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These days, small travel trailers are becoming more and more popular. People who want to go off-roading, live in a more eco-friendly way, or get back to nature find that smaller recreational vehicles are more manoeuvrable and convenient than big RVs with big leather couches and widescreen TVs.

Manufacturers are working hard to make cool and fun trailers for people who want the comfort of an RV but don’t want the hassle of owning a big one. Small travel trailers are a good choice for anyone who wants to buy their first or tenth camper. This list has the best small travel trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) between 1,800 and 3,500 pounds. These RVs are easy to pull behind a crossover or SUV that is set up right.

Before you do that, think about all the good things about having a small trailer.

1. Forest River r-pod

Forest River r-pod

Forest River advertises its r-pod trailers as affordable luxury with the lowest tow weight in their class. These small trailers have 10 different floor plans and are made to be very useful and easy to pull. One of the floor plans has a room that looks like a tent and can fit a queen-sized bed.

With so many different layouts, you can choose the r-pod that works best for your needs. Do you want a kitchen in the back or more beds? Or would you prefer a bathroom with more space? There is an r-pod that is just right for you, no matter what you need. An r-pod is usually between 18’4″ and 22’2″ long.

Any SUV, crossover, or minivan can easily pull any model. The best part is that these trailers can fit almost anywhere, whether you are boondocking, going to a national park, or just putting the trailer away until your next camping trip.

The r-pod has a steel frame that is powder-coated to make it last longer, require less maintenance, and be less likely to rust. There is a standard 3.7-cubic-foot 3-way refrigerator, a 6-gallon gas/electric DSI hot water heater, a 4-speed MaxxAir fan, and a recessed cooktop with two burners and a flush-mount glass cover.

The camper has a height of 6’6″ inside, which is taller than most small travel trailers. So, it’s a good choice for people over 6 feet tall. There is plenty of headroom inside, so they won’t have to bend over. Some r-pods come with either a wet bath or the tools to make a dry one. Every model has an outside shower with both hot and cold running water.

You can always upgrade by adding a 24″ LED flat screen TV, a convection microwave oven, and an R-Dome awning with a screen room. You can also get the handy solar package, which comes with a 1000-Watt inverter, a 110-Watt panel, and a digital controller. When you are camping off the grid and off the road, the solar panel array is very helpful.

The End Result

Most people who have an r-pod camper can’t stop talking about how easy it is to pull and how light it is. It also works great on the twists and turns of mountain roads. People also like how convenient it is to have an outdoor shower. The pet-friendly utility hook on the frame of an r-pod is another popular feature. This hook can hold food or water bowls. This makes it so much easier to take your pet with you on a trip.

2. TAXA Outdoors Cricket Camper

The Cricket camper from TAXA Outdoors has a unique design that is modern, sleek, and made for off-road adventures. If you like the way traditional travel trailers look, you should stay away from this one. Cricket is a camper that is very light and easy to pull with a 4-cylinder car. It’s only 15 feet long, so it’s easy to move around and get into tight spots.

But don’t think that because it’s short that it’s not comfortable. Two adults and two children can live comfortably in the camper with no trouble. The trailer’s amazing functionality comes from the way it was designed, which was very innovative.

After working on the International Space Station, Garrett Finney, the founder and CEO of TAXA, has a lot of experience making small spaces useful.

The Cricket is easy to use because it has a roof that pops up and five mesh windows. This is in addition to the four swinging windows that let in the most air. Even when you are inside the camper, you will feel like you are outside. The 32-by-20-inch window is big enough to let you see the whole scene.

The best part is that you can have privacy even when you’re parked in a crowded campground by putting shades and screens on the swing windows. This way, you don’t have to choose between privacy and a breeze.

The unique design of TAXA’s makes it possible to use the pop-up table and storage space under the bed even when the bed is in use. The kitchen has a large counter with a sink that is covered. This gives you enough room to cook, make food, and store things you need.

The best thing about the travel trailer is how it’s made. The floors are non-slip nickel-patterned seamless flooring, and the floors are an inch thick plywood with ABS laminate. This makes the interior construction strong and durable. With its powder-coated steel chassis and laser-cut aluminium skeleton, Cricket is made to be both very strong and very light.

