high-performance tire

2. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire – 225/65R17 102T

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max 225/65R17 102 T Tire. - Walmart.com

As a result of its superb qualities, this tire model appears to have been specifically designed for the Toyota Prius. Consider the Assurance Fuel Max to get a better idea of why. This is a tire that every car owner should take into account due to the large number of characteristics that are notable enough to improve vehicle performance. Designed for a wide range of road and weather situations, this all-season rubber provides great traction and grip. To prevent hydroplaning, it also has two aqua channels that allow water to be propelled away from the vehicle. It’s fantastic for rainy days because of this technology’s ability to operate well on wet roads. This tire has a low rolling resistance due to its incorporation of a chemical that improves its fuel efficiency. Allows for exceptional fuel efficiency that allows the car to go longer distances while consuming less fuel. Additionally, it provides outstanding grip that can last all year round, making it one of the most practical solutions today. This is by far its largest flaw, as many motorists these days seek out high-speed performance tires.

In my opinion, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max is an excellent tire choice for Toyota Prius drivers. A durable tire that can help your Prius break out of its shell and perform better on the road, despite its low-speed performance tire rating. As a result, remember to take it into account.


Delivers year-round performance regardless of the road conditions.

crafted to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions

To avoid hydroplaning, the vehicle has two channels for drainage.

The vehicle has a remarkable fuel economy.


Standards for performance tires that have a low-speed rating

3. Continental PureContact Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91H

Continental PureContact 215/60R16 95 V Tire - Walmart.com

The second slot on our list goes to a radial tire, which is distinguished by its dependability and versatility as well as its distinctive tread patterns. Let’s take a closer look at Continental’s PureContact tire. Since the Prius is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today, it is imperative that you take note of its many amazing characteristics. The EcoPlus tire technology, one of today’s most cutting-edge developments, is built into this tire model to give great traction.

The new technology decreases the amount of wasted gasoline by increasing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. As a result, it can handle both wet and dry roads with ease. The design of this tire ensures that it is extremely safe to drive on, with excellent sliding and braking capabilities. One more fantastic feature of this tire is the DWS system. This stands for Dry, Wet, and Snow, and the initials are marked on the tire such that if the initial is worn away, it means that the tire is no longer suitable for that type of terrain anymore.

To put it another way, that indicates it uses more gas than the others. It’s an issue that many drivers seeking for a tire with improved fuel efficiency may be concerned about. Continental’s PureContact Tire is one of the most sought-after tires for sedan-type automobiles, making it a good investment. This tire model was made using some of the most recent tire industry developments, but its fuel efficiency isn’t as efficient as others. The car’s performance can also be improved with the help of the many fantastic features it offers. Additionally, the tire’s low cost makes it an excellent investment.


Traction is superb in practically any weather or road conditions. Built to last longer with a long-lasting tread life.  Marked with a DWS marking system to demonstrate its use


Despite its emphasis on fuel efficiency, it falls short of the competition.

4. Hankook Kinergy ST H735 All Season Radial Tire

The next tire model on our short list is one that will not let you down due to its dependability and durability. Let’s meet the Hankook-made Kinergy ST H735 91T and take a deeper look. This is one of the most sought-after versions nowadays because it’s one of the best tires for sedans. This tire’s tread pattern is one of the reasons it’s a great option. It provides a quiet and comfortable ride thanks to the use of cutting-edge tire technology. The tire’s ribs and sipes are likewise large and wide, allowing it to handle a wide range of road conditions and terrains. Additional comfort is provided by noise-canceling capabilities incorporated into the tire. In addition, it offers an impressive tread life warranty that covers 70,000 miles of use.

By doing so, motorists may make the most of their tire investment and get the most bang for their buck. Some drivers may find the tire’s outstanding weight support highly enticing. The driver must be capable of safe maneuvers if this tire is to be utilized in competition. Continental’s Kinergy ST H735 91T tire style is an excellent choice for everyday driving. However, despite its flaws, the tire is trustworthy and long-lasting enough to be used on a regular basis. It’s made with some of the most cutting-edge technology in the tire industry and comes with a warranty that covers up to 70000 miles, making it an excellent option for Toyota Prius drivers.


It was built to withstand the test of time. A noise-cancelling feature is included for your convenience. Up to 70,000 miles of travel are covered by the guarantee.


Stability is compromised at high speeds.

5. Yokohama Avid Touring S All-Season Tire – 195/65R15 89S

An fantastic choice for any terrain, our next tire model is distinguished by its versatility and usability in a variety of conditions. Introducing the Yokohama Avid Touring S. Every Prius owner should have a look at this touring tire, which is ideal for minivans and sedans. There’s no doubt that this tire is built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including light snowfall. Tread is made of a unique Tri-plex composition that makes it extremely durable and capable of handling wet road conditions. Its symmetrical tread patterns ensure even wear over time, which is a major plus. To keep it from slipping when driving in rain or slush, this tire has tapered channels running through it.

