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This article contains affiliate links. Please be aware of this when you read it. A little commission will be paid to me if you purchase something through one of the links. 5w30 and 5w20 can be mixed. Although we would like to stress that mixing motor oils is not recommended, we cannot deny the fact that it is safe to do so, especially if they are all from the same brand. As a result, you should check with the manufacturer to see if 5W30 can be added to an engine rated at 5W20.

The performance of 5W30 and 5W20 will be same at low temperatures, and both will flow evenly. Isn’t that encouraging to hear? A better mix will be achieved if the two oils are of the same brand and API class.

Can You Mix 5w30 And 5w20 Oil?

YES, as stated in the initial paragraphs above, is the straightforward answer. Mixing 5W30 and 5W20 is perfectly safe. There is absolutely no risk of harming or potentially damaging the engine’s essential components by using 5W20 oil to top off a 5W30 engine. Yes, the oils may have various additives, which is why the weight rating is varied. This has no effect on your engine because the additives in the two oils won’t combine, but it is still safe for all parts of your vehicle.

“Why do you wish to blend oils?” should be the real question here. Why do you wish to blend different oils? Is there a specific reason? What if you’re running low on oil, and you can’t find the exact brand you’ve been using, or you just want to experiment with something new? In any case, draining out the new oil once you reach at your destination and refilling it with regular oil is a good idea. No matter how much fresh oil you put in, your car will still run well even if you don’t drain it and replace it with the old. As an alternative, if you’re determined to use something other than the oil advised by your car’s manufacturer, you should conduct thorough study into any potential drawbacks of doing so.

What Actually Happens When You Mix 5W30 with 5W20?

Nothing serious will occur. However, they are unlikely to combine into a single oil, thus they will continue to flow in their own direction. Due to their similar viscosity for cold weather, both oils would flow to the top ends at the same rate in extremely cold conditions. The oils you’re about to blend should be from the same brand, as previously mentioned. If this is true, the differences between the two should be minimal, which could lead to improved performance. Due to incompatible additives in the oils, your engine won’t benefit from mixing oils. It is best to use 5W30 if you live in an area where the temperature is consistently high. As a result, some drivers switch to thicker lubricants throughout the summer and return to thinner oils when preparing for the winter season. If you choose to do something, you can do so without fear.


“Can 5w30 and 5w20 oil be combined?” You should use oils from the same brand if you can. In addition, we’d like to highlight that synthetic oils are required for your vehicle. Synthetics have many advantages and help to extend the life of automobile engines. The fact that motor oil degrades over time is also crucial to note. All of these pointers assist you avoid engine damage that would cost you a lot of money to fix. Replace your engine’s oil filter regularly.