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Using the proper and suggested motor oil is critical because it is an essential fluid in your car. People sometimes get confused and question if they can combine different grades of oil, which is why so many motorists have this problem. As a result, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic, you’re in the right place. Is it possible to blend 0w20 and 0w30 oil? Yes, this is a valid question. As a result, if you so like, you may blend 0w20 with 0w30 oil.

If you drive a car, you should be aware that motor oil is used to provide lubrication. Internal combustion engines, such as those found in lawnmowers, motorcycles, automobiles, and a slew of other equipment, all utilize this motor oil to keep their moving parts lubricated. Because of this, there is friction. It’s because of this friction that motor oil was invented in the first place. In order to keep the engine and all of its components in good working order, it will be necessary to use motor oil. That’s why it’s so important to stick to the recommended maintenance schedule for your engine. For more information on the recommended and appropriate motor oil for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer. Mixing engine oil is also a big no-no. Some car owners have been combining two different types of motor oil, which has caused this. As a result, we’ll now discuss how to combine 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil and what the probable outcomes are. Let’s get this party started now.

Can I Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil?

Before we can answer this, let’s have a look at what exactly these two oils are. High-performance base stocks and a well-balanced additive system make up the 0w20 motor oil. Because of its viscosity, this motor oil can improve the performance of the engine. Because of this, it has the potential to increase a vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Instead, 0w30 motor oil is designed to improve your engine’s fuel economy while also protecting it from wear and tear.

For the sake of a layman’s perspective, you cannot mix these oils because they appear to be different motor oils. You can, however, combine 0w20 and 0w30 oil if you so like. It’s up to the driver to decide whether or not to combine them. On the other hand, sure, 0w20 and 0w30 can be mixed.

Can You Add 0w20 to 0w30 Oil?

It’s up to you, but only if you want to or have to. You can, for instance, add 0w20 to your 0w30 oil. There are, however, times when you have no choice but to comply. Motor oil is running low for some folks, and the location they’re in doesn’t have any that matches what’s in their vehicle. Situations like this will need the use of additional motor oil.

In such a case, you can simply sum it all up. Alternatively, if you choose to use your current oil, you can perform an oil change when you reach at your location. Yes, you can mix 0w30 with 0w20 if you choose. It’s up to you if you’d like to add it all up and do it. As previously said, there are times when you have no choice but to change your engine’s oil.

Is It Ok To Mix 0w20 and 0w30 – Possible Downsides?

Yes, that’s OK. No engine failures or damage to components have been observed as a result of combining 0w20 and 0w30 oil. Many motorists have reported no problems with their vehicles’ performance or reliability after switching from 0w20 to 0w30 oil. The warranty of your car is one of the possible drawbacks. Your vehicle’s warranty may be void if you use a blend of 0w20 and 0w30 oil while it’s still under warranty. If your engine is still under warranty, it’s advised to avoid combining 0w20 and 0w30 oils.

What Happens if You Mix 0w20 and 0w30 Oil?

The warranty on your vehicle may be voided if you use a mixture of 0w20 and 0w30 oil. In terms of your engine’s and your own performance, you have nothing to be concerned about. If you mix 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil, you won’t have any engine failures or harm your car’s components.


People have been inquiring if they can use 0w20 and 0w30 oil in the same vehicle. It’s unfortunate that there are no official declarations about the consequences of blending 0w20 oil with 0w30 oil on engine performance. However, car owners have been doing so for some time. They didn’t have any casualties or performance issues with their vehicle, they said.