Updated at: 08-07-2022 - By: Lucas

If you are pulling a trailer for a long distance, you might be tempted to use cruise control.

After all, a long trip across the country will seem even longer if you have to keep your foot in the same place the whole time.

But is it safe to use cruise control when you’re pulling something behind you?

When pulling a trailer, it is against the law in some states, but not all, to use cruise control. If you’re towing a trailer, the extra weight of the trailer may make it more dangerous to use cruise control. Before using cruise control while towing, you should think about both the road conditions and the weight of your load.

Read on to find out if using cruise control while pulling a trailer is a bad idea.

Is It Bad to Use Cruise Control While Towing?

Can You Use Cruise Control While Towing

Not really, no. But you should be aware of how fast you can go on the road you are on. Also, you can use your cruise control if the law in your area lets you. If the road is long and straight, it will be much easier to drive on.

What is Cruise Control

Your car has a feature called “cruise control” that lets you set a certain speed. This is very helpful when you have to change gears a lot because of changing traffic or steep uphills and downhills.

With cruise control, you can set a speed and keep going at that speed until you change your mind.

If you need to go downhill quickly, you can shift up to a faster speed. In the same way, if traffic conditions change suddenly, you can speed up to keep your set pace.

Can You Use Cruise Control While Towing?

Can You Use Cruise Control While Towing-3

Yes, is the short answer. When pulling a trailer, you can use the cruise control. But there are a few things you should remember and think about as you do this.

1. Don’t leave the cruise control engaged

When you first start driving, you can leave the cruise control set to the speed you want to keep going at. This lets you get used to how the transmission gears feel without worrying about keeping a certain speed. Still, you should turn off the cruise control after a while. You don’t want to go too fast and ruin your transmission.

2. Don’t use cruise control when towing a heavy load

When you have a heavy load on a trailer, your car will be put through more stress than when you don’t have a trailer attached. Your car will have to work harder and is more likely to get too hot. Don’t use the cruise control if you have to push your car hard.

3. Know your speed limits

Even when pulling a trailer, you don’t want to drive too fast. The police could stop you and give you a ticket if they do. Keep an eye on your speedometer and don’t go faster than what the road lets you.

4. Don’t use cruise control with a brake controller

If you are using a brake controller to slow down, don’t use the cruise control because it will make your brakes lock up, which could lead to an accident.

5. Don’t drive a manual transmission car with cruise control engaged

Since automatic transmissions have cruise control, this will make it hard for the transmission to shift when you need it to. If it does, your car might just stop working.

6. Don’t use cruise control in heavy traffic

When you’re pulling a trailer, there is often a lot of traffic. If you use cruise control, your car will start to get too hot because it has to work so hard. When there is a lot of traffic, it is hard to find a place to stop and let your car cool down.

All of these things make it dangerous to use cruise control in heavy traffic.

7. Ensure proper air pressure in your tires

If your tyres aren’t properly inflated, your car will be put under a lot of stress. If you use cruise control, your car will work much harder than usual and could overheat.

Can You Use Cruise Control While Towing a Boat?

Yes, you can use cruise control while towing a boat, but you have to be careful not to go over what your vehicle can handle. Cruise control is a great way to keep your speed steady when towing a boat, but you also need to make sure your brakes are in good shape.

How Does Cruise Control Really Work?

With cruise control, a sensor constantly checks the speed of the car. When you press the on/off button, it checks how fast your car is going now and how fast you want it to go.

If your car is going too fast or too slow, it makes changes so that you stay at a steady speed.

Speed control is another name for cruise control. Boats can also have systems that let you set a steady speed.

When Should Cruise Control Not Be Used?

In heavy traffic, it’s best not to use cruise control because it will cause your car to overheat and might even stop working.

If your car has a manual transmission, don’t use cruise control because it will mess up your gear changes.

Don’t use cruise control if you’re pulling a heavy load or driving on roads that curve. This will put too much strain on your transmission, which could cause it to overheat or break.

Also, don’t use cruise control when the road is wet or slippery. If you do, your brakes could lock up, which could cause an accident.

Wrapping It Up

As we’ve already talked about, you can use cruise control while towing a boat or trailer as long as you know where you are and when to use it.

As long as your car’s cruise control system is in good shape and set up correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems using it.

Still, always drive safely because that’s the best way to protect yourself and your vehicle.