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You love your truck, but you feel like it’s missing something. Maybe something doesn’t feel quite right or bothers you enough that you want to change it?

If that’s the case, you might be able to fix this problem by adding one of these accessories to your truck.

This is a much cheaper way to fix the truck than buying a new one, which is always tempting. Without further ado, let’s look at 8 things you can add to your truck to make it better.

1. Step Bars

Step Bars

Depending on how big your truck is, you might want to get a step bar to make it easier to get in and out of the truck.

Some people may not think much about how easy it is to get in and out of a car, but having something to bridge the gap when it comes to trucks is certainly not something to laugh at.

But on the other hand, some people might like the big step you’d have to take without a step bar because it might make them feel like they have a truck more. Some people will want them and some won’t, but it’s a great option to have, especially if you often have passengers, like your kids, in your car.

Anyone who is shorter than average will love it!


It makes getting in and out of the car easier and safer.

The passengers will like it.


Could take away the grand feeling of making a big move.

Installation could be a bit hard.

2. Bed Liners

If you have a truck, you probably use it to haul something. No matter what that cargo is, if you’re not careful, it could wear out the truck’s bed or even damage it if it’s heavy or hard to move around.

Anything that rolls around in the back could make dents and scratches.

A truck bed liner is a simple add-on that will keep these kinds of damage from happening to the bed of the truck. This will make the truck last longer and help it do its main job, which is to carry whatever equipment you need.

You could drive without a bed liner, but that would be asking for trouble, given how easy they are to install and how much they help.


Simple to set up

Protects the bed of your truck from damage caused by cargo and by rain or hail.


There are a lot of choices, so it might be hard to pick one.

3. Truck Bed Storage

Truck Bed Storage

Even if you don’t use your truck for business, it’s still important to have a good way to store your equipment. You can’t really take it for granted that all of your tools and gear are ready and easy to get to.

You could just throw everything in the back and go get what you need when you need it, but if you have a lot of things, you’ll need some ways to organise them.

There are many different ways to store things. Some can be made to fit your truck exactly the way you want, and there are also versions that will fit a wide range of styles.

These can make your truck so much more useful that you might have trouble finding ways to use all of the storage space.


Makes empty space into space to store things

Helps keep tools and equipment in order and safe.


Could be a waste of money if you don’t need that much gear.

If you’re looking for storage that can be used in different ways, make sure to also read my article here.

4. Tonneau Covers

A simple cover should not be overlooked!

Even though it might be cool to have your truck bed open, it’s not cool to leave it open to the weather and whatever you might be carrying back there. Wind alone might be enough to wear out some things you don’t think much about.

But if you get a nice tonneau cover, you can relax knowing that your cargo will be safe from those pesky weather conditions. The big one here is rain, especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.

It’s also good for security. If you have something tempting to thieves in your truck bed, it’s much less likely to be taken if it’s completely out of sight.


Keeps your stuff safe from the weather and nosy people.

Most models are simple to use.


Not all models can use it.

Extra Information:

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5. Cameras

Cameras car

Cameras are a good idea for any vehicle, but especially for trucks. Dashcams are great for safety and figuring out who was at fault in an accident. Back-up cameras help drivers of big vehicles back up safely.

Front-facing dashcams protect you from people who try to cheat your insurance, like people who cut you off, hit your brakes, and cause an accident, then try to say it was your fault. A camera will show that they are lying and make sure that you don’t get hurt by these lowlifes.

Depending on how big your truck is, a backup camera will help you back up your truck a lot by always giving you a clear view of what’s behind your truck.

You shouldn’t depend on it all the time, but it’s a big help and gives you a lot more field of view.


Everything that happens on the road is shown.

Good for hooking up cargo


Some models are expensive

6. Spare Tire (Full-Size)

We all know that a spare tyre comes with most cars. But that spare tyre is usually not a full-size tyre meant to replace a flat or otherwise damaged tyre permanently. It’s a donut tyre, which will work in a pinch but isn’t meant to be used for longer than it takes to get the original tyre replaced.

When it comes to trucks, you might not be able to rely on a donut, so it’s best to have a full-size tyre ready to replace a damaged one.

You should also check the spare tyre once or twice a year to make sure it’s still in good shape.


For a truck, a full-size spare tyre is a lot more useful than a donut.


Takes up more room than a donut, but this isn’t usually a problem because trucks have a lot of room.

7. Tow Hitch

Tow Hitch

The main job of a truck is to move things from Point A to Point B. Some of that gear will fit easily in the cabin or on the bed, but some of it is too big to fit in either of those places.

To get boats, trailers, and other big pieces of equipment where they need to go, you need a tow hitch.

Before you try to haul something big with your truck’s tow hitch, you should find out how much it can pull.

Normal trucks won’t be able to handle everything, so it’s best to play it safe in this area so you don’t end up trying to pull something that’s just too big for your truck.


uses trucks’ high power and ability to pull things

Great for moving heavy things, like other cars.


Must be careful not to pull more than the truck can handle.

8. Bed Lights

You will have to look for something in the back of your truck at night at some point. In this situation, the moonlight might not be enough to help you find what you need, so it’s important to have lights on your bed.

Even if your truck came with bed lights already installed, they might not be enough. This is especially true if you get a tonneau cover that blocks the light.

A good set of lights will light up both the top and bottom of the bed. Your tonneau cover should also be able to be pulled back, so that the lights above can be used with the lights below.

To find what you need quickly and easily and to make sure you don’t miss something because you can’t see it in the dark, you need good lighting.


Aids in seeing in the dark.

Good if you don’t have any other way to get light (flashlight, streetlight, etc.).


Setting up and installing something can be hard.

Wrap-up On Truck Accessories

As you can see, there are many ways to make your truck better without buying a whole new one.

Depending on what’s bothering you, you might be able to use one or more of these ideas to make your car more comfortable. Even though a new truck looks nice, it’s much cheaper to stick with your “goody but oldy.”