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Is it possible to get a longer lease on a car when your current one is about to end? It’s a question that a lot of people have trouble answering, and it never gets easier.

You will need more time if you want to buy your next car instead of leasing it. Choosing the right car takes time because there are so many details and preferences to look at. You might also need time to save up for the big down payment on a car.

The main reason to extend a car lease is to give yourself more time to find another car. Find out everything you need to know about extending a car lease in this article.

Types of Car Lease Extensions

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Everyone gets a lease extension. Most people sign such contracts through a formal extension or an informal extension.

Informal Extension

It will happen if you keep driving the car after the contract is over. It will be there until the leasing company asks for it back. During this time, you’ll pay the rent every month as agreed upon in the original contract.

You will pay the monthly amount late. If you still need the car, this will give you more time to use it.

When a lease is extended informally, the agreement is usually only for a short time. It will make the change between lease agreements go smoothly. The extension can last for one month or up to six months. After this time, the car can be taken back by the leasing company.

Formal Extension

In this kind of lease extension, the customer can choose to keep the lease for a certain amount of time. It usually lasts between six months and a year, and the terms can be changed. The agreement may be close to the new date of the extended term, the new monthly arrears, and the mileage.

The new contract should begin as soon as the first lease agreement is over.

For all formal extensions, the agreement to change the terms must be legally binding. You have to make a new deal. If you want to extend the lease informally, you can do so by calling your leasing company.

Who qualifies for a lease extension?

Not everyone who asks for a lease extension can get one. The company that does the renting has to do some judging. It will tell if you are eligible for a delay. You might be able to get a lease extension, but the leasing company might say no.

Here are some reasons why you might not be able to get your lease extended.

If you are behind on your current account,

If someone has already asked to remove or add a relief vehicle,

If the original deal is still in place

When the leasing company takes back the car for business reasons

What are my options if my leasing company denies my extension?

If you can’t get an extension, you can sign a new lease for your car. You can do this by getting a new quote or changing the company you lease from. Think about the deals again and find a better one for a new car.

You can also settle for a short-term car lease, which should last between one and six months. It’s for people who need a reliable way to get somewhere within a certain amount of time. The prices must also be lower. The cost of a short-term lease is less than the cost of renting a car every day.

Comparing lease extension against Re-leasing

There’s a small difference in what they mean. There are formal and informal ways to extend a lease. It makes the original contract last longer, assuming that the car hasn’t lost any of its value.

Re-leasing is a formal business transaction, so the leasing company should write up a new contract. When you re-lease, you get the same car after the lease deal is over. It could also mean getting a new car that is the same model as the one you already have.

Before you re-lease a car, you should think about whether the agreement will stay the same. If so, you should choose to lease a new car. It will help you get a better price on a newer car.

When you re-lease, you’ll get better terms because the car’s value will have gone down. The company that rents out cars does valuations. They think about how the market is going and how much the car has lost value.

It can cost more to extend a lease than to rent the same car again. The leasing company would rather give you the same car for less money than give it to a new customer. The reason is that a new valuation will take into account how much wear and tear you have put on the car. The torn fabric, stains, and holes will make it cheaper for a new customer to rent.

By giving the car back in its current state, the leasing company doesn’t have to pay to fix it.

Factors to consider when getting a new car lease extension

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User preference

If you keep the same car for a long time, you might start to like it. People who rent for a long time often do this. This is another reason why you might decide to keep the contract going after it ends.

One reason to extend the lease on your car is that the user experience is important to you. You might find a certain model to be reliable, nice-looking, or easy on your budget for repairs.


When you extend your car lease, you don’t get more miles than you had before. If the original contract said you could drive 15,000 miles in two years, that will not change during the extension. If you don’t go over your mileage limit during this time, you stand to gain.

If you go over the limit, you’ll have to pay for the extra miles you drive during the extension of your contract. It can be expensive, so you should always check your mileage before extending your trip. It might be less expensive to sign a new lease.

Service and maintenance

Before the end of the residual contract, how the car is in a big deal. It is not cost-effective to work on a car that is not your own. It’s true that the car you’re leasing is no longer brand new. Because of this, it often breaks down and needs to be fixed.

A lease extension will help you if you think you can enjoy the car without having to pay a lot for repairs.

Checking the car’s mileage and when the next service is due can help you decide if extending the lease is a good idea. Use preventive maintenance to keep your car in good shape at all times.


If your car’s repairs and maintenance are covered by a warranty, that’s a plus. Make sure you don’t extend the car lease past the end of the warranty period. When things break down and cost a lot to fix, the warranty is very important.

Running a car without a warranty is a risk. Check to see if you have roadside help. It shouldn’t end when your car lease agreement does.


How much does a new lease cost compared to an extension? Getting a car loan extension for the same monthly payment doesn’t seem possible. You should ask for new charges because the old ones are worn out.

Steps for getting a car lease extension

Get a good quote

By the end of your residual agreement, your car will be worth less than it was when you bought it. When leasing companies do valuations, they use a standard programme. The new estimate may be based on your credit score and how your money is doing. Leasing companies may need to look at your financial records to give you a good quote.

Compare quotes

There are a lot of companies that rent out cars, and some of them have better deals than others. Look for a car with the same number of miles as yours when you compare quotes. Choose the leasing company that has the best prices.

Even if you don’t plan to leave your current leasing company, it will give you more power in negotiations.

New lease or an extension

If you know you didn’t take care of the car you already have, you don’t need an extension. If you let service dates and oil change get past due, you should get a new car lease. But most likely, a new lease will cost more than an extension.

Negotiate new terms

Since you already know the car, it’s best to get a longer rental. You’ll be able to tell if the car can keep running well for another year or two. A short-term lease is safe, but it costs more each month to pay than a long-term lease.

If you aren’t careful about your situation, a car lease can be pricey. You should make sure that your deals include things like repairs and a warranty. If you have an accident while you are on a short-term extension, it could cost you money. You will have to pay for it on your own.

Don’t forget that when you lease a car, you never add to its value. So, if you want to buy a car, you should lease first. Some leasing companies let you buy the car if you want to.