It has been featured many times on The Travel Channel and in Forbes as the perfect camper for people who love the outdoors because it is designed to let travellers enjoy nature as much as possible. But this also means that TAXA’s Cricket doesn’t have a lot of extras. You won’t be able to choose from an endless number of floor plans.

The End Result

The travel trailer is more of a base camp for people who love being outside and want a simple place to stay when they’re not at home. The camper isn’t meant to be a place to relax or set up a workspace. It’s for people who like being outside and want to move up from tent camping.

3. United Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite

United Recreational Vehicles iCamp Elite

If you like the way TAXA looks, you can’t miss the iCamp Elite by United Recreational Vehicles. The frames of this small, cute travel trailer are made of aluminium tubing, and it is fully laminated to keep it light. The lighter weight also helps the car use less fuel.

The iCamp Elite is a cool little camper that looks like a throwback to the teardrop trailers of the 1960s. But it has all the modern features you’d want in a 2020 RV. In fact, it is one of the few (or the only) models that has a connection for an Apple iPod.

You also get glass slider windows with screens, a 3-way refrigerator, and a 6-gallon hot water heater. This small trailer has a lot of room for things to be stored. There is also a dinette that can be turned into a comfortable queen-sized bed quickly and easily.

The specs for this trailer say that two to three people can sleep there comfortably. But there is nowhere else to sleep besides the dinette bed. Unless a third person is very small and can fit between two other people, the iCamp Elite is probably best for people travelling in pairs or by themselves.

At 14′ long, the camper is easy to pull. One big problem is that the inside is only 5’11” tall. There may not be enough room for tall campers to feel comfortable. But there are other great things about the model that make it worth thinking about.

In the iCamp Elite, there is only one floor plan to choose from. The only big decision you have to make is whether to buy the trailer in blue or orange. You can upgrade your travel trailers by adding things like a flat-screen TV and a DVD video/audio system.

The End Result

The trailer is made of separate pieces, which makes it easy to move and very cute. You can get all the things you need in a strong package that is easy to handle. But you won’t find many modern features like kitchen islands and recliners.

4. Happier Camper HC1

The HC1 from Happier Camper is another cute little camper. This looks a lot like the iCamp Elite, but it still stands out in its own way. This travel trailer looks like it came from the 1970s and has some really cool features, like a 1.5-inch thick honeycomb fibreglass floor, a wide entry door, and a rear hatch.

In the HC1, you can change everything about your camping experience to fit your needs. The modular interior can be set up and taken apart in any way you like, depending on your needs. The Happier Camper comes in seven retro-style colour schemes. It is 13 feet long and 6 feet 1 inch tall on the inside.

The Adaptiv dynamic interior is used in HC1, and there are no different floor plans. The inside is made up of 20×20 cubes that can be put together in an endless number of ways. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, you can use the configuration examples that the manufacturer gives you.

The HC1 floor plan has a drain, table bases, and D-ring tie-downs that are built right into the frame. You can put your sink, table, cargo, and cooking surface in a number of places. The cubes that make the space to store things, eat, sit, and sleep can be moved outside to make a convenient place to live.

It also makes it easier to clean and put away. The modular cubes can be made in a huge number of different ways. They can be stacked to make tables or counter tops, padded to sleep or sit on, used as benches, as a cooler, as storage lids, or as a part of a toilet seat cover.

The designers didn’t divide the space into a kitchen, a bedroom, or a bathroom, so the user has a ridiculous number of choices. But this can be a big problem for people who like things to be simple and aren’t creative.

The End Result

Happier Camper gives people who like to change their space on the fly a lot of options. You can choose from great interior accessories like an AC/DC fridge/freezer, a dry flush/turbo toilet, a privacy screen for the rear hatch, and adjustable reading lights. You also have options for adding accessories to the outside, such as a 100-watt curved solar panel package, a loading ramp, and a heated and pressurised road shower.

The suspension on the HC1 is raised to make it work better with off-roaders. It is the perfect camper for people who want to have fun in the outdoors. People like to use the rear hatch to carry toys, bikes, and other outdoor gear. Another great thing about interiors is that they can be used for many different things.

5. Homegrown Trailer’s Woodland Trailer

Homegrown Trailer’s Woodland Trailer

The Woodland Trailer is another one-of-a-kind camper with a teardrop shape. It stands out because it is made of wood, which helps it blend in with its natural surroundings. The most important thing about Homegrown Trailers is that they use renewable parts and sustainable materials to make a healthy indoor space that is made entirely of non-toxic materials. Camping can’t get any cleaner than this.

