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This article contains affiliate links. A modest compensation may be earned by me if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. Do relays for gasoline pumps function sporadically, or are they always on? Intermittent operation of a fuel pump relay can be caused by a variety of factors. Your car allegedly won’t start or move if the fuel isn’t getting to the engine Modern vehicles have a complex fuel system that includes a relay that shields the gasoline pump. Typically constructed of plastic, this relay is critical to the operation of the device.

Fuel pump relays, like every other component in an automotive, can fail, causing your vehicle to not start. When you switch on the ignition, the fuel pump relay kicks in and is managed by the powertrain control module. The pump relay is primarily responsible for boosting the gasoline pump’s performance. As a result, if the relay is defective, the fuel pump is prone to malfunction.

Can A Fuel Pump Relay Work Intermittently?

Can A Fuel Pump Relay Work Intermittently?

Is it possible for the fuel pump relay to malfunction? The short answer is yes. Since the relay is what activates the fuel pump, it would appear that any malfunction of the relay would affect the pump as well. When the fuel pump is faulty, it becomes difficult for fuel to reach the engine, which means that your vehicle may not start at all. All of your car’s systems will be affected if any part of the combustion system is harmed. Many circumstances might lead to the fuel pump relay becoming bad, including inactivity, electrical surges, dust accumulation, and more. It’s possible, for example, that the pump relay will need to be replaced if you leave your automobile ideal for an extended period of time.

To your surprise, swapping out the gasoline pump relay is less expensive than replacing the pump system as a whole, which could be harmed if you repeatedly try to start the car with a defective relay in place. The cost of replacing a defective fuel pump relay is $60 on average. It’s also common for the fuel pump relay to send out warning indicators before it goes out. It’s best to take action as soon as you see these warning signs, or else you’ll face a far greater financial burden in the future. We’ve listed some of the most common signs of a bad or malfunctioning fuel pump relay down below. Regardless of which of these warning signs you detect, you should take action immediately.

How Do You Know Your Fuel Pump Relay Is Bad?

6 signs of a bad fuel pump relay and how to test for a failed one

A malfunctioning gasoline pump will almost certainly result in your dashboard’s check engine light coming on. Due to a lack of fuel, your car’s engine performance may suffer as a result of this condition. When your automobile won’t start as readily as it used to, the fuel pump relay may be to blame. Your automobile would not start if the fuel pump was unable to transport fuel to the engine. If you start your automobile and there is no noise, your fuel pump isn’t working properly. The only time you’ll hear a sound from your engine is when it’s working.

All automobiles with a fuel pump relay will display these symptoms. But these symptoms are similarly comparable to those of a failing fuel pump system and other engine components. The symptoms you’re seeing may be caused by something other than a faulty fuel pump relay, so figuring out what it is can be challenging. An OBD2 scanner can help you diagnose and figure out what’s causing the problem.


Do relays for gasoline pumps function sporadically, or are they always on? Yes, dust, electrical surges, and other possible causes can cause it to malfunction at times. Repairing the relay, on the other hand, is both inexpensive and time-saving. It’s crucial to remember that repairing minor issues with your car before they become major ones will save you money in the long run. Troubleshooting your vehicle with an OBD2 scanner will help you find the source of the problem. Maintaining a consistent schedule for auto maintenance is also important.