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If you like to fix your own car instead of going to a mechanic, you should buy a good torque wrench. A torque wrench is an essential tool for any handyman.

So, what exactly is a torque wrench? A torque wrench is basically a socket wrench with a special mechanism inside that lets you apply a certain amount of torque. Auto mechanics and other professionals use torque wrenches to quickly loosen and tighten bolts.

Most torque wrenches on the market today have a ratchet mechanism that keeps the wrench on the bolt.

Best Automotive Torque Wrench for the Money

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Types of Torque Wrenches

Click Torque Wrench

The click torque wrench is basically a socket wrench with more features. Using the clutch mechanism, you can set the level of torque.

When you reach the desired torque, the clutch starts to clip out on its own, and the mechanism that shuts it off stops it from going any farther.

The high-precision design of the click wrench keeps it from going past the point where it will break.

Beam Torque Wrench

The most basic and simple type of wrench is the beam torque wrench. The wrench has a lever arm that separates the head from the handle.

The arm has some give to it, so the wrench can bend to apply the right amount of pressure. The arm moves up and down against a scale or gauge that shows how much torque is being used.

Beam torque wrenches are heavy and bulky to use because they are manual and not as small as other wrenches.

Electronic Torque Wrench

Electronic wrenches are hooked up to an electric motor and multiply torque. They are also called digital torque wrenches. You can programme these wrenches and set them to any limit you want, depending on the application.

When the desired torque is reached, you’ll hear a beep and see the reading on the LED screen. Electronic torque wrenches have a chip that stores your torque readings, and you can access or upload the readings using spreadsheets or documents on your computer.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic wrenches are made to give fasteners the right amount of torque. The head of the bolt or nut is given enough pressure and the right amount of lubrication. The bolt or nut is then tightened to a predetermined torque level.

Hydraulic torque wrenches can be used to put a lot of force and pressure on something. They are mostly used in the auto industry.

Plumber’s Wrench

The torque wrench for plumbers is made to work on soil pipes with couplings. The plumber’s torque wrench is like a ratchet wrench, but the handle is in the shape of a T.

The wrench is set up so that it will fall off when the desired level of torque is reached.

But here are a few things you should think about before you go shopping for your torque wrench.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Torque Wrench


You must choose the right size of torque wrench.

For example, if you are working on a big truck, you will need a big torque wrench. If you are working on a car or a motorcycle, you will need a smaller torque wrench.


Most of the time, different torque wrenches have different levels of accuracy. However, good wrenches have an accuracy of more than 5 percent. A good torque wrench usually comes with a calibration certificate that says how accurate it is and when it was done.

Torque wrenches need to be re-calibrated every so often based on the tool’s maintenance schedule to stay accurate. Also, if you drop the wrench, you need to have it calibrated to make sure it still works.


A torque wrench’s grip is a very important part. Look for one that grips well, is easy to hold, and won’t slip when your hands are wet or covered in oil or engine fluid. Don’t buy a torque wrench that is hard to hold, because this will make your work less efficient.


Look for torque wrenches that have ratcheting, which makes things easier, especially if they can be used on both left-handed and right-handed threads.

Most electronic torque wrenches and click torque wrenches have ratcheting, but beam torque wrenches don’t.


Look for a torque wrench that is made of good materials. It might not be a good idea to buy a cheap wrench because they usually have a lot of plastic parts that will break down quickly.

Torque wrenches made of metal are better because they are more durable and last longer.


The torque wrench needs to be stored in a way that is recommended by the manufacturer. If it is not stored correctly, it could lose some of its accuracy.

The torque wrench will be better protected if you put it in a hard plastic case. Putting it in a soft case can cause it to get banged up and throw off its calibration.


Look for a torque wrench with a precise unit of measurement, like Newton-meters or foot-pounds. The torque wrench may also have extra features like a digital display, an LED screen, etc.

Try to find a wrench that is easy to read and easy to change. Also, look for a torque wrench with a good finish and good quality. This affects how long the tool will last.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

When buying a torque wrench, look for one that comes with at least a one-year warranty. Warranty periods may be longer for well-known brands.

