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This article contains affiliate links. There is no additional cost to you, and I may receive a small compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of my links. Is it possible to blend synthetic and non-synthetic oil? Yes, to a certain extent, but it varies. It is normally discouraged to mix engine oils, but in some cases, you may have no choice but to. Synthetic oil is suggested for automobiles since it provides more advantages than any other form of engine oil.

Conventional oils, on the other hand, are beneficial for car engines and offer some advantages over synthetics (though not so significant advantages). The semi-synthetic oils, which are often a mixture of mineral oil and conventional oil, are now available. Car owners want to know whether they can blend semi-synthetic oil with full/pure synthetic oil because this oil is considered nearly as good as synthetic oil.

Why Mix Fully Synthetic And Semi Synthetic Oil?

To better understand if synthetic and semi-synthetic oils can be mixed, we must first distinguish between the two types of oils, how they differ, and what happens when they are combined. A lot of carbon, soot, and other dirt is generated by car engines as a result of combustion; these dirt particles are unavoidable. This filth can, however, be removed by a decent engine oil, which circulates through the engine and removes it.

Even yet, the important concern is: Which automobile engine oil can clean the engine sufficiently to ensure efficient operation and long service life?

Fully Synthetic Oils

Oils derived from refined natural gas, such as full synthetics, tend to be the best for most current vehicles that operate in higher temperatures. Full synthetic motor oils are generally regarded as the best in the industry for all types of automobiles (old or new). As a further point, totally synthetic engine oils have no conventional oil in them, therefore they are completely non-conventional. You may rest assured that the high-performance fluids will eliminate all traces of combustion residue and maintain your engine running at its peak performance. In most cases, the only problem with synthetic oils is the cost. Synthetic oil is four times more expensive than normal oil. Because of this, they are worth the cost (considering its numerous advantages).

Semi-Synthetic Oils

What do you think? What is semi-synthetic oil? Blended mineral oil and synthetic oil make up this sort of oil. Was your prediction accurate?

Synthetic blends and semi-synthetic oils are both terms used to describe the same thing. While mineral oil and full synthetic oil are both included in this type of oil, the volume of the former (mineral oil) is rather low. Semi-synthetic oils can outperform mineral oils, but they’re not likely to outperform fully synthetics. Also, semi-synthetics are less expensive than complete synthetics, but they’re just as beneficial for your engine and can guarantee a more efficient vehicle. Viscosity is increased significantly by combining mineral oil and full synthetic oil.

Can You Mix Fully Synthetic With Semi Synthetic Oil?

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to blend synthetic and conventional oils, you’re not alone. Because it’s been blended with another motor oil, semi-synthetic oil isn’t actually 100 percent pure. If you decide to blend it with a completely synthetic oil, it’s not a good idea. However, the mixed oil won’t harm your engine; rather, the additives in the oils may not be compatible, so it won’t deliver all the benefits of a full synthetic oil.

As long as you don’t mix synthetic oils with semi-synthetic oils or synthetic oils with mineral oil, you’ll be OK. We strongly recommend that you adhere to the recommendations of your vehicle’s manufacturer. Your engine will always perform at its peak and you won’t have to change your oil as frequently.


Even while many people believe blending oils to be hazardous, it isn’t actually harmful — rather, it is just not suggested. So, the next time someone asks, “Can you blend full synthetic and partially synthetic oil?” you’ll know the answer. Tell them it’s okay to do it, but that it’s not something you’d suggest. For maximum performance and long-term engine life, remember to clean your car’s engine bay from time to time.