Yokohama AVID Touring-S, 195/65R15, 89S, SL

Tires have steel belts, nylon edge strips, and thick rubber sidewalls for structural strength. Due to this, it is able to withstand both high shocks and vibration. Yokohama’s Avid Touring S tire is a prudent investment that can improve a vehicle’s overall performance. Despite its limited weight capacity, the functionality, dependability, and longevity of this product make it an excellent choice. As one of the more reasonably priced alternatives on this list, it’s a wonderful value for the benefits it provides outweigh the drawbacks.


Strength and durability are provided by the Tri-plex innovation.

Handling abilities that are exceptional on snowy roads

Exceptional traction in all weather conditions


Tolerates little weight

6. Kumho Solus TA11 All-Season Tire – 195/65R15 91T

Following that, we have a tire model that is known for its many features and dependability. Let’s take a look at Kumho’s Solus TA11 and see what makes it stand out. This is a tire model that deserves consideration for automobiles as one of the possible tire options. The tire is made of an all-season rubber that has been created to be exceptionally durable and tough, allowing it to survive for a long time.

A car’s fuel efficiency is improved as a result of its design, which allows it to travel farther on a single tank of gas. In addition to providing excellent all-season traction, the tread’s sipes and ribs have made this possible. The design of this tire also has a noise-canceling feature, which greatly enhances its overall comfort. The tread pattern that it has also eliminates the potential of aquaplaning in order to provide better handling on wet roads. It can also operate in snowy and muddy conditions thanks to this new technology, making it extremely adaptable.

It will take a lot of wear and tear on it if it is driven over tough terrains on a regular basis. Because this directly affects the product’s longevity, potential purchasers may have concerns about this. As an all-season tire that can handle muddy and snowy conditions, the Solus TA11 is an excellent choice. Even if its tread life is a downside, the tire’s qualities much outweigh its drawbacks in terms of benefit. It’s even better because it’s reasonably priced.


Requires no special maintenance in either wet or dry weather

Suitable for use on snowy roads as well

With channels to prevent aquaplaning, this vehicle was created.


Tire treads wear down quickly.

7. MICHELIN Energy Saver A/S All Season Radial Tire-195/065R15 91T

Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season 195/65R15 91T Tire - Walmart.com

Taking the next place on our list is perhaps the greatest contender due of its reliability and longevity. Let’s take a deeper look at Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S, one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient tires on the market today. This tire is built of steel twin belts encased in polyamide and a polyester cord casing, making it exceptionally robust and tough. A silica-based substance has also been used to make the tread water-resistant. These tires are an excellent choice for saving money on gas because to the advancements made possible by this technology.

This tire model is made to provide good traction year-round, making it one of our top picks for superior traction. The tire also has computer-designed treads that reduce vibrations and minimize noise output. Passenger automobiles benefit from this tire’s ability to handle heavy loads, making it a superb choice. Our list of competitors includes Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S. As a result of its remarkable characteristics and the adoption of some of the most recent tire advancements, it has become so popular. Despite its difficulties in hard winter conditions, which is understood, it is an excellent tire option for drivers.


Minivans, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles will benefit greatly from this product. The vehicle is capable of driving in both snowy and muddy situations. The vehicle is extremely fuel efficient and cost-effective. Made to keep you from aquaplaning.


In the midst of a harsh winter,

8. Michelin Primacy MXM4 Touring Radial Tire – P215/45R17 87V

The next Michelin tire on the list takes the number two spot. For those looking for a touring tire that’s built to last, check out the Primacy MXM4. An automobile that carries on a long-standing tradition of meeting the most rigorous criteria in the world of luxury and high-end automobiles. This is a vehicle that every motorist should seriously consider. Incorporating sunflower oil into a specially engineered tread composition, this tire is designed to remove water and muck from the road surface.

So it can provide excellent traction in all kinds of weather, from hot and humid to wet and marshy to snowy. It also provides excellent braking and handling capabilities. The tire is also made of tough rubber, which is designed to withstand high temperatures. The MaxTouch technology in the tread pattern of this tire model ensures that it wears evenly. Large cutting edges on the tire construction also contribute to its superior performance on slippery conditions. Finally, the tire has a long life expectancy, enabling drivers to get the most out of it. Because it’s not capable of supporting heavy-duty loads, it may not be acceptable for some passenger vehicles today. Primacy MXM4’s weight capacity is lower than the others on our list, but this merely means that the tire is lighter to give superior performance.

This tire is also a good investment because it is a high-tech tire model that is known for its durability and dependability. With this tire, you’ll get a boost in your car’s performance.


Excellent performance even in wet and swampy terrains. a vehicle that is easy to maneuver and has excellent stopping power

Built to last a long time and provide excellent gas mileage

Suitable for high-performance automobiles


Having a low weight limit.