The trailer is 19’4″ long, which means that it can fit in most people’s garages. You don’t need to find a separate place to store this camper. The wood siding on the outside can be either tongue-and-groove or bevelled. You can choose from four different colour schemes.

The standard package comes with 400 watts of solar panels. If you buy the extended off-grid package, you can get 800 watts of solar panels. As part of the standard package, you also get a composting toilet, a one-burner induction cooktop, and a small fridge that works well.

With the hard-sided pop top, the height inside can be raised to 6’5″. This also helps the air flow inside. Four people can sleep well in the Woodland. You can choose between a bunk/couch layout or a dinette/bench layout. There is also a queen-sized bed. You can turn the couch into a bunk bed, or you can turn the dinette into an XL twin bed or a bench.

The Woodland Trailer’s bathroom is only made up of a composting toilet and a sink. But it does have a portable outdoor shower system with a 3-gallon pressurised water chamber and a 10-foot spray nozzle. This is set up on a wooden platform with a screen for privacy (modular).

The Woodland needs to be pulled by something that can pull between 2,700 and 3,500 pounds. This makes it easy for most crossovers and SUVs to pull the small travel trailer. The trailer is made to last, which fits in with the company’s goal of having a small effect on the environment.

The solar panel array on the trailer is equipped with high-tech lithium-ion batteries, which make the trailer great for camping trips away from the power grid. As long as the weather is sunny, you don’t have to plug it in for a long time.

Wool is used to insulate the ceiling and walls of the trailer, which is another cool thing about it. Wool works well as insulation because its crimped surface naturally traps air to make a thermal barrier. Wool also takes in and gets rid of harmful chemicals in the air. It can control humidity by absorbing water. It also works well to keep out noise.

The End Result

Fans of Homegrown love that they can stay off the grid and that the camper lets in a lot of natural light. They also like that they can work, cook, and do everything else without really plugging in. Users say that the design of the interior is well-thought-out and doesn’t make the small space feel crowded.

6. Winnebago Micro Minnie

If you don’t mind something small, the Micro Minnie from Winnebago is another great small travel trailer. This camper is 7 feet wide and has 10 different open floor plans. Winnebago is a well-known company that has been making trailers since 1958.

The high-quality frame that comes with Micro Minnie gives the camper a light but strong base. It also has an NXG engineered chassis, a 13.5K BTU low profile air conditioning system, and a TPO roof that saves energy and reflects heat.

In three of the ten choices, there are no slides. This can help if you want to make the overall width smaller so you can fit into tight camping spots better. It also works for people who don’t like a lot of moving parts on the outside of their camper.

This small travel trailer has all the modern conveniences. It has a full kitchen with a split galley sink and a faucet that pulls out. There is a large dinette, a bathroom that is easy to use, and a king mattress that can be turned into two twin beds.

The Micro Minnie comes with a stove, a microwave, and a fridge as standard kitchen appliances. A power awning with LED lights, speakers outside, and a tankless water heater are some of the other features inside. Models of the Micro Minnie range in length from 19’2″ (1706FB) to 25’5″. (2306BHS model). All models have an interior height of 6’4″, which makes it a good choice for people who are at least 6 feet tall.

The End Result

The Micro Minnie is liked by Winnebago customers because it is small and easy to use. It has high-quality products at very low prices and is easy to use. The travel trailer has two axles, which you don’t often see on small camping trailers. It is built well and has a lot of features for such a small space.

The kitchen has a lot of storage space and high-quality appliances, which is another thing that makes customers happy. In fact, the Micro Minnie can carry up to 2,500 pounds of cargo with ease, while most small trailers can’t carry more than 950 pounds. Users of the camper say that the company that makes it has great support and service after the sale. When you buy a trailer, this is an important thing to think about.

7. Hiker Trailer

Hiker Trailer

Hiker Trailer is the perfect mix of how HC1 lets you change things on the fly and how a pre-set floor plan limits you. The company makes trailers that are unique to each customer based on their needs and wants. Crossovers and minivans can pull these small trailers that can be changed in so many ways.

