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It’s a major hassle when your car runs out of gas. There is nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road with an empty gas tank and no gas station around. While it is feasible to transfer gas between vehicles if you have another vehicle with gas in the tank or if you are driving with a friend in another vehicle, it is not always practicable. It’s unclear how much gas can be sucked out of a more recent vehicle.

Siphoning gas isn’t a difficult procedure, but it’s also potentially hazardous. A rollover valve or anti siphon screen installed in many current vehicles has made it more difficult to remove the fuel from the tank in the case of a crash. You should only steal gas if you have no other choice due to the dangers it poses to your health and safety.

There are numerous frequently asked questions and answers in this page regarding siphoning gas from a newer car.

Siphoning Gas From a Car – How It Works

Can You Siphon Gas Out Of Newer Cars

Gravity makes it possible to remove gas from a vehicle without the use of a pump. Siphoning is a relatively simple science. You’ll need a long hose or flexible tubing to siphon gas from a vehicle. To drain the tank of gas, use the gas cap on the side of the car to insert the hose into the tank.

To use the siphon, insert the other end into a gas can that is lower than the height of the car’s gas tank, and then connect the two together. This is where gravity and the properties of liquids come in. Fuel will begin to flow into the pipe as a result of the increased pressure in the gas tank. Your gas can or container will be filled to the brim with gas as soon as the hose is connected to the tank. Due to the cohesiveness of liquids, the gas will now flow constantly from the tank.

In order to accelerate the procedure, you’ll need to use suction to alter the gasoline tank’s air pressure. If you don’t have a siphoning pump, you can use your lips, finger, or a specially built one.

Gas siphoning is something you’ve probably seen in movies. However, swallowing gasoline is a risky method of creating suction. Place your finger over the hose’s departing end and pump it up and down like a foot on a pump instead.

In order to swiftly remove gas from an automobile, you’ll need a suction source like a siphoning pump. Take a pump and attach it to the end of the line that comes out of the car and pump until you see the gas going toward you. Stop pumping once the gas is flowing and let gravity do the rest.

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Is It Illegal To Siphon Gas?

It is illegal to steal gas from another person’s vehicle. Siphoning gas is theft, and individuals found guilty of it face fines and perhaps jail time.

To use your own vehicle’s fuel for a generator at home, a lawnmower or a friend’s in an emergency is not a violation of the law. Siphoning gas with permission or simply swapping gas between your vehicles is not going to land you in jail.

How To Siphon Gas Out Of a Newer Car

Can You Siphon Gas Out Of Newer Cars-2

Before today, it was simple to siphon gas from automobiles; all you had to do was push the end of your hose down into the car’s gas tank. Rollover valves and anti-siphon mesh have become increasingly common in recent cars, making it impossible for petrol to leak out of the tank.

While driving, the rollover valve prevents pressure from building up in the tank. Vapor and pressure can be released from the tank when temperatures change, essentially, the rollover valve aids the tank in breathing. The rollover valve also serves to keep fuel from spilling out of the tank in the case of a rollover.

It’s more difficult, but not impossible, to steal gas from a modern vehicle.

A step-by-step tutorial to siphoning gas from a gasoline tank in a newer vehicle is provided below.

  • Get all of your equipment ready. You will need 8 feet of plastic hose that is only 1/4 inch in diameter, a thicker hose, a gas can or large container, and a siphon pump (if using).
  • Firstly,  you will need to create a narrow end on one end of the hose by cutting it at an angle. You will then need to open the gas cap on the side of your car. 
  • To get past the rollover valve you will need to use a pushing and twisting motion. You can not easily thread a hose into the fuel tank of newer cars, you will only make it past the valve by twisting, this is also why you need to use a narrower hose.
  • Make sure your gas can or container is positioned lower than the fuel tank of your car. This is so that gravity can effectively siphon the gas out of the car. 
  • Once your siphon hose is inserted, attach the free end to a thicker hose. Attach the thicker hose to the siphon pump and start to pump until the gas begins to flow. 
  • Remove the pump, block the end of the hose with your hand and then place it into the gas can. 
  • Gravity will now do the rest of the work. The gas will continue to flow out of the tank into the gas can until either the tank is empty or you lift the end of the hose higher than the gas tank, stopping the pull of gravity.


How do I bypass an anti-siphon device?

It can be difficult to remove gas from an automobile using a standard siphoning approach if you have an anti-siphon equipment. When siphoning gas, the rollover valve must be bypassed. To do so, simply follow the instructions in this page. Anti-siphon devices can be bypassed, but you’ll need a much smaller hose and a lot of patience.

Is it bad to siphon gas?

In all 50 states, stealing gas from another person’s car is a crime punishable by a fine, court procedures, or potentially prison time. Siphoning gas might potentially put your health in jeopardy, so be careful. Aspiration can occur as a result of accidentally ingesting gas. Pulmonary complications and even mortality are possible outcomes of aspiration.

How can you tell if someone is siphoning gas?

You may not be able to tell for sure whether someone is stealing gas from your car. However, if you keep a close eye on your gas levels after every trip, you’ll be able to tell if your tank is running low. If someone has been siphoning gas from your tank, you may see scratches and dents on your gas cap, as thieves have attempted to open a locking gas cap.

How to get gas out of a car without a siphon?

In order to remove gas from the tank of a car, siphoning is the most convenient and efficient means of doing so. It’s an alternative to removing the gas cap if you don’t have everything you’ll need to siphon gas from the tank. However, not all car models will be compatible with this way of draining gas. The gasoline tank, which is a large metal container located on the same side of your automobile as your gas cap and into which you pour the petrol, can be found beneath your vehicle.

Remove the little bolt located beneath the gasoline tank by loosening it with a tool or spanner. Make sure the container under the plug is big enough to hold the gas. If you don’t mind emptying your fuel tank completely, don’t use this procedure. Reinserting the bolt will be nearly impossible while the gas is draining. Garden hose or other flexible tubing can be used to create a siphon.

Can siphoning gas hurt your car?

More than simply the expense of another tank of gasoline could be lost if someone attempts to steal the gas from your car. When thieves try to break into locked gas caps, they generally resort to brute force, and your car may have scratches and dents as a result. If a gas cap’s locking mechanism is damaged, it may never be able to close properly again.

If you use a siphon to remove gas from your own car, you won’t be causing any harm because you are only extracting gas from the tank. When inserting and withdrawing the siphoning hose, the primary danger to your car is the risk of injuring the gas cap.

What do you do if someone siphons your gas?

It is against the law to steal gas from another person’s car. If your gas tank mysteriously runs out of gas, it is most certainly the work of a burglar. To avoid this, you should install a locking gas cap in your vehicle. Newer automobiles are more difficult to siphon gas from because of anti-siphon / rollover valves, so you may want to consider changing to a newer model. You should call 911 if you see any strange activity around your vehicle or other parked vehicles.


When faced with an emergency, it’s a good idea to know how to securely siphon gas from a newer vehicle. Newer cars may not be as easy to siphon gas from as they formerly were, but it is still possible to do so.

How to siphon fuel from a newer car has never been easier according to our step-by-step instructions. You can siphon gas from your car if you ever find yourself in a pinch, and we hope this guide helps.