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Your Classic Mini’s cooling system has used the same basic type of radiator since it was made until the twin point injected cars came out. When the radiator was moved to the front of the car, the cooling system was changed. You should know that the original Mini had an 848cc engine that was made for the small roads in the UK. This is important to know.

Then, as the demands for more engine power and capacity grew, so did the need for a more efficient cooling system, which made it more important. Take a look at some of my best DIY radiator flushes in this post.

5 Best Radiator For Classic Mini /Classic Mini Fletcher Radiator Review

The Classic Austin Mini Aluminum Radiator Side Mount Cooling

If you want to cool your Mini down, this is the radiator for you. It’s made of aluminum and only weighs 4.75 pounds. It looks good if you want the best!

Alloy radiators are great for Minis after the MK1/II. This one is great for all Minis after the MK1. if the built-in radiator shroud is taken off, it will work with the first cars. However, from 1992 cars, the LH inner wing/bonnet may need to be changed.

It comes with the lower front threaded hole and a screw plug that is used to drain the radiator, so it’s ready to use.

Also, it comes with a bung that fits the C-ARA4445 Radiator Sending Unit for newer cars in the right size.

The capacity of this alloy radiator is about 1 1/2 quarts. It is made for cars that were made before 1990. However, it has been used in newer cars and has a drain plug that fits the screw-in type sender unit.

2 Row Core 50mm Racing Aluminum Radiator Stop Leak Compatible For AUSTIN ROVER MINI COOPER 1275 MT 1967-1991

Here’s another aluminum radiator that’s designed to keep the classic mini’s engine cool enough to keep it running for a long time. They are light-weight and made of aluminum that moves heat well. It has a tube and fin design that dramatically increases its surface area and lets the heat go away more quickly.

Its inlet and outlet are 25mm/25mm.

35 to 45 percent of the time, it makes cooling better.

It has a high-performance JDM spec 2 row racing design that is made for high performance.

It is made of High Quality Full T-6061 Aluminum.

The BETTERCLOUD 2 Row Cooling Racing Radiator Full T-6061 Aluminum

Here’s another Aluminum Radiator that is designed to keep the classic mini’s engine cool enough to keep it from breaking down early. This product dramatically increases the surface area, which allows the heat to spread out more quickly.

It is made of High Quality Full T-6061 Aluminum.

Two rows of tubes form its Core.

It has a direct bolt-on OE replacement or fit.

It has more power and more space for coolant than other stock units.

It also improves the cooling by 35% to 45%.

The Spectra Complete Radiator CU1193

Because of their innovative engineering, design technology, and great control, Spectra Premium radiators meet and exceed the previous equipment radiators that were used before the new radiators were made. All of the extra parts of the car include its engine and transmission.

This product lets thermal expansion happen, and the original clevis pins are included where they’re needed, so you can use them.

It reduces the stress on the headers, which helps to keep them from warping when the temperature changes.

It has a thicker tube wall that makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Designed with high-quality materials to last for a long time.

The  ALLOYWORKS 2 Row Core All Aluminum ATV Radiator

Another aluminum radiator has been made to keep the engine cool so it doesn’t break down early.

This product has a tube and fin design that dramatically increases its surface area and makes it easier for heat to get out. This is because it is made of aluminum, which is very light and heats up quickly.

It is made of T-6061 aluminum and has a high-quality finish.

It has a lot more space for coolant than stock units, and it’s very light.

Racing-style: It has a high-performance design, and it also improves cooling by 35 to 45 percent

How Much Is A New Radiator For A Mini Cooper

A radiator function is very important. The radiator stops the engine from overheating. It gets hot when your engine runs. In fact, you already know that coolant moves through the system absorber and takes the extra heat out of the engine.

Between $80 and $764, you can get a new radiator for your mini cooper for about that price. It all comes down to the brand and the quality of the thing you buy.

That is the material that was used to make the thing.

Mini Cooper Radiator Replacement Cost

Mini Cooper radiator replacement costs can range from $80 to $764. The cost of labor is between $221 and $279, and the cost of other parts can be as high as $416. You should know that taxes and fees are not included in this price range. It may not take into account your vehicle type or where you live.

Is It Worth Buying A Classic Mini?

It’s a good idea for people who are new to classic cars to start with the classic Mini when they start. This is a well-known British thing that is very cheap and safe to buy. A lot of people love it and it’s very British-themed, so it’s very popular. It will be a popular car for many years to come.

Classic Mini Fletcher Radiator Review

The Fletcher alloy radiator was made by M2 Motorsport to be a direct fit. Brazed aluminum is used to make the core, which is 40mm thick. It also has polished aluminum end tanks that were TIG welded together.

At the most vulnerable parts of the classic mini fletcher radiator, it’s been given a boost. Because there will be no cutting or modification needed for installation, there will not be any fabrication.

A 40mm brazed aluminum core is used in the Classic mini Fletcher radiator. It also has polished aluminum end tanks that are TIG welded together, and they are polished. Replace the original radiator on your MINI Cooper S with an aluminum performance radiator made by fletcher. This will help improve the cooling capacity of your car by keeping the engine cool so that it doesn’t overheat, which will make it run better. For the same reason, it’s important to keep its engine at the right temperature, just like the fletcher radiator on the classic mini.

Classic mini radiator removal

Here are the things you’ll need:

Two jack stands are shown.

The floor jack

Drain the pan.

Two M8 x 100 bolts.

A screwdriver with a flat head.

They come in 1/4′′ and 3/8′′.


This tool has a Phillips head.

In this case, the 8mm to 18mm socket set.

Here are the Classic mini radiator removal steps to take:

Remove the front bumper and crash bar.

This is the second step. Now, drain the coolant out of the engine.

Step 3: Make sure that the radiator push pins are out and that the upper radiator hose is disconnected from the radiator.

Step 4: Then, loosen the A/C condenser, and then do the same thing with the fan.

This is the fourth step. Now, put bolts into the frame rails.

Step 5: Finally, remove the heater.