There are four different models to choose from: Highway Basic, Highway Deluxe, Mid-Range Deluxe, and Extreme Off-Road Deluxe. The Highway Basic is available in 4×8, 5×8, 5×9, and 5×10 sizes. The model has 205 tyres, 14-inch wheels, a black powder-coated frame, two windows with screens, and an aluminium body.

The Highway Basic model is the same as the Highway Deluxe model, but it has a small galley door in the back. It also has cabinets in the back and front.

The Mid-Range Deluxe model has radial tyres that are 29 inches wide and aluminium wheels that are 15 inches wide. It has strong black steel diamond fenders and a large galley door in the back that opens to the side. The model is available in sizes of 5 x 8, 5 x 9, and 5 x 10.

The last model is the Extreme Off-Road Deluxe, which comes in 4 x 8, 5 x 8, and 5 x 9 sizes. The wheels on the model are the biggest. It has black 17-inch wheels with 33-inch tyres, which makes it a great camper for off-roading. There are two legs that fold down in the back for great stability on any surface. A black box in the front gives you more space to store things.

Hiker Trailer has factories in both Indianapolis, Indiana, and Denver, Colorado, where they make trailers. To have a trailer built just for you, you must first choose the style. Based on this, you’ll have different choices. You can choose things like the trim, colour, fenders, racks, doors, awnings, and doors. There are also mounts, hitches, cabinetry, and electrical, air, and heat systems.

If you don’t know how to set up your camper, you can rent a unit from Hiker Trailer. Before buying, you can get a feel for the trailer and get ideas for how to make it your own.

The End Result

Most of the time, Hiker Trailers are of good quality. Most customers think that the price range is fair for the trailers. They think the RV is practical and useful. Happy Trailer is small, easy to pull, and great for outdoor lovers, especially those who want to get away for the weekend quickly.

8. Scamp Trailer

Scamp is a small travel trailer with a retro look that is sure to appeal to people who want a trailer that looks more like a home. In 1975, Scamp was started in Backus, Minnesota, as a company that made trailers. All of their trailers used to be sold right from the factory. Scamp is proud to sell travel trailers made in the U.S. because it only works with suppliers in the U.S.

There are three sizes of Scamp trailers: 13 feet, 16 feet, and 19 feet. The 13-foot size is great for small families or couples, while the 16-foot size gives families more space. The group size is 19 feet. It’s easy for up to 6 people to sleep there.

Scamp trailers don’t have slides or other complicated features on the outside. They are easy to pull behind a car and don’t take long to set up once you get there. Cars with 4 cylinders can pull 13-foot models, but 16-foot models need small trucks or medium-sized SUVs. Only a fifth wheel is available for the 19-foot model.

The 13-foot Scamp trailer has a fridge, a sink, and a stove with two burners. It is one of the first models, and you can choose from a wide range of options for the cushions and the floor. The 13-foot model can only sleep a maximum of 4 people. It has a dinette in the back that seats up to 4 people.

The 16-foot mid-range Scamp is longer and a good choice for those who want a little more comfort. The camper has an extra place to put things, a counter, and a bathroom. There is no bathroom in the 13-foot Scamp. This model has three floor plans and can sleep anywhere from 2 to 5 people. Like in the 13-foot model, the dinette can be turned into a bed. The couch can be turned into two more bunk beds.

In the 19-foot fifth wheel, there is an extra loft bed. The rest of it is the same as the 16 foot model. With the loft, there is enough room for 6 people to sleep.

Heavy gauge tubular steel is used to make all Scamps. Each wheel is suspended separately by a torsion suspension system on the axle. The frame is covered so that it won’t rust. The body of the Scamp is made of fibreglass.

The End Result

People who own Scamps rarely, if ever, buy anything else. They are known for being very loyal to the company that makes their products, and they love everything that Scamp stands for. Customer service is the best thing about Scamp. The materials used to make these trailers are high-quality, and they are built well. The company wants its customers to be happy.

9. Safari Condo Alto

Safari Condo Alto

Safari Condo is also a well-known company that makes small, light travel trailers. Their campers are based on the fluid aerodynamics and long-lasting design of aeroplanes. One of the good things about the line is the independent Flexiride suspension. This part makes the aluminium frame more stable. The frame is made so that there are no welds.

