Updated at: 31-05-2022 - By: Lucas

What is a car that can’t stop? A machine that kills. When you think about driving your car, you have to think about brake work.

Work on the brakes is necessary. You will have to do it many times over the life of your car. Even the brakes wear out over time, but not as much as other parts of your car that move.

On average, a proper brake job plus replacement should last you 40,000 miles. That is the same as 4 years. That’s a pretty good time to stop worrying about brakes. So, this makes me wonder.

Well, there are prices that are fair and prices that are a rip-off. All of it depends on where you take your car to get fixed. They all have different prices depending on what kind of car you have. So there is no clear answer about how much a brake job will cost.

But knowing what happens during a brake job might help you figure out how much it will cost all together.

Steps to Evaluate Your Brake Job Costs

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Take your car to a trustworthy auto shop and ask them to check out the brakes in detail. When you do a brake job, not all parts need to be replaced.

A good mechanic will know about these parts and only replace worn-out ones, which will save you money.

Also, brakes stop working long before they are worn out. So, regular service will let you know when it’s time to get your brakes fixed.

Repair of the brake system

The inspection shows what repairs need to be done. Your mechanic will decide how to fix your brakes in the best way.

Maybe it needs a little tune-up or some parts need to be replaced.

Your mechanic should tell you how much these parts cost.

Different models have different brake systems and designs. Some brake systems are sensitive, and you need a computer diagnostics to show you where the problems are and what parts aren’t working.

The Cost of Changing Your Brakes By Yourself\

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If you already know how the brake system works, it should be easy to change your brakes on your own after a full inspection. Right?

On the other hand, changing your brakes doesn’t mean swapping out old parts for new ones and changing the brake fluid. There are so many steps, and it’s not like just changing your oil. A simple job like changing the brake pads can quickly become hard.

The good thing about getting new brakes is that you can check the quality. You get to buy the replacements yourself, so you’ll think about which ones are the best.

For a typical brake job, you need the following:

Brake pads

They push into the rotors to make the friction needed to stop the car.


When the brakes are used, these are the cylinders that move the brake pads toward the rotors.


The rotor is put in them. They also hold the brake pads and pistons.


Sensors in modern cars tell drivers when their brakes are getting worn down.

Brake rotors or brake discs

It is made of cast iron and steel. They are round, and the wheel makes them spin.

Brake fluid

Brake grease

A simple brake job takes a lot of work. Some parts are hard to get through, and you need to be skilled to do so.

But if you think you don’t know enough, you might want to call an expert for help.

The Cost of Changing Your Brakes By a Professional

You’ll need to find a good store with a long history of happy customers. Family and friends can give you a long list of shops that are good.

You can also look for a good shop on your own. Call ahead and set up interviews to get a quote.

It is important to find professional services that are affordable, especially if you are on a tight budget.

When you get different quotes, you can ask the mechanic to explain why the prices are what they are. Auto shops will, of course, charge a lot for parts. They do this because they want to make money off of both sales of parts and work.

If you’re not happy, you can go buy the parts yourself and call a trusted mechanic to put them on for you.

Asking for the part numbers is a great way to find out how much new parts will cost. After that, you should look online to see what the numbers are.

How Does Disc Brakes Work?

When a brake is used, it should work right away. The driver steps on the brake pedal, which is a simple way to explain it. The brake fluid is then pushed into the brake lines by a piston inside the brake master cylinder.

It will move the pistons that push the pads against the rotors. The pressure is higher the more the driver presses on the pedal. The pads press harder on the rotor the harder you squeeze. The brake pads only move a few millimetres, but the car stops quickly.

When the driver takes their foot off the pedal, the pedal always goes back.

How Long Does Brakes Last?

It’s hard to tell how long brakes will last. But between 25,000 and 65,000 miles is when most start to have problems.

Most car manufacturers say that brakes should work for at least 40,000 miles. How fast your brake pads wear out depends on how often you use them and how well you take care of them.

Simple Brake Maintenance Tips

Check fluids

Don’t forget to check your brake pads often. Make sure that your brake fluid does not have a creamy colour. Water has gotten into the fluid, which is a bad sign. The brake fluid needs to be changed.

Stop at low speeds

When you stop at a faster speed, your brakes have to work harder. Figure out how far you need to go to stop, and then start slowing down. It will make the brakes work better.

Check the weight in your car

The harder it is to stop the car, the more weight it is carrying.


Maintenance and costs for brakes are important. Regular checks will ensure the safety of everybody in the car. Professionalism is key to good brake repair and maintenance. You can cut on costs but never compromise on the quality of the replacement parts.