Tools with warranties from the manufacturer are usually of good quality and will last for a long time. This will give you peace of mind when you buy them in case there are any problems with the way they were made, damage, etc.

Best Torque Wrench Reviews

Tekton 24340 Click Torque Wrench

Tekton 24340 Click Torque Wrench

The Tekton 24340 Click Torque Wrench has a lot of features and is very precise and accurate. The torque wrench is easy to use and useful.

Even though the tool is small, it has a great range and can be used by mechanics working on cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. The torque wrench only weighs about 6.5 pounds, which makes it very easy to use.

The Tekton 24340 makes it easy to work on lug bolts, suspensions, and brakes.

The torque wrench has a ratcheting head that can move in both directions. When you reach the right torque, you will hear a click that tells you to stop tightening. The Tekton torque wrench can be set up to be accurate to within +/- 4%. It keeps fasteners from being over-tightened because it takes away the need to guess.

With the wrench, you can tighten the fasteners on your machinery or vehicles to the specifications set by the manufacturer. The torque wrench is made of strong steel, so it will last for a long time.


A high-contrast scale with two different ranges lets you see the display very clearly.

Comes with a case that makes it easy to carry.

It can be used with different bolts and nuts.

Well-balanced and easy to control.

Durable all-steel construction.


When the torque settings are higher, it might not work as well.

The carry case isn’t very strong.


The torque wrench is made to last and can handle a lot of use.

The Tekton 24340 torque wrench is very accurate and can be used in both directions. It is also a very versatile tool that can be used in both directions. Its reasonable price makes it a great buy that is easy on your wallet.

Snap-On Industrial Brand CDI Torque Wrench

Snap-On Industrial Brand CDI Torque Wrench

The Snap-On CDI torque wrench is a micrometre torque wrench that is adjustable and has a dual scale that is calibrated and lets you get readings in both directions. The CDI torque wrench gives you readings that are always correct and exact.

The laser is used to calibrate the scales on the wrench, which makes it easy to read.

The wrench also has a lockable pull-down ring that is held in place by a spring. The quick-release button makes it easy to set up and use the wrench.

The tool is easy to use because it has easy-to-use buttons and an ergonomic grip. The CDI is a “universal tool” that is best for working on the engine, draining the oil, and fixing the suspension.


Simple to put together and use.


Laser markings make the scale easy to read.

Solid construction, durable.


Doesn’t make a click sound when the right torque is reached.


The CDI torque wrench is a very useful tool that is easy to use and has a wide torque range of 30-250 ft.lb. It can be used by people with different levels of skill. So, the CDI torque wrench is a great tool to have whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer.

ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench

ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench

The ACDelco Digital Torque Wrench is the one to get if you want a torque wrench that is easy to use and accurate without all the fiddling around and manual adjustments to get the right torque setting.

The ACDelco digital wrench has an LCD screen and a lot of buttons that let you choose the setting you need in either foot-pounds or Newton-meters. The LCD screen and digital wrench make it very easy to see what the settings are.

When you turn the torque wrench, the LCD screen shows how hard you are turning it.

The ACDelco torque wrench is great for small jobs because it can only handle torque between 4 ft/lbs and 99 ft/lbs. The torque wrench is only 17 inches long, and it weighs only about 4 pounds.

The torque wrench runs on 4 AAA batteries and turns itself off after 60 seconds if it hasn’t been used.


Torque wrench that is small and light.

LCD screen makes it easy to see what’s on the screen.

You can see how much torque is being used in real time.



Very quickly turns off.

To work, it needs four AAA batteries.


Overall, the small and light ACDelco torque wrench is a reliable and useful tool that can be used for a wide range of tasks, from regular maintenance and repair work on your bike to larger jobs like building a model car or boat. The torque wrench is accurate and easy to use because it is digital, which makes it a great buy.

There are so many kinds of torque wrenches on the market that it can be hard to choose the right one. After reading our buying guide and review, we hope you’ll be able to choose the torque wrench that will work best for all your needs.