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We sometimes like to drive without all of our clothes on, whether we’re on the highway or coming from the beach.

Some people do it because they say it helps them brake and speed up better, while others do it just because they want to.

Some people have made it a habit to do it when police are around.

But is it against the law to drive barefoot?

There is no federal or state law that says you can’t drive without shoes. Most states think that driving with no shoes on is dangerous and advise against it. In some states, like Alabama, you can be charged with reckless driving if you cause an accident while driving without shoes.

So, if you want to stay safe, you should drive with your shoes on. But there are times when driving barefoot is the best thing to do.

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Can You Drive Without Shoes?

Can You Drive Without Shoes

Yes, you can.

It’s better to drive barefoot than in high heels, wedges, or flip-flops. People who like the idea of driving without shoes do so for the following reasons.

Better grip. Like our hands, our feet can grip, bend, and reach parts of the brake and gas pedals that some shoes can’t.

Better control: Bare feet give you better control than some shoes, like flip-flops, because you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

Comfort: Driving barefoot is more comfortable than driving with shoes that hurt your feet. Some drivers find it hard and sweaty to drive long distances, especially in the summer. Then, they’d rather drive barefoot.

Will Driving Barefoot Lower Your Insurance Claim?

Since it’s legal to drive without shoes, it won’t affect your insurance coverage in any way.

But if you get into an accident because you were driving without shoes, your insurance company may not pay out any claims.

Check with your insurance company to see if there are different rules about driving without shoes in your county or city.

Counties, cities, and towns can change or make up their own unofficial laws if they think it’s best for the public. If more accidents happen when people drive without shoes in a certain area, the local government may prefer that people drive with shoes on.

Even though it’s not illegal to drive without shoes, that doesn’t mean it should be done.

Is Driving Barefoot a Potential Safety Risk?

Can You Drive Without Shoes-3

Most states say it’s not safe to drive without shoes, so it’s not as safe as you might think. If you’re going to drive without shoes, you need to be very drunk and very careful.

Here are some reasons why it might be dangerous to drive without shoes.

When you drive without shoes, it’s harder to get to safer ground in case of an accident or other emergency on the road. It’s hard to walk on the asphalt without shoes.

It also makes it harder to drive if you hurt your foot. When you drive with shoes on, you are not likely to get hurt by the gas or brake pedals.

And if you have a foot injury that keeps coming back, driving without shoes could make it worse. Because of the pain and discomfort, you become less responsive.

If you start sweating on your soles, you are more likely to fall. When you wear stockings and drive, you also have less control over the foot pedals.

Shoes are harder and less flexible than a person’s bare feet. You won’t put the same amount of pressure on your brake pedal when you don’t have shoes on as when you do.

When they are dry and soft, a person’s feet have a surprising amount of grip that is better than some shoes. When they get wet, they are very slippery and tend to slide off the brake and gas pedals while driving.

If it just rained on you while you were barefoot or wearing flip-flops, or if you just got out of the pool with wet feet, you should dry them first.

Your old shoes could get in the way of the pedals, making it hard to stop, speed up, or slow down on time.

Officers of the law don’t like it when people drive without shoes, and if you get in an accident, you could be charged with reckless driving.

Do the Shoes You Wear While Driving Matter?

Yes. The best driving shoes are comfortable and useful at the same time. They should be easy to hold and let you put just the right amount of pressure on the gas and brake pedals.

They should also feel safe and not change how your body naturally sits in the driver’s seat.

When Looking for Driving Shoes, Look for the Ones That:

Have a sole that is firm and no more than 2.5 cm thick, but not too thin and soft.

Give the floor and pedals of the car enough grip.

Don’t make it hard for you to move your ankles.

They are wide enough so that you can put pressure on the pedals with your foot, but not so wide that you could press two pedals with one shoe.

Which Shoes Should You Avoid While Driving?

Some shoes are so dangerous to wear while driving that it would be safer to not wear them. These are shoes that make it harder to control yourself and focus.

Here are some shoes you should not wear.

Open heeled sandals

Flimsy shoes

Wedge heels

Long laces on shoes

Flip flops

Soles that slip and stockings that slip

Big, heavy-soled shoes

High heels don’t give you much traction, and it’s hard to know how much force to put on your brake and gas pedals.

I’d also tell you not to drive in knee-high boots because they’re hard to move around in and may force you to change how you’re sitting behind the wheel to be more comfortable.

You should be able to put both heels on the floor of the car when you’re in a good driving position. With high heels, your feet will be a little higher than what some drivers are used to.

But some people are used to driving in high heels, no matter how uncomfortable they are.

Can You Ride a Motorcycle Without Shoes?

In 49 states, there is no law against riding a motorcycle without shoes. Alabama is the only state that requires all motorcycle riders on the roads to wear shoes.

People, the police, and biker groups all say that riding a motorcycle without the right gear is dangerous and should be avoided for safety reasons.

Also, a motorcycle’s rear-wheel brakes and gear levers aren’t the softest things you can think of. Shifting gears while barefoot or wearing flip-flops is uncomfortable and could hurt your feet’s soft tissues.


Even though it’s legal to drive without shoes, you shouldn’t use that as an excuse to drive badly.

Your other driving habits are also important, and they may be the deciding factor in whether or not you are a danger to yourself and other drivers.

Also, check with your local government to see if their rules about driving without shoes are the same as or different from the state’s.