Safari Condo focuses on making trailers that are good for the environment and can be pulled by smaller cars with less fuel. Most of the small trailers are made from things that can be recycled. The walls and roof of the trailer are made with a plastic honeycomb core that makes up the walls and the roof. The aluminium on both sides of the core hold it in place. In some cases, one of the sides is made of Alufiber, which has the strength of aluminium and the durability of fibreglass.

In the Alto line, there are two model series: the R series and the F17 series. The R series is known for having a seamless aluminium roof that can be pulled back. This series is made to fit well in a normal-sized garage. When the roof is down, the outside height is only 83.5 inches.

When the roof is raised, however, the height inside goes up to 82 inches. This lets taller campers have plenty of headroom without having to bend over or slouch. Altos in the R series are 17’3″ long from bow to stern. In the R series, there are two models: the R1713 and the R1723.

The king-sized bed in R1713 is 72 x 76 inches, but it can also be turned into two twin-sized beds. In contrast, the R1723’s bed is only 60 x 76 inches. But both models say that they can fit 3 to 4 people comfortably. Even when the bed is being used, there is a nice-sized place to eat.

In both R series models, the dining table can be moved to make a five-seat dinette or a two-seat dinette. Both models have a fixed flush toilet and a handy place to store things.

There is no model in the F17 series with a roof that can be pulled back. The fixed roof model is called “European style” by the company. In the F17 series, there are double-glazed panoramic acrylic windows with built-in blinds and screens. This makes you feel like you’re outside even when you’re in the trailer.

The outside height of this bigger model is 95 inches. Sometimes it doesn’t fit in a normal garage. But it is still light enough that most small SUVs and small cars can pull it. On the menu, there are two F17 models: the F1734 and the F2114.

The F1743 has a queen-sized bed that is 60 x 81 inches and can sleep 3 to 4 people. It also makes it possible to turn the front dining area into a 36 x 81 bed. The model has a toilet and a shower that are both inside. It also has a big bathroom cabinet and a big closet.

Alto’s largest model is the F21 series, which has a higher exterior height and a fixed roof. The height is 101 inches, making it easy for most people to stand. The F2114 is different in several ways from the F17. For example, it has more storage space and more room inside. The F2114 has both a queen bed (60×81) and a king bed (80×81). It’s made so that 4 people can fit in it easily.

The F2114 has a large refrigerator with a stronger heating system. It also has a front dining area with room for four people. The table in the dining area is easy to move outside and put on the outside of the trailer. In the wilderness, you can have a full dining experience outside.

The End Result

There is a lot of natural light in all Alto models. Customers love that even though the trailer is made to be light, it doesn’t bend in strong crosswinds. Users also like that almost any small car can pull it.

10. Airstream Basecamp

Airstream is a well-known small camper brand, and the Basecamp is the brand’s smallest model. The travel trailer is made for people who have never been on a trip with a trailer before or who want to move up from tent camping.

The length on the outside is 16’3″, and the height on the inside is 6’3.5″. The space has a cleverly made floor plan with a bathroom, kitchen, and dining area that can easily be turned into a place for two people to sleep.

In the dining area, there are two moveable tables that can be set at different heights and moved in different directions to make things more comfortable. The tables and legs can also be stored inside the benches.

Five people can sit on each bench. They can also be turned into a full-size bed (76 x 76 inches) or a half-size bed on one side. In the back of the trailer, there are bungee cords that can hold hiking gear.

There is a bathroom in the trailer with a toilet, a shower, and a sink. This room is closed off. With the pass-through, the shower can be turned into one that can be used outside.

In the front of the trailer, there is a sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a two-burner gas stove. The kitchen area has a place to store groceries and spices. The countertop is made to curve with the wall of the trailer and face the big windows.

Even though you can’t change the layout, the model comes with three different themes for the inside. The bungee storage is in the back door, which is separated from the inside by a screen. On the main door, there is also a screen.

You could also think about the Basecamp X, which is made for going off-road. It has bigger tyres and more clearance from the ground. The model comes with a front guard made of stainless steel to protect it from damage from dirt and rocks.

The End Result

People who have used the Basecamp rave about how easy it is to use and how well the LED lights are placed. Even in the dark, the travel trailer is easy to set up. Setting up the back bed shouldn’t be too hard either. The bench has rings that are easy to use and just snap into the legs. This keeps them from rolling around or getting broken when they’re not being used.