9. Falken Sincera SN250 AS AS All Season Radial Tire-185/55R15 82V

Our next product on the list is a tire model that provides excellent traction and long-term durability. Come and see the Falken-made Sincera SN250 AS. This tire merits a deeper examination due to its inclusion of a number of the most recent tire developments and advanced technologies. With a three-dimensional tire tread technology, this touring tire is developed to deliver great performance in all weather conditions.

The technology is what gives the tire its biting edges, which improves braking and handling performance. More firm tread blocks and a tread pattern that interlocks enhance grip in dry situations. With its symmetrical pattern, the tire can wear evenly, which is advantageous in the long term. With the help of the angle grooves on its tires, it is able to effortlessly negotiate snowy and muddy roads and terrains. Performance automobiles and motorsports can both benefit from this tire style. However, some drivers may still have a problem with it because of the noise it makes.It’s safe to say, after considering everything, that the Sincera SN250 AS is a fantastic option to think about. There are several drawbacks, including the fact that it is a little noisy, but the noise is manageable. It has a lot of great features and can improve a vehicle’s overall performance, so it should be considered an alternative.


Incredibly strong and durable tyres

This vehicle is capable under nearly every road or weather situation.

Provides the best possible performance for use in racing.


Noisy at times

10. Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Touring Radial Tire – 195/65R15 91T

Amazon.com: Pirelli P4 Four Seasons 195/65R15 91T All Season Radial Tire :  Automotive

The P4 Four Seasons of Pirelli, a well-known tire company, provides us with an out-of-the-ordinary tire for our final ranking. Tires like this one are ideal for the Prius since they can withstand practically any weather and road conditions, as the name says. On our list, it’s one of the stronger contenders thanks to its plethora of impressive features. This tire has a standard tread pattern with four ribs of tire tread and two ridges, yet it has a distinctive tread pattern.To ensure excellent all-year traction, the design has water channels and regular sipes that are highlighted. The design also helps the ride’s comfort because it provides a better sense of where you’re going on the road.

This tire’s rubber material is furthermore reinforced with a compound that makes it more durable than normal tires. A quiet and comfortable ride is also a priority for the tire’s designers. This makes it a great choice for a cruise or a road trip. Despite its low-speed rating, the P4 Four Seasons can still be driven at high speeds, even if it is not recommended for racing or top-speed driving. As an everyday driver’s tire, this one can still be an excellent choice to keep an eye out for. It has a ton of great features that make it ideal for daily commutes.


Works well in all types of road and weather situations.

Even in snowy circumstances, it provides great traction.

Designed for long-term use and durability.


Speed rating for low-speed vehicles

Buying Guide For Toyota Prius Tires

With our list of the best Toyota Prius tires, you’ll be one step closer to finding the perfect set of tires for your car and unlocking its full potential. However, even with the list, success is not guaranteed because you must also take into account a number of important factors. The information in this section will help you determine which model of tire is suitable for your driving style and Prius. So, take notes and make sure you grasp every detail. You can refer to the following list to learn more about these aspects:

Consider The Climate Of Your Location To Pick The Right Type Of Prius Tires

To get the best tires for your Prius, you must first take into account the weather in your area. Summer tires or all-season rubbers are the best option if you live in an area with a moderately warm environment. You’ll need winter tires if you live in a place with a lot of snow or icy roads. As previously said, one technique to maximize a vehicle’s performance is to outfit it with the appropriate tires.

By doing so, it will be able to perform better and unlock more features that will benefit drivers. More fuel efficiency, improved handling, and improved ride comfort are just some of the advantages. Saving money is made easier, safety is increased, and the driving experience is enhanced thanks to these features.

Think About The Traction, Grip, And Stability Offered By The Prius Tire

Another consideration is the tire’s traction and grip. Drivers will also benefit from using a tire that provides exceptional traction and grip in a variety of road and weather conditions. Improved handling and comfort can be gained from tires with great traction, which also improves stability. You’ll be able to handle any terrain with ease if you have tires that provide excellent traction and grip. This will also improve traffic safety, which is great for everyone involved, including the driver and passengers in the vehicle.

11 Great Toyota Prius Tires - Tire Space - tires reviews all brands

How Durable Is Your Potential Set Of Prius Tires

In addition, bear in mind how long the tires will last. So that you can get a sense of how long your tires will endure. Keep in mind that an ideal set of tires should have 50,000 miles on the odometer. Because the tire’s service life will be directly influenced by its durability, you need to take this into account while making your choice. The more time a tire can last, the better it is. So make sure to check out the mileage and tread life warranties of your potential candidate before making a final decision.

Final Thoughts

You now have all the knowledge you need to improve your chances of finding the right tires for your Prius. As a result of our list of the best Prius tires, you will now have a good start on the hunt.