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Buying a BMW has always been a hot topic in the automotive industry, and for good reason. However, have you ever wondered how much money a BMW salesman makes? You’ll find out in the next paragraphs.

Is there a salary for BMW automobile salesmen? A BMW salesman may expect to earn between $54,066 and $61,847 per year by the year 2021. BMW vehicle dealers are among the highest-paid salespeople in the industry.

For the sake of clarity, that works out to $25.99 per hour. That’s $4,506 if we go on for months about it. That’s a great rounding error. It’s a given that the salary will differ.

If we take into account the factors of experience, expertise, and talents, the salary will be higher than the average. Let’s take a closer look at BMW vehicle salesmen’s pay.

Do BMW Car Salesmen Have Fixed Salaries?

Yes, it is possible for them to have a set pay. In addition, the salary depends on the salesman and the period of year that the company is in. It’s obvious that not all sales are alike when we state that it’s all up to the salesman.


One of the salespeople is a better communicator than the other. The more seasoned salesman has a leg up on the younger one. The more persuasive one salesperson is, the more persuasive the next, and so on. As a result, the salesman’s remuneration will vary. There will be an extra income each month or year if there are two automobile salesmen. If one vehicle salesman has greater experience or expertise, he or she may command a higher salary.

The time of year is also an influence. All businesses have their ups and downs, and BMW is no exception. Depending on the season, these ups and downs will be more pronounced or less pronounced. When the economy is strong, people are more likely to purchase vehicles. There are also instances when fewer people are willing to purchase automobiles.

What Are the Fixed Salaries of BMW Car Salesmen?

A BMW automobile salesman may expect to make roughly $2,000 per month on average. There is, of course, a wide range in pay between distributors. Various states have different fixed salaries for different distributors.

Another important detail about BMW distributors: they’re neither made or controlled directly by BMW themselves. As a result, a vehicle salesman’s base wage may differ from that of another salesperson. The set pay is also at the sole discretion of the management team and the company’s owner.

Distributors get paid differently, so expect this to be true as well. If you’re a distributor, don’t expect to make this much money. Some distributors’ pay may be comparable or even close, but others will stand out from the crowd.

The management and the owner will also have an impact on this outcome. The owner of a BMW built by a third party will make the final decision.

How Much Does a BMW Salesman Make per Car?

A BMW salesman’s compensation will vary from distributor to distributor, just like his or her wage. But the average range is twenty to thirty percent. Consider the fact that not all automobile distributors charge the same price for the same model.

The distributor has a significant impact on profit margins. If you’re an excellent BMW salesman, you can earn up to $50,000 per year. As previously stated, there are considerations for knowledge, experience, and the financial gain associated with the vehicle.

Assumption: A portion of the company’s gross profit will be paid to the salesperson. About 20% of the time, this is the case. The distributor’s role in determining the average salary will also play a role.

From one dealership to the next, the commission rates for each car are going to be different. In addition to the commission, a dealership’s automobile sales revenue will differ from another dealership’s sales revenue.

How Many Hours Do BMW Car Salesmen Work?

The salary of a car salesman is really fair. To be a BMW vehicle salesman, you’ll need to put in 40 to 50 hours every week. You may have to work late into the night or even on the weekends if you’re working these hours.

Hours may vary depending on the sales representative. If a salesman wants to work lengthy hours, the average number of hours worked will likewise vary.

If the distributor does not have any employees, then this will be different. Because of the shortage of employees, you may have to work longer hours.

Who Owns a BMW Dealership?

Observation and inquiry have led to the discovery of the answer to this question. However, no owner of a BMW dealership would ever post online about the resulting revenue. A BMW dealership owner can make anywhere from $18,902 to $495,413 in a year if sales are strong..

This is a terrific business opportunity because you’ll make money on every vehicle you sell. The salesman’s ability to sell cars will determine his or her salary.

As a result, having a salesperson with a wealth of knowledge and expertise is critical. As a result, they will be responsible for bringing in the cash. That’s not all; these vehicle salesmen need to be paid a lot of money.

Is BMW Car Salesman a Good Career?

To this day, the job of BMW vehicle salesman still has its allure. So much money can be made and it will be just the right amount. Each of you will have a target to meet and must sell a particular number of autos.

Profit and revenue are important factors because it is a business. Your effectiveness and expertise will be determined mostly by your ability to sell automobiles.


It’s no surprise that BMW automobile salesmen are excellent. Even if the starting salary is low, it is still feasible to make a lot of money in this field. Each vehicle’s commission is enough to keep the business afloat.

You’ll be able to sell automobiles quickly if you work hard at it. If you enjoy the thrill of the chase and the thrill of the sale, becoming a BMW automobile salesman could be an excellent choice for you. Strong money and good focus are two of the many benefits of working from home.