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Heavy construction equipment does not have a registration number like the automobiles you see on the road, therefore you have no idea when it was made. The license plate is all you need to know about a vehicle’s age.

However, using heavy equipment like a Bobcat skid steer complicates matters. You don’t want to pay more than necessary on a Bobcat, whether you intend to use it for construction, agriculture, or grounds care.

Although it may seem risky to buy used Bobcat equipment without knowing the precise year it was made, this isn’t necessarily true. The serial number of a Bobcat can be used to determine the model year of the machine.

Where Is The Serial Number On A Bobcat?

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You won’t be able to put a license plate on any Bobcat equipment you buy. A serial number is the only thing the device has. The Bobcat serial number is critical in determining the year of manufacture of a Bobcat.

What if you don’t know where the Bobcat’s serial number is?

Having done the research, you need not be concerned; we will help. The Bobcat’s serial number can be found in the owner’s guide.

The manual’s cover will almost certainly have the serial number printed on it, making finding it a breeze. Open up the owner’s manual and you should be able to clearly read the serial number on the inside cover page.

It’s possible you bought a used Bobcat and it didn’t come with a manual, the vendor misplaced it, or you lost it yourself.

Again, there is no need to panic because the serial number may be found elsewhere.

In the event that you do not have the owner’s manual, you will be able to locate the machine’s serial number by inspecting it. If the number is on the equipment, it’s likely to be on the equipment’s door or on the loader, which can be found on the Bobcat’s inside.

The first step in determining the year of your Bobcat is to locate its serial number. Now that you’ve got the Bobcat’s serial number, you can begin the process of figuring out how old it is.

How Do I Find Out What Year My Bobcat Is?

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The age of a used Bobcat is critical to know. As with automobiles, the older the vehicle’s machinery, the less efficient it will be. If rust or normal wear and tear is to be expected, the components should be avoided.

Equipment that has been in operation for a long time is more likely to have parts fail and require expensive maintenance.

The model year of the Bobcat is critical when selling or buying one. Follow the instructions below to find out the model year of a Bobcat.

Step 1 – Find the serial number

As previously said, finding the serial number is the first step in determining the age of a Bobcat. The serial number for your Bobcat can be found on the machine itself (typically on the inside of the door) or in the owner’s manual.

Step 2 – Document the serial number

You’ll want to keep a record of the serial number’s location for future use. Either take a photo of the Bobcat’s serial number or write down the number and store it safely.

There are times when the serial number is needed and there is no need to go to the Bobcat or search through the owner’s handbook.

Step 3 – Phone up Bobcat

You’ll need to call Bobcat now that you have the serial number. To get the model and year of your Bobcat, you can phone a Bobcat representative and give them the machine’s serial number.

You can reach a Bobcat representative by phone at 800 743 4340 or by filling out the customer care form on the Bobcat website.

That’s all there is to it!

Finding out the year of a Bobcat may take a bit more effort than finding out the year and model of a car or other vehicle, but it isn’t difficult.


How do I find out what year my Bobcat is?

Contacting a Bobcat representative will provide you with the model year of a Bobcat. Find the Bobcat serial number in the owner’s manual or on the inside of the door, and then call Bobcat to have it removed from your vehicle.

The representative will be able to tell you exactly what year and model the Bobcat is after you provide them the serial number.

What year is a 743 Bobcat?

Between 1987 and 1991, the 743 Bobcat model was manufactured by Caterpillar. The serial number can be used to determine the model or series of a Bobcat if you are unsure about its age or model.

You can find out the year of your Bobcat easily by calling the Bobcat team and providing them with the serial number.

What year is the Bobcat 753?

Bobcat’s 753 skid steer model is the 753 model. Between the years 1999 and 2003, Bobcat 753s were built.

When was the Bobcat 773 made?

In honor of Bobcat’s half a millionth loader manufacture, the company produced a 500k turbo edition of its 773 loader. If you have a 773 Bobcat from 1991, 2000, or 2001, it will be from one of those years.

How can I tell what year my skid steer cat is?

To figure out the year of your Bobcat skid steer, all you have to do is look up its serial number. To summarize, all you have to do is call a Bobcat representative and supply them with your equipment’s serial number in order to learn the year it was manufactured.

What should I look for when buying a Bobcat?

You should exercise prudence and common sense when making a purchase of any kind that was previously owned by someone else. Even if you buy a used bobcat, you’ll still have to fork over a substantial sum of money.

When it comes to purchasing a Bobcat, make sure you inspect the machine before making a purchase. It’s critical that you thoroughly examine the Bobcat and, if possible, have the engine started so you can run it yourself.

All of the components should be working properly and there should be no evident damage to the vehicle. Once you’ve made your purchase, you don’t want to have to shell out money for costly repairs.

If you’re buying from a dealership, make sure to ask about the Bobcat’s maintenance history; the salesperson should be able to supply this information. If you choose a Bobcat that has had all of its scheduled maintenance work completed, you are considerably less likely to have problems.


If you want to sell your Bobcat or acquire a used one, you’ll want to know when year it was made. The serial number on your Bobcat can tell you exactly what year it was manufactured.

Get in touch with a Bobcat representative to find out the model and year of the machine. Once you have shared the serial number, you will then be told the year of your Bobcat, the model, and any other specifications information that you require.