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BMW is a luxury car that does very well in the car business. But in its more than 100 years of business, the company has seen it all.

It made it through two world wars and was almost out of money in the 1960s. Still, it is a well-known automaker around the world that is getting stronger every day.

Over the years, the company has had a lot of success, and there have been a lot of new car models on the market. In 2018, BMW sold more than 2.5 million cars all over the world.

The company just came out with a brand-new flagship model, the eight series. Through their eDrive platform, they plan to put more electric models on the market.

The engines of these cars use special coolant and antifreeze because of their high-end design and luxury. Find out the BMW-approved coolant and other important facts about this car by reading on.

BMW Approved Coolant-1

One of the BMW engine coolants that sells the most.

This antifreeze/coolant is only for BMW cars. It is the best-selling coolant for car engines in the world.

The BWM coolant antifreeze is a must if you want to keep the temperature of your engine under control. It keeps the water pump in the car from getting rusty by lubricating it.

During the winter, this coolant helps your engine not freeze up. It also helps cool the oil coolers for the transmission.

The colour of this coolant is blue. It works for all BMW models because it is real BMW antifreeze from the factory.

It is best not to use your engine with this coolant antifreeze concentrate as it is. The best thing to do would be to mix it 50/50 with distilled water.

It’s a good thing to spend money on for your BMW. It is worth more than the money you pay for it.

What makes it different from the others?

In contrast to other coolants on the market, BMW coolant does not contain nitrite or phosphate. As a result, it is the best way to keep aluminium parts from rusting and building up.

It protects your engine and cooling system from boiling over, heat damage, and corrosion all year long.

2. BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze/Coolant

BMW Approved Coolant-2

This is the coolant we recommend, and it comes in a one-liter bottle.

This antifreeze is a smaller version of the famous BMW coolant antifreeze we talked about above. Instead of a gallon, it comes in a one-liter bottle.

It is blue and works well with all BMWs. This BMW replacement antifreeze can be used whenever your car needs new fluid.

It’s best to use it after having your engine serviced or when your car has lost coolant because it got too hot.

This antifreeze fluid keeps the passages in your engine that carry coolant open. It also keeps them from rusting too quickly.

Corrosion is bad for your car because it makes it run hotter when it happens. Before you use this coolant, the maker says to mix it 50/50 with distilled water.

What makes it different from the rest?

This is a real OEM product. It makes your car run smoothly and easily, with the engine working as well as it can.

Is it Okay to Use Normal Coolant on a BMW?

BMW is a high-end car brand that needs extra care and attention. Always use a coolant that is made for BMW models to be safe.

Because it goes through the engine of a car, antifreeze has to be very careful. Because of this, you should always make sure to use the right one according to what the manufacturer says.

BMW engines are not made to work with regular coolants. It can be expensive to use them in your car.

They could end up hurting your car’s cooling system.

Over time, they cause the cylinder gasket, the water pump, and the radiator to rust and break. They may also hurt your engine so much that you have to buy a new one.

Unlike most other coolants, BMW coolants don’t have phosphate and nitrite. This is what makes them resistant to corrosion and buildup on aluminium parts.

Also, it’s important to remember that BMW coolant doesn’t come already mixed. So, you also need distilled water to make a mixture that is 50/50.

Make sure to follow the directions for mixing. Too much water isn’t enough to protect against boil-overs and freeze-ups. On the other hand, your engine could overheat if you use too much antifreeze concentrate.

Can I use water as a Coolant?

When you don’t have the right coolant on hand, you can use water instead. But this is not something you should do. Make sure you always have a spare coolant in the trunk of your car.

A coolant works better than water to cool the engine. Even though it boils quickly, water boils at a lower temperature than the real coolant.

What Makes a Coolant Good?

Antifreeze is another name for coolant, which is a mix of fluid concentrate and distilled water.

Its main job is to get rid of the extra heat made by an engine that is running. It is kept in a coolant reservoir on the radiator of the car.

Some things that make a good coolant are:

It doesn’t cause or help corrosion in the cooling system of the car.

It is not very thick.

It can hold a lot of heat.

It’s not dangerous.

It doesn’t cost much.

50/50 antifreeze and distilled water can be used as a coolant that will last for five years.

After How Long Should I Change My Coolant?

Over time, coolant gets worse. So, you should check the coolant in your engine at least twice a year.

You can also set up the checks to happen every 30,000 or 50,000 miles. If the level of coolant has dropped, you should add more.

Also, you need to do a regular antifreeze flush and coolant drain.


In short, coolant is an important part that every car owner needs to have. It is the best friend of your engine and helps the engine last longer.

If you own a BMW, you need a coolant that BMW has approved. You can use a BMW Coolant Antifreeze or a BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze.

All BMW models work very well with both coolants. They don’t have nitrite or phosphate, which are the main things that cause corrosion.

They protect your engine and cooling system from boil-overs, heat damage, and corrosion in the best way possible.

Don’t use any other coolant in your BMW’s engine, or you